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Hit me with some Kallura hcs

Oh boy, I was not prepared for this w my head over in FF15, BUT HERE GOES

- Allura really loves her hair being played with (I mean look at season 2). Playing with her hair and braiding it really helps Keith calm down. It’s something to focus on.
- they like sparring together frequently.
- unless Allura’s hair is in a braid or bun (latter preferred), she’s the big spoon by default (she has so much hair Keith can’t breathe if he’s the big spoon).
- sometimes Keith can’t help but just…stop and stare like “wow,, she’s so pretty” aka the bi feeling of “aaaaa” (same Keith)
- it’s obvious Allura (may be) a huge cuddler but no one assumes Keith is but he’s literally the cheetah meme of when someone you trust touches you. He loves cuddling, or lounging around w some physical contact.
- Keith likes it when she runs her fingers through his hair.
- two pals chillin in the lounge, reading. This phrase always comes to me so please imagine them draped over and reading to each other.
- Keith gets an answer about the Altean pool. I wish I knew what it was. He probably wishes he understood.
- eventually, they all go back to Earth (assuming it isn’t destroyed classic Golion style lolol) and he shows her his shack where he lived for a year, but mostly she wanted to know how they found the Blue Lion so the star is The Board.
- Keith incidentally ends up learning a lot about Altea. Allura gets homesick.
- Allura loves sparkly things. Keith gets her sparkly things.
- the mice tell Allura stories of dorky shit he’s done all around that castle including the time he tripped on his own feet in the hallway. It always brightens her day.

I don’t have any specifically taking into account the fact Keith’s part Galra. I like to wait before I make and accept hcs tbh.

Also…I honestly suck at shipping things that don’t include one of my ocs (at minimum). Great at supporting them! Not so great about producing for them…(additionaly hcs include: bi Keith, pan Allura, and lots of serious talks.)