Some people just cannot stand it when the Ahlulbayt are mentioned.  Instead they fabricate hadith after hadith.  

The real hadith: 

“Behold! My Ahlul-Bayt are like the Ark of Noah. Whoever embarked in it was SAVED, and whoever turned away from it was PERISHED.”


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I don't usually name drop but

This palsyria dude needs to get his facts straight about Shia Muslims, he has no clue, literally he has no idea. He spouts this anti-Shia message,not caring what he is saying, not caring who he offends. 

I have one thing to say to you ya Akhi, be careful because to call someone kaffir is stupidly dangerous only Allah knows who is kaffir and who isn’t. Not you, not me, not some Wahhabi, not a Salafi no one but Allah knows who is kaffir. 

So for you own sake akhi think before you spout untrue facts, because you have to remember 2 things, one we all must answer for what we do and say, two that when you point a finger there are three pointing back at you. 

May Allah guide you. Ameen 


Lol so a bomb or something went off in one of beiruts suburbs and fsa has taken responsibility for it saying it was for hezbollahs involvement in syria hahahahah alright son then i guess hezbollah should bomb chechnya, afghanistan, azerbaijan, ksa, qatar, palestine (lol), egypt, tunisia etc etc ETC ETC ETC hahaha for their involvement in syria??????+ RIGHT??????? CUS LAST TIME I CHECKED THEY WERENT SYRIANS HAHAHAHAHAH GET THE F OUT OF HERE U BREATH HYPOCRISY

Lol u know what i noticed???? He changed his damn “about me” haha

But little goh i know u live in london motherfucker and im def going to report u 2 the police for supporting al qaeda. Youre a threat to humanity 

Alright son alright hahaha im loling so hard damn…..


The moment when a 15 year old kid is making comments about how the Sunni/Shia scholars are wrong and he’s right.  Because a 15 year old knows much more than scholars who spent their entire life studying Islam.  Sit down kid.  Go get some Legos to play with.

I don’t need to hear anything else.  The fact that he makes such a comment, is enough for me.  This is what you call proud, arrogant and ignorant.

Jahils ..

I find it extremely hilarious when people like palysria post up stuff like “son of muta.”

It’s not even a curse or insult, it just looks like a 5 year old is trying to be tough.  So I laugh even more.  I wish you were in front of me, so I can laugh at your face too.