At this point I’m just ready for Lena to have her own spinoff. Imagine it with me…

Lena Luthor fighting misogyny by being the kickass CEO of a Fortune 500 company and building programs to get more women into STEM fields.

Lena Luthor fighting prejudice against her family name by continuing to do good work and helping improve the lives of all in National City.

Lena Luthor fighting bad guys after repurposing Lex’s old suit, with occasional help from hero and gal pal, Supergirl.

I’d watch the hell out of that.

I just

I just fuckin love women who love women

I love us

We’re so strong and we deal with so much shit but we

We’re just so happy when we find eachother and we just

We’re a big ol sapphic community

We’re black, we’re latnix, we’re native, we’re Jewish, we’re Muslim, we’re Hindu, we’re trans, we’re disabled, we’re a whole big diverse, intersectional community and we just

We love eachother and we support eachother and we know that we have to do that

I love us

I love me

Letters to Bucky (Part 8)

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday….weekends! Anyway, Welcome Back! If youre missing a chapter find them HERE.
Tony loves his soldier, and Bucky loves his crazy genius so much it’s almost heart attack inducing. Fluff and sweet notes and Christmastime in this chapter. This update is a little shorter than usual, sorry, but we have SMUT next chapter, and then DRAMA chapter after that so this is a nice little interlude.
Love you guys so much for coming along this fanfic journey with me! Check out this PIC by the amazing @latelierderiot that goes along with this story!  

“Master Sergeant.” A corporal saluted and Bucky raised his eyebrow.


“Several items for you at the mail center sir, all marked urgent, so I came to retrieve you right away.”

“Uh, thank you.” Bucky put his cards down and jerked his head towards Steve. “Coming Cap?”

“What now we have to do mail call together?” Steve grumbled, but put his cards down and left the game as well. “So who’s sending you boxes?” He asked as they headed towards the mail room.

“Hell if I know.” Bucky said with a shrug, but smiled a little, because the boxes could only be from Tony.

“Uh. Yeah.” Bucky ran a hand through his hair. “Holy boxes.”

There were five boxes, all of varying sizes, the largest standing at least five feet tall.

“These are specifically for you.” Steve handed Bucky a box with a letter attached. “The rest is addressed to you and the unit. From Stark Industries.” He raised his eyebrows. “Say, Bucky. Why are you receiving boxes from Stark Industries?”

Bucky turned away and coughed. “Cuzimdatingtonystark.”

“Yeah.” Steve folded his arms. “I’m gonna ask you to repeat that, but this time say it slower and say something that isn’t quite so crazy. Because I almost thought you said–”

“I did.” Bucky interrupted. “And let’s not talk about it here, huh? Later. Let’s get these boxes to the guys. I have no idea what’s in them but I’m sure it’s cool.”

It was cool.

The biggest box held fourteen top dollar RC Hummers, complete with loads of batteries, one car for each soldier in their Unit.
Another held six bottles of whiskey, six of scotch, and six of tequila.
A smaller box was full of prepaid phone cards, so the men could call home and talk for several hours for the holidays without worrying about the cost.
Another larger one was packed with personal size fans, one for each soldier to mount on their beds.

A letter taped to the top of the phone cards said simply,

Merry Christmas from Stark Industries
Call your families, then get good and drunk and race your cars around. I expect to see videos on YouTube.
Thanks for all you guys do

Tony Stark CEO

The twelve other members of the Unit started whooping and cheering and tearing through the boxes.
Steve looked at Bucky and headed back towards their barracks.

“So. Tony fucking Stark.”

“That was exactly my reaction when I met him.” Bucky said, placing his box carefully on his pillow.

“Wait, you didn’t know?” Steve asked, his jaw dropping.

“Nope. Had no idea till I showed up to see him and they pointed me to the penthouse. Little red headed secretary felt so bad for me she stuck around to make sure I was gonna be alright after meeting him.” Bucky laughed at Steve’s expression. “It was crazy, but it’s.. it’s fine. I’m crazy about him. And he’s crazy about me so–”

“Are you sure?” Steve asked finally. “Are you sure, because he has a pretty shitty reputation.”

“Thank you.” Bucky rolled his eyes and Steve frowned.

“I’m serious Bucky. This is the first time you’ve ever– tried, with a guy you know, and if he turns out to be the total asshole everyone says he is–”

“Then I’ll deal with the fallout. I’m a big boy Steve. I’m not ten year old Bucky who didn’t get why it wasn’t ok to like other boys, ok? This is fine. It’s wonderful. The best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Alright.” Steve watched him for a long moment. “Alright then. I’ll give you a minute to read your letter, but if you want fair shot at any of the alcohol he sent you better get your ass back out there.”

“No problem.”

Steve patted his back and left, and Bucky breathed a sigh of relief, ripping open his letter to read it.
To: Bucky

–I was going to write you a real letter but I don’t want to talk business or boring stuff when it’s Christmas. I paid just a ridiculous amount of money to get these boxes to you ASAP so cheers to you and your unit and I hope the  boys love it. Pretty sure I’ll be suing the mail service if they aren’t there before Christmas.
–open your box
–miss you bucky baby


Bucky folded the letter, a little disappointed it wasn’t longer, but reached for his box, cutting it open carefully.

Inside was a carefully wrapped bottle of the whiskey they had shared that first night together, and two crystal tumblers from Tony’s personal collection. And holding the whiskey was a stuffed bear, dressed in a sharp little suit and tie.
Bucky frowned at it. Why the hell?

He reached for the card, a little certificate proclaiming it to be a legitimate build a bear named…

“Tony.” He laughed quietly. “Tony the bear. I wonder…” He picked up the fluffy thing, unbuttoning the shirt a little, and sure enough, sewn into the bear’s chest were several little scars, one right over the little red heart shaped patch. “Damn It.” He shook his head, not willing to admit that a teddy bear was making him choke up. He laid the bear and the whiskey aside, reaching for the other, smaller box, the envelope attached to it. Open me first was written over the box, so he did, and a palm sized little video screen dropped into his hand.

He leaned back into his bunk and pushed play, and the screen lit up with a picture of Tony, obviously in bed, his hair messy, and bare chested.

“Hey.” Video Tony said into the camera. “So I saw this thing, so stupid, but I saw this thing and it’s like so parents can record messages and leave it with their kids when they leave town so the kids not sad or whatever. So I got one for you.” He smiled shyly and took a drink of whatever was in his hand. “Probably the dumbest thing I ever bought. But I wanted to talk to you, and… well I don’t know.” He rolled his eyes, and the camera shifted as he moved it a little closer. “I hope you like your bear, I thought it would make you laugh maybe. I even sprayed it with my cologne so it smells like me. If you don’t like it tough shit.” Tony laughed. “Anyway, um, Merry Christmas, soldier. I miss you… like crazy. It’s ridiculous really.” His expression turned serious and he glanced away from the camera for a minute. “I know we aren’t saying things yet. But I-I–” he ran a hand through his hair. “Yeah you know that’s just as hard over video as it is in person. But Bucky–” the camera moved closer, close enough to see the early morning stubble on his chin. “Come home to me, okay? I read your last letter about eighteen times and it still made me blush and damn I really want you to do all that, everything, to me but more than anything I want you here. Safe. Next to me. Okay? You said things are getting bad over there and just… please. Be safe.” Video Tony closed his eyes for a second, and when he opened them again his voice didn’t seem so stressed. “I didn’t mean to get all serious there. This was supposed to be a cheerful video. Anyway,” the camera zoomed out to show Tony holding a giant sprig of mistletoe over his head. “Pucker up soldier.” Then he mashed his lips to the screen, and Bucky could hear him laughing until the now blurry screen went dark a minute later.

Swallowing against the lump in his throat, Bucky ripped open the other envelope and two pictures fell out. One was Tony, obviously in the build-a-bear workshop, holding up a bear dressed in army fatigues, the stripes on his little uniform proudly proclaiming him a Master Sergeant, and a red star sewn into his shoulder. The other picture was the army bear and the Tony bear sitting on a pillow, noses pressed together like they were kissing.

“Look!” Tony’s note on the back read, “even the Bucky Bear and Tony Bear want to be kissing all the time!”

Bucky picked up his bear, breathed in the scent of Tony, knowing the stuffed animal wouldn’t tell anyone if his little suit got wet with tears.

To: Tony
–so a year ago (ish) I got the first letter from you, and this will come out fairly sappy, but Tony I had no idea how much writing you would change my life. Thank you for writing me first, for always writing me back, for calling in favors and talking on the phone with me, for not throwing me out when I showed up at your work, for caring enough about my friends to send them packages. I– well, you know.
–I love the bear. So much. And thank you for the picture. I’ll return the favor and include one of me in here. The video was the dorkiest cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Tony you are fucking adorable.
–any progress on the super soldier thing? Steve had a meeting with a few people about it the other day. He’s being pretty tight lipped, not wanting word to get out to other soldiers so I don’t know much of anything right now.
–I’m being as safe as I can be, baby. Heading out again in the morning.
–I miss you.
–ps. Steve took the picture. Said that even as a straight guy the pic makes him want to fuck me… so… yeah hopefully it works on you too. It was an awkward thing for Steve to say but I wouldn’t mind hearing you say it.

Tony couldn’t stop staring, his chin resting in his palm, his other hand rubbing tense circles on his thigh under the desk.

Wearing just his dog tags and a pair of black silk so tight are you kidding me boxer briefs.
He was leaning up against a wall, big arms crossed to show off his biceps, legs spread just enough to show off holy fuck I need my mouth on that asap.
His blue eyes looked nearly turquoise against the sandstone wall, framed by dark hair that was nearly long enough to touch his shoulders, such big broad shoulders, and Tony couldn’t stop running his fingers over the picture, tracing the lines of Bucky’s abdomen, down to where he really was just barely covered.

“Tony. Pay attention.” Pepper whispered next to him, and Tony jumped.

“Not sorry.” He whispered back, keeping the picture front and center in the file he was supposed to be reading from.

“Tony just put that- holy crap Tony is that your soldier?” Peppers lovely little mouth dropped wide open and Tony turned away from her, hunching over the picture dramatically to keep her from looking.

“Get your own GI Joe!” He snapped, and whichever board member had been speaking, stopped, completely confused.

“What was that, Mr. Stark?”

“Nothing.” Resignedly, Tony put the picture away, forcing himself to listen to another progress report on a new line of body armor he had initiated months ago.

A few minutes later, Pepper slid a piece of paper towards him, clearing her throat quietly. Tony sent her a narrow look, and reached for the note.

Does he really look like that under his dress uniform?

Better. I’m not even kidding.

How have you not jumped in a plane and flown to Afghanistan and dragged him back home??

Because you made me come to this meeting you freaking evil ginger.

Pepper started giggling, and Tony joined in, both of them ignoring the looks of disapproval from the other board members.

“Good for you, Tony.” She whispered.

“You know I know it.” He whispered back.


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Hello!  My name is Daniel Preciado but some call me Looney.  I’m 26 years young and I just wanted to thank you for even taking the time to read this.  
As of right now I’m currently residing at Clallam Bay Corrections Center.  I’m looking for a friend or two to help me through some of the tough times.  Prison can get very stressful, lonely, & dark when a person is left to do this time alone or has few connections to the outside.
I have a huge warm heart & I love to have fun.  I would hate to see this heart grow cold over time.  I was born & raised in Yakima WA.  I been through hell & back, & I thank God I’m still alive.  I’m not afraid to stand up for myself or my friends, & as a result they label me a gangster.
There are many things in this life I don’t like but nothing more than being lied to.  I keep it real at all costs & expect the same from those around me.  So please don’t hesitate to speak the truth or express whatever you have on your mind.  I am a big boy & I can handle the truth :) lol.
I like to stay both mentally & physically fit.  I also love music…it proves an escape & for a quick second I feel free.  I enjoy anything that catches my ear from 70s, 80s, oldies, rap, rock, etc.  My favorite author is James Rollins.  I am also into cinema and my favorite movies include Friday, Good Fellas, Thrillers, & Action/Adventure.
Well, I just wanted to thank you for hearing me out.  Prison tries to break you & it’s people like you who hep lift us up out of this environment & keep us stronger.  Sometimes in life you got to take chances & I hope you take a chance on me like wishing on a star.  I hope this finds you in good health & hope to hear from you soon.



Daniel Preciado #382958
Golf B-16
Clallam Bay Corrections Center
1830 Eagle Crest Way
Clallam Bay, WA 98326

PS: You can also e-mail me on  Just make an account, search by state (WASHINGTON) and enter my DOC # (382958) and it will add me to your list and we can email back and forth.

Hey, I’m Elise, I’m 14, and I live in California, USA! I’m looking for intenet friends and penpals. I really, really want someone to do snail mail with, but if you just want to be internet friends, that’s totally fine!!!

Here’s some stuff I like:

•making and designing clothes
•doing my makeup
•photo shoots
•my puppy
•the beach
•just being extremely extra af, petty af, and dramatic af

So if you’re insterested in snail mail, texting/ snapchatting/ skyping/ facetiming/ etc., watching 3 minute long videos of me dancing in my room to the la la land soundtrack, and or put up with my fun mood swings ,, you can contact me through :

Instagram: eliseromandy
Snapchat: eliserom60

I’m looking forward to talking !! :)

  • Me: So yeah I guess I'm just sticking with the "me at my best" and "me at my worst" theme with Vivi and Mimi, like two sides of one person I guess lol? Fuse them and you get one neat mess of a package.
  • Friend: I see! I wonder what their personality would be like if they fused...
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: Fam
  • Me: Fam you're
  • Me: You're talking to me

i’m in a really weird mood right now and i’m just picturing a situation where the team swaps bodies for a day (I saw a post about it earlier)

But like, can you imagine?

Sara, in Rip’s body: omg who knew Rip has an ass

Rip, in Ray’s body: please, nobody talk about this

Ray, in Mick’s body: wow I’m the brawn now, weird

Mick, in Nate’s body: get me OUT

Nate, in Amaya’s body: oh so THAT’S what it looks like from this angle

Amaya, in Jax’s body: nATHANIEL

Jax, in Martin’s body: oh my god Gray you are so old how do you move

Martin, in Sara’s body: I’VE NEVER BEEN SO FREE

Hi, sorry I can’t take front selfies and all my good ones were on my old phone 😕

But yeah, I’m Megan. I am 18 and I’m from Scotland. I’m going to university after the summer to study philosophy and politics (well hopefully) though I’m slightly terrified about moving away.
My interests are :philosophy and politics obviously, reading, bingeing tv shows, eating, sports etc.
I work at McDonald’s which is the worst thing ever. I like memes and when people tell me stories about their lives. I want to travel more and see the world. I love long conversations about absolutely anything with anyone. I also get really angry about stupid things e.g Oreos. But I swear I’m not crazy.
So yeah, if you’re a nice person who loves to chat about loads of stuff and is looking for an internet friend and is like 16-19 years old, hit me up.

Additional note- Don’t mind whether you’re a boy or girl or sexuality or where you’re from etc. Just thought I should mention

Sc- Megan918
Instagram- Meggyc0918
Tumblr- Wonderlandintheocean

Hey folks 👋

I’m 18, aro ace & nonbinary (if i had to pick i’d say agender) but she/her pronouns is fine.
I’m looking for friends bc real life is hard and i’m not very talented (awkward) when it comes to social interaction.
I’m really nice though, i promise :D
I’m a huge nerd (or geek?), i love books, movies, tv-shows, i have like a bazillion favourite characters.
I don’t really care what to talk about, if it’s friends, family, music, school, fandoms or something else, i don’t care.
Just hmu, will ya? :)