The thing that always makes me feel OLD is when fandom specifically attributes some behavior or concept or misbehavior specifically to Tumblr Fandom and I’m like hey no, trust me, we were doing/talking/writing about/pr0ning about it way back in the old country when we sent binary smoke signals into the sky.

That’s WHY you sometimes run into incomprehensible warnings or weirdly prescient guesses about possible fandom behavior (Especially bad behavior). It’s because there’s a chunk of people who were around before tumblr and we’ve seen it before. Yeah it doesn’t always work out exactly the same, but let me tell you, the patterns repeat. All the time.

Abusive Boyfriend Rescue Preferences {2/4}

Request: “Preference in y/n pov where her abusive ex walks into her house and destroys everything is horrible and the 5sos boy walks in and is really cute and y/n is sobbing on the ground and the other boys go to beat up your ex.”

Preference type: Aww & Sobfrest…? (Idk, I say Sob bc of the topic but the request says “really cute” Idk man haha)

Word Count: 1727

P.O.V: (y/n)

A/N: Sorry that this took forever and a day to write. I hope you don’t mind that it is only 2/4 instead of 4/4. I just have not had any inspiration for this topic… I hope you like it regardless <3


heart began to pound as I watched Jason walk through the door. Jason was my boyfriend of four years. There were some great times that we had in the limelight for the world to see, but behind closed doors it was hell. You see, Jason abused me. I was a victim of domestic abuse. Would I admit that out loud? No. How could I rat out the love of my life? 

Tonight, it was a usual feeling. The feeling in the air was tense which made it obvious that tonight was not going to be a good night. I stood up and watched him walk into the kitchen. My breath caught in my throat as I realized that I had not cooked dinner. 

“(Y/N),” he barked causing the hairs on my arm to rise. I slowly made my way to the kitchen shaking and trying to stay calm. However, it was hard to keep calm when I knew that I would be in trouble because of this. 

“(Y/N),” he barked even louder. Poison was tangled into his voice causing me to cringe. I took a deep breath and walked into the kitchen. 

“Yes babe–” 


I held my cheek and looked up at him. His eyes were black making me tremble. He grabbed a chunk of my hair and pulled it causing me to whelp in pain. The whelp caused him to push me against the wall causing me to cry.




I began to cry harder which caused him to growl. “Stop fucking crying.” He punched the wall that was close to my head my head creating a hole in the wall. I bit my lip and tried to obey. His breath was on my forehead. He yanked my hair and pushed me toward the stove. “Cook now.” 

I nodded and quickly grabbed food from the fridge and started the stove. I heard him leave and I couldn’t help but sob quietly. My fucking head was hurting like hell because he tugged my hair and it was horrible.  

I tried to suck it up because I should be used to it by now. It has been happening since last October when I had miscarried our child. Apparently it was my fault. I don’t know how or why but it was. 

In the middle of cooking, I heard the door open and someone come into the kitchen. I tensed up before I heard Calum, my best friend, say, “Hey, (Y/N).”
I quickly turned around and sighed in relief. He was smiling but his smile dropped when he saw my red cheek that was slowly turning red. He clenched his fist before walking toward me. 

“(Y/N), did he..” 

I nodded and began to cry into my best friends chest. He held me tight and asked where he was. Before I could answer I heard a set of feet walk in.
“What the fuck?” He yelled causing Calum to quickly let me go and stand in front of me. 

I hid behind Calum as the tense atmosphere grew even more tense. 

“Calum, get out of the way.” He said calmly but I could tell he wasn’t. 

I noticed that Calum had dialed Michael and that made my heart beat a little more. 

“Nah, I rather not Jason,” Calum said smugly. 

Jason walked toward Calum which made me shake and Cal tense up. Calum slyly handed me his phone and walked toward Jason. 

“In fact, you get the hell out of here.” 

Jason gritted his teeth and stood in front of him “This is business between (Y/N) and I,” Jason growled. 

Calum managed to stay calm. He crossed his arms and whispered: “Business meaning abusing my best friend? Nah, that involves me. There is no way in hell that I will let you treat her like a rag doll.” 

Jason growled and glared at me. 

“You told him?” 

I stood there silent because I couldn’t find the right words to say. 

Jason’s grim face shot death threats toward me. He pushed Calum away causing him to fall down and launched over to me and grabbed my wrist. As Calum was getting up Jason pulled me toward our room and locked us both in the room. 

“YOU FUCKING TOLD?” He spat at me. “Jason please…” I begged as I tried to get out of his grasp but he threw me on the bed and grabbed a lamp and threw it at me. I screamed causing him to cuss at me. The door was being pounded on by multiple fists. I knew for sure that the other three guys came. Jason ignored it and tore down pictures of us and threw them at me. I started crying as glass shattered on me.

It all happened in a flash. Our door was kicked down by Ashton. Then him, Mikey, and Luke lunged toward Jason and started beating the shit out of him.

Calum followed and made his way to me and lifted me up as carefully and quickly as he could. I heard Jason scream out my name causing me to hyperventilate and Calum to race out of the house.

“Hey, hey,” he cooed as he saw me shook and continued to cry.

“We are going to my house now, I’ll clean you up and I’ll have Luke grab your stuff. It’ll be okay.”

I nodded and tried to stop crying as he set me in the passenger seat. 



My boyfriend, Hunter, and I were behind a club where the boys of 5sos had invited us to. They had won an award and they wanted to celebrate. Michael had shot me a text an hour before and after a little bit of convincing I told Hunter about it and he gave me permission to go as long as he was with me. 

Everything was going fine. We were all dancing and doing shots. Then I noticed Hunter was starting to look terrifying again. It was a look that he had when I was “in trouble.” Now, when I say “in trouble” I do not mean the sexy in trouble where he would be dominant in sex and rip my red dress off. No. I wish but that was not the case. 

Instead, when I was “in trouble” it meant that he would punish me by violence. It was over minimal stuff that was mostly out of my control. 

I noticed the look when I was talking to Michael over in the booth while we both were sipping on beers. I noticed his eyes piercing at us and I got anxious. 

“Hey Mike.. I’ll be right back in like 10.” 


“Hunter looks like he needs to talk to me..”

Michael looked at me with worry in his eyes. He knew that my relationship was venomous but he wasn’t sure how had the venom of it was. He had no clue about the abuse that I encountered. All he knew was that Hunter was very controlling and dominant over me. Michael had voiced many times how against the relationship but I loved Hunter. I mean yeah, abuse and all that but I knew underneath all that he loved me. 

“Stay safe, k?” Michael begged. 

I faked a smile and nodded as I stood up. 

I then faced toward Hunter who was giving me a death glare. I swallowed the lump in my throat and smiled at him. He forced a smile and made his way to me. Once he did he leaned down and said, “we need to talk..” 

I looked up at him and he grabbed my wrist and dragged me out of the club. My heart began to beat extra fast as he lead me to an alley way behind the club. Once he looked around to make sure nobody was around he pressed me against the wall forcefully and held his hand around my neck. 

“What the hell, (Y/N)?” 

I gave him a confused look which made him squeeze my neck harder, “don’t pretend like you don’t know. You were being extra friendly with Clifford.” 

I shook my head no as well as I could which caused him to scoff and release my neck. I sighed and before I could say anything slapped me and put his hand on my mouth before I could make a noise. 

“You’re a liar,” he growled by using his other hand to hold my neck once again. I struggled to get out of his grasp but that caused him to squeeze tighter.

I was trying hard to gasp for hair but I couldn’t. I got scared so I kneed him in the balls causing him to whelp and let go. I then tried to run away but he grabbed my hand and threw me to the ground. He punched my face twice and kicked me in the stomach 5 times before I began to vomit blood. 

He smirked and kneel down while grabbing my face. “You’re such a bad girl. You should learn your lesson. You need to obey me so we don’t have to go through this anymore baby girl.” 

I cringed which made him mad. Once again he kicked me multiple times and shouted vulgar things. 

It was hell, but soon a miracle happened. 

“Hey, what the fuck is going on?” I heard Ashton call. 

Hunter than stopped and i looked toward him.

“Oh my god,” I heard Luke say.

Calum looked at me then glared at Hunter, “Oh you jack ass,” he mumbled before he lunged after him. Being the pussy that he was, Hunter ran. Ashton and Luke began to chase both. Michael then came out and saw me. 

“Oh my gosh, (Y/N),” he ran toward me. I felt my head get dizzy and he quickly shook his head. “Babe, whatever you do keep your eyes open. “got it?” I nodded and held his hand. I watched him dial 911 but it was like i was seeing double vision. 

“Keep your eyes open, dammit. They’re coming.”

“I.. I’m trying.” 

He chocked up and sat next to me and pulled my fragile body into his. He then told stories about cats and did everything he could to keep my eyes open until the ambulance came. 

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I’ve been thinking about making Videos concerning pen palling, snail mailing and The Place for Penpals.

If anyone would be interested in watching once a week videos, that would feature:

2 Pen Pal Spotlights, Question & Answer Session, and promotions for some Etsy shops or Pen Pal Friendly websites. 

Would you guys be interested in seeing me post videos like that?

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Third, I found this pretty hard to think about what I love or I do not.
I love that I see beautifu and I can love the smallest thingy as well. So I just do not understand why am I not happy all day all night…
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Fourth, I think this is a really cool way to get more about each other, and having fun during do this. So I would be happy, If I could see everyone’s. I hope I will have time for that, but until that, I would like to tag some people to do, if they want to take a part of this. (And I am sorry If you did earlier.) I am so curious to see yours and knowing better you.

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(REPOSTING!) I had a very disappointing amount of replies last time!

Name: Taylor Nicole

Age: 17 (18 in June!)

Location: Canada

Languages: English. I speak Portuguese and a very broken Spanish. (An English speaking person is preferable)

Looking for: Someone who is open to snailmail and sending (and receiving) cute packages/ letters with their favourite things

Little bit of info: I love animals and nature. You can usually find me exploring my city and going on walks or hikes with my camera. I am an open book and love sharing things about my life, as well as give advice or lend an ear whenever needed. I’m vegetarian and being cruelty-free is important to me. If you’re against feminism, body modification or LGBTQ community I’m sorry but I don’t think we would get along. My favourite bands are Arctic Monkeys, City and Colour, CHVRCHES, MAGIC!, The 1975, and Banks. Bates Motel and Criminal Minds are my favourite TV shows and my favourite movie is Girl, Interrupted. I love being creative and India ink is my favourite medium. I express myself through fashion as well as on paper.

Goals: I would love to find someone with similar interests and preferably someone aged 16-20.

or email me at goaliegirl1497

Wanted: Wicked cool pen pal

Hey friends!

About Me:

Name: Taylor
Age: 18
Birthday: June 15 (Gemini)
Gender: Female
Languages: English
Location: Kentucky, USA (Soon to be Illinois)

Fun facts:

  • Studying art in college
  • I secretly go and visit my neighbors-down-the-street’s dog when they leave him out all day
  • I’m a total all-over-the-place mess–I forget things all the time
  • I love adventure and can’t wait to travel when I’m out of college
  • I’ll tell you more if you become my pen pal! ;)

Hobbies and Interests:

  • I love physics and outer space
  • Astrology, yo
  • I hate to run but I love playing sports–softball, volleyball, gymnastics…etc.
  • I love hockey (Go Redwings!)
  • Animals are lyfe
  • I love to write
  • I really love plants and flowers and candles and wicked cool stuff!
  • Also, Harry Potter. That is all.

What I’m Looking For:

  • Female
  • Located anywhere!
  • Someone like me who basically just likes to meet new people
  • I would adore having someone to have great discussions with. I love the idea of learning about others and exploring the world so to me, it’s really cool to be able to connect with someone else who thinks the same way!
  • I’m super open minded so I would appreciate having someone else open minded too. I like debates, but respectful ones!
  • Age 16-22 (around there so that we are kind of living during similar times in our lives!)
  • I would really like to exchange an email or two just to see if we connect and then, from there, we can do snail mail and maybe send little tidbits to each other! I think that would be super fun.

Contact Info:

You can message me on tumblr or email me!
taylorarnold 05 @ gmail .com    (without the spaces of course)

Hope to hear from you!

Name: Cay
Age: 24

Looking for a female friend pen pal, snail mail for the UK or email all over the world!

I love the weird and wonderful, the creepy and crazy. I love music, food, animals, the Internet, technology, adventures, cartoons, movies, make up, the mind, my family and so so much more.
The only thing I don’t like is politics and I don’t do religion, though you are welcome to your own religious and political beliefs, I’m not here to fight you about them.

Contact -