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Name: Steven
Age: 30
Country: USA


I have been looking for a pen-pal for a while now, hopefully this is where I will find one.

I work for an Aerospace Company in Seattle Area and live out in the country where I have 12 chickens in the back yard and am working on a garden.

I also love to read, mostly non-fiction. I have a huge library downstairs and lounging area. I also collect antiques from various flea markets. Recently got a sewing machine that is about 100 years old.

At my place you can always count on old school Jazz playing somewhere in the background. Don’t worry I also like Rock and new stuff.

Preferences: preferably 25+ in age, but I will talk to anyone.

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Hit me with some Kallura hcs

Oh boy, I was not prepared for this w my head over in FF15, BUT HERE GOES

- Allura really loves her hair being played with (I mean look at season 2). Playing with her hair and braiding it really helps Keith calm down. It’s something to focus on.
- they like sparring together frequently.
- unless Allura’s hair is in a braid or bun (latter preferred), she’s the big spoon by default (she has so much hair Keith can’t breathe if he’s the big spoon).
- sometimes Keith can’t help but just…stop and stare like “wow,, she’s so pretty” aka the bi feeling of “aaaaa” (same Keith)
- it’s obvious Allura (may be) a huge cuddler but no one assumes Keith is but he’s literally the cheetah meme of when someone you trust touches you. He loves cuddling, or lounging around w some physical contact.
- Keith likes it when she runs her fingers through his hair.
- two pals chillin in the lounge, reading. This phrase always comes to me so please imagine them draped over and reading to each other.
- Keith gets an answer about the Altean pool. I wish I knew what it was. He probably wishes he understood.
- eventually, they all go back to Earth (assuming it isn’t destroyed classic Golion style lolol) and he shows her his shack where he lived for a year, but mostly she wanted to know how they found the Blue Lion so the star is The Board.
- Keith incidentally ends up learning a lot about Altea. Allura gets homesick.
- Allura loves sparkly things. Keith gets her sparkly things.
- the mice tell Allura stories of dorky shit he’s done all around that castle including the time he tripped on his own feet in the hallway. It always brightens her day.

I don’t have any specifically taking into account the fact Keith’s part Galra. I like to wait before I make and accept hcs tbh.

Also…I honestly suck at shipping things that don’t include one of my ocs (at minimum). Great at supporting them! Not so great about producing for them…(additionaly hcs include: bi Keith, pan Allura, and lots of serious talks.)

Spending on Value Experiences

I pride myself on being the kind of traveler who can travel well on a very tight budget. I’ve taken 15-hour train rides, stayed at a house with the toilet on the floor and slept on a 24-hour McDonald’s just so I would have more money to spend on activities.

I value experiences. For me, traveling is all about trying new things and making new memories. If it means sacrificing on comfort because I have to scrimp on my airfare and lodging, that’s fine by me!

But once in a while, the plane ride (or the hotel stay) can be the experience.

Last 2013, we took a roundtrip business class flight from Manila to Vancouver via Philippine Airlines. We got our tickets at the annual travel expo where PAL was the sponsor, so the prices were heavily discounted. In fact, the amount we paid for our tickets was the amount you usually pay for economy seats! That’s a pretty good deal, if you ask me!

Mor and I decided to take this opportunity because it’s not everyday (or every trip) that you get to ride on business class, right? Unless of course you’re mega loaded and we are definitely far from that! Haha!

Also, Mor is obsessed with all things related to commercial flights (airports, airlines, lounges, etc.) so this was something he was really excited about.

It was a 12 hour flight one way so we had plenty of time to enjoy the ride!

One of the things I enjoyed a lot is having the food served to you portion by portion on a spacious table with real plates and utensils! I know it sounds so shallow but oh, the difference that small details make! It’s wonderful not to have your food all boxed up in a teeny tiny tray!

It’s also wonderful to have a fancy schmancy meal for a change, complete with appetizers, champagne and chocolates.

Yummy! We are not complaining about airline food during this trip! 

People ride business class for comfort and what better way to be comfortable than to enjoy your seat-that-turns-into-a-bed and your very very spacious legroom! Ahh. Say goodbye to long flight leg cramps!

I’m a light sleeper so this is also one of those rare moments when I can actually sleep straight during a flight! I love it.

I woke myself up in the middle of my sleep so I can maximize my time on the plane (hehe). Who wants to sleep for the entire flight while you’re in business class anyway? (Oh, right, regular rich people who do this all the time do…)

I order myself a midnight snack because I read from the menu that the arroz caldo can be ordered anytime. I love arroz caldo and PAL’s signature arroz caldo is really one of the best (they also serve this at the PAL lounge)

And when Mor woke up from his long slumber (he values his sleep…haha), I invited him to a game of Monopoly Deal. We ordered some chips and got this snack pack! Mmm… I love Doritos!

Although I’m not a big airline aficionado like my husband (I’m good with budget airlines!) as you can see, I had a wonderful time riding business class. Upon landing, I felt so much more refreshed than how I would usually feel after a long haul flight. It was nice to be so comfortable.

But still, it’s not something I would get myself used to (it’s a pretty expensive experience, after all!)

You don’t need to spend a lot to be able to have a good time when you travel. But once in a while, it’s nice to save up and splurge on those rare experiences you won’t be able to do often (or again), like this one!

I recommend having at least one “splurge moment” per trip. Maybe you could book one night at a really posh hotel (then stay at a cheaper one for the rest of your trip!) Or maybe you could have a fancy dinner at a celebrity chef’s restaurant. Whatever it is, choose an activity that’s special for you; something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t. Splurge moments are there to enhance your travel experience. So might as well choose something that makes you happy!

Money can always be earned again but once moments pass, you won’t be able to get them back. Take advantage of the opportunities whenever you can! Seize the day! Work hard, play hard and most of all, enjoy living your life!

What kind of experiences would you be willing to “splurge” on?