ID #58839

Name: Juliette
Age: 19
Country: France

Okay, so hm I was’t going to do that AT ALL, this is all part of a procrastination process I guess, but here we go. I’m Juliette but I love nicknames so knock yourself out my friend. I’ve actually seen loads of great profiles out here and i just couldn’t pick one so I figured I’d just create myself one aaaand maybe someone would be interested? idk. So anyways, I’m french, used to be kinda bilingual but I’ve been losing my English what with not practicing for all the wrong reasons. So yeah, meeting someone here would be nice to improve, and I love making new friends anyways. I’m about to graduate in audiovisual, so obviously I’m all about movies, tv shows, photography, music etc etc and now you’re thinking WOW such a special snowflake amiright.
Well you’re getting bored so here you go: if you’re gonna be my friend, you gotta be immune to very dark humor and (really) bad jokes, also to getting a hundred 9gag links a day. But I’m also down for meaningful conversations and thoughts/life sharing anytime.

…I just hate how I sound so I’m going to stop there.

Preferences: over 17 if possible.

so my stepdad is watching Bill O'Reilly, which unfortunately he does a lot and i have to put up with overhearing, and he was just talking about the Donald Duck administration

he was trying to spin President Bump’s protracted war with the media and tendency to attack anyone who said anything bad about him as a good thing

he even insinuated that, not only is this normal, other conservative presidents like Bush who got slammed by the media and didn’t attack newspapers for it should have done so

he was like (and i’m paraphrasing but confident i’m accurate about the meaning) “liberal news sources have a vested interest in delegitimizing our new president”

gee, golly gosh, there was never an attempt to delegitimize President Obama by, e.g., claiming he wasn’t born in this country, claiming that he was a “communist” who would topple the foundations of American democracy, and insinuating that he was Muslim and somehow this have disqualified him for the office or made him unpatriotic?? That didn’t happen for the entire term of his presidency? 

Fox News never had any bias against Obama, right? We all know they’re a neutral party who’s always willing to call out bias in both the conservative and liberal sides, right?

And Obama totally personally attacked news sources that attacked him, sent his hundreds of followers after them, and exploded on twitter about insults, just like Donald Bump does, right?

Oh, wait.

ID #96418

Name: Amber
Age: 16
Country: England

hiii! I’m amber and I’m from the UK - I’m looking for a pen pal to exchange cute little trinkets with and there’s something awfully romantic about sending a proper letter! I really love art and drawing and literature; I’m quite an aesthetic fiend as well. I love a lot of indie music, but I’m also a one direction fan (haha). I’d love to travel some day, so talking to people from different countries would really brighten up my weeks!

Interests: poetry, books (anything from YA to Fitzgerald), Netflix, gossip girl, art and drawing, photography

Preferences: 16-18 years old

Snail mail pen pal

I’ve posted here once but not very successful. So here I am again!
Hi, my name is Ting from Hong Kong. I am 17. I have met some pen pals on the internet, and now I really want a snail mail pen pal.
I am not good at English (grammar is the worst)and not a fluent speaker of this language and I know Cantonese very well and Chinese (Mandarin)which is not good enough. Please don’t be rude and mean.
I am in the both ends of personality. For example, I am shy but outspoken sometimes, it’s hard to say when. So I am quite weird.
listening some old music (especially 50's),
watching movies(like Hobbit and Harry Potter),
reading books (still Hobbit and Harry Potter, also Pride and Prejudice),
drawing pictures (not professional),
singing(but it is too shy to sing it loud),
dream while sleeping(if it count).
I hope I can find a snail mail pen pal that living in another country. Sending some photos or souvenirs and writing letters that talk about the different culture or anything. We may also exchange our language!
Sexuality or gender is not a problem and the age between 17 and 20 would be perfect, but it is okay if my pen pal is younger than the range.
I am looking for one pen pal. If I had one, I still want us to be friends on the internet.
Please email me if you are interested.


ID #24666

Name: Jaimie
Age: 18
Country: England

Hey, I’m Jaimie, 18 and from England. I’m getting ready for a gap year and would love to get to know some new people.
I really enjoy reading and drawing, with a big interest in history and animals. I have a thing for horror movies, anime and shows like Doctor Who, American Horror Story and Supernatural.
I don’t have preferences, and will gladly use snail mail or email!

Preferences: 17-25 but not huge deal if not