Anatomy Class

So, this year I take anatomy for school and we learned the word ’palpate’ which means to touch or feel (i.e. a bone).

Naturally, my class really liked that word and it was all fine because the teacher knew what it meant and we never really said it outside of class. But then we had a substitute teacher one day… 

We had an assignment of locating bones and, if we had time, finding them (usually on each other, boy with boys and girls with girls). When these 2 guys finished they started to find the bones on each other and the sub got mad and asked what they were doing. They said they were palpating each other. The sub’s face was a mix of horror and confusion.

Seeing this, one of the girls spoke up to explain better. She said that ’it’s ok for us to touch each other.’ Realizing that sounded weird she added, No, no- we’re allowed to touch each other. We do it all the time.’ 

Now we were all pretty much laughing by now so the teacher gave up and just turned to the guys and just said Just go palpate yourselves.’Completely seriously.

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jainamac asked:

The fandoms that you wrote most heavily for were all inspired by TV shows. What made the MCU different? The breadth of source material or just the dynamic of the Steve/Bucky pairing? Does the medium of a fandom ever influence your involvement?

These are hard asks! These are top quality journalism-type asks! 

Um, I think that for me, I can’t do a show with too much canon–the idea of keeping up with popslash when that was happening, every day a new interview or magazine or something; I get palpatations just thinking about it. Too much! MCU has a really nice flexibility in that it’s movies, but there’s more than one, and nicely spaced out–because it takes me a while to write everything I want to out of a particular canon!–I was seriously racing Ultron, not that I need have bothered–and then you have this whole crazy freedom of all the AUs and inconsistencies and reboots and what ifs and just plain wackiness of comics. monicawoe today was showing me comics panels where all the Avengers were frogs. FROGS. For real frogs, amphibian frogs. Bucky was a frog with a metal arm. I mean, if that exists inthe world, seriously, everyone on god’s earth can take a stab at writing in this fandom without fear of shame, right?? :D

So yeah, if there’s too much, I can’t keep up - for the moment I’ve actually sworn off the 22+ episode TV show. I don’t have the time. Orphan Black, yes; Agent Carter, yes; SHIELD, no - I do not have 22 extra hours of my life to give you, SHIELD. Not if I’m going to keep up with the obligations of my life and write all this fanfic that’s piling up in my WIP folder!

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Jay continues to slap the ass of his girlfriend, also palpating her both buttocks and goes well with your fingers to massage her cunt. “ I’m not going to stop and it is better that the man he had not hit on you, otherwise I would have beaten the living daylights him.” Jason says, admitting that a jealous person and slaps her buttocks stronger.  

Nicole moaned, feeling Jason’s fingers near her wet folds.She so desperately wanted him to touch her there, so she decided to change her behavior and said:
- Baby, you’re the only one….. oh God…. that I would let touch me so intimately… 
Her hands came up to Jay’s things and started to caress them, moving higher and higher, till they reached his crotch, feeling his growing erection beneath the material of his panths.
- I want you to fuck me… so hard that everybody would hear me…. 



(I have just broken my foot while recreationally cliff diving. At this point, we do not know the extent of the damage, and I am in radiology to get Xrays and CT scans. By this point, I have been very vocal about the fact that ANY pressure on my foot is excruciatingly painful, and so far, everyone, including a couple orthopedists, have been perfectly fine with supporting my leg and letting my foot hang, except at the beginning when they needed to palpate to get an idea of the damage. Suddenly, I feel someone’s hands lifting my foot.)

Me: Why is someone touching my foot? Someone is TOUCHING my FOOT! WHY IS SOMEONE TOUCHING MY FOOT?!

New Doctor:  I need to support your foot! We don’t know how bad it is yet, and I don’t like the idea of the bones being free to move around!

(As she says this, she is increasing the pressure on my foot, triggering what I later realized was nerve pain all over the bottom side of my foot. I start screaming.)


(As I repeat generally the same message again and again, in the back of my mind I remember that this is a teaching hospital, and realize the person causing me pain sounds very young. Between this realization and the pain, I’m panicking. Finally, someone apparently convinces her to let my foot back down, and the rest of the scans go as well as can be expected. After I’ve calmed down, I begin to realize that the staff around me are approaching me very warily, as if they were scared! I don’t know if they were scared of me or just scared of doing the wrong thing and causing me pain, but I still feel bad!)