Cine Nacional - Vida Nocturna 1955 - Anibal Troilo - Roberto Grela:  “PALOMITA BLANCA “: Música: Anselmo Aieta. Letra: Francisco García Jiménez. (Ritmo: Vals).
.                                                                                                                             La película se tituló "Vida nocturna”, es de 1955. Y en los créditos figura el maestro Roberto Grela…

“Virgencita del Socorro, haz que Juan Carlos se enamore de otra, de una mujer extranjera que no lo quiera a él, sino que a otro. Haz, Virgencita, que ese otro se enamore de mi y que yo no lo quiera, Virgencita, porque yo quiero a Juan Carlos con todo mi corazón. Haz, Virgencita, que esa mujer abandone a Juan Carlos por ese hombre, haz que ese hombre abandone a esa mujer por mi, haz que yo rechace a ese hombre, haz que Juan Carlos lo sepa todo, y que se dé cuenta que la única que lo quiere soy yo, que soy yo la única, Virgencita. Por Cristo, Señor nuestro, así sea.”


En 1941 nace en Puerto Montt el cineasta Raúl Ruiz. A lo largo de su exitosa carrera, dejó una obra cinematográfica que lo dejó como uno de los mayores realizadores chilenos.

Días antes del golpe militar, Raúl Ruiz había terminado su película ‘Palomita Blanca’, la cual demoró sólo 6 semanas en todo su proceso.

Sin embargo, ni la película ni la banda sonora fueron estrenadas sino hasta 1992, dos años después del regreso a la democracia. Ésta es la historia de la relación de este importante realizador con la música.

Era mediados de 1973 y Raúl Ruiz estaba terminando ‘Palomita Blanca’, el film con el que pretendía reflejar la juventud de principios de los 70s. Para complementar esta cinta, Ruiz encargó a Los Jaivas la composición de su banda sonora basándose en las imágenes que ya había grabado.

Las reuniones compositivas entre Los Jaivas y Raúl Ruiz se iniciaron en Chilefilms, donde el director le daba al grupo indicaciones precisas sobre cómo quería que sonara y de qué quería que hablara cada canción.

De esta manera surgieron solicitudes como una canción con sólo titulares de prensa y de programas de TV, entonces Eduardo Parra parte a la Biblioteca Nacional para recopilar datos y nace ‘Tema de los Títulos’.

Otras solicitudes incluían canciones con sólo refranes y dichos chilenos (‘Cueca de los Refranes’), que reflejara la inocencia del personaje principal (‘Tema de Huaynito’), que plasmara la cotidianidad chilena (‘Dónde Estabas Tú’), que sea de los escolares (‘Tema de Clases’, ‘Tema del Colegio’ e ‘Himno del Liceo Guillermo Rivera de Viña del Mar’).

El resto serán improvisaciones que serán utilizadas como música incidental a lo largo del film. Más allá del éxito de ‘Dónde Estabas Tú’, uno de los temas más llamativos, tanto por su idea como por la creación misma es ‘Vergüenza Ajena’.

En la película hay una escena en la que sale una teleserie de fondo. Tan prolijo era el trabajo de Ruiz que encargó a Los Jaivas un bolero para que se transformara en el tema central de esa teleserie.

Así surge un exquisito bolero en dos versiones, una acústica y la otra orquestada, que viene a complementar un trabajo que no saldrá publicado hasta 1992, dos años después del retorno a la democracia.

El trabajo de Raúl Ruiz a través de la creación de Los Jaivas

What!? More Pidgance/flirtyrobot and Kallura Motorized hearts au?! For the lovely @the-vegetarian-artist who loves Kallura and pidgance.

“I have a great need! Please! I have the equipment I just need the space!” Pidge begged as they walked to the bus stop.

“No, you take up too much of the space and never wanna leave. The others from work, even Shiro are starting to get annoyed because they can’t get much done!” Matt firmly told his sister.

“MATT!” Pidge whined

“Oh look the bus stop, and someone’s there too!” her brother said, she didn’t respond so he turned his head to look at her. He was stunned as he saw Pidge stopped dead in her tracks with something he had only seen her do on rare occasions, and that was blush.

“Hey!” a loud voice shouted making Pidge flinch and her face turn even more red. “Damn it Lance,” she whispered.

Matt then focused his attention to the one who shouted. It turned out to be a boy, tall and on the lanky side. As a big brother he should have overprotective brotherly instincts but honestly he was kind of excited. It was a goddamn miracle that her sister showed an interest in anyone, he also knew Pidge could take care of herself. “So you like boys and beach babes huh?” he teased but his sister was already gone. Matt smiled she was growing up right before his eyes, he turned his back and headed back home. He didn’t have anything to worry about he’d heard about the kid when Shiro said he’d met said kid named Lance after Pidge said his name. Matt also felt something might happen between those two.

“How’s my Palomita Blanca?” the boy asked in a playfully flirtatious tone.

“psh shut up, and don’t call me that.” Pidge joked.

Lance smiled in a matching flirtatious manner and leaned down to look at her square in the eye “aww c'mon Pidget it’s not everyday do I give someone a nickname in Spanish”.

“I’ll accept the first one but if you ever combine Pidge and midget again and I’ll rip your neck out” she warned

“I don’t think you’re tall enough for that” He retaliated.

“You’ve sunk low enough for me to reach,” the girl hissed remembering one of the many internet post they share with each other over text.

They laughed together till Lance broke the silence “Hey Pidge if I get my car back before you do you want a ride to school or vice versa” the bus pulled up and they sat together in an empty bus bench.

She thought for a bit “Sure, why not, but honestly Lance I think I’ll get Lime Green back before you get back Royal Blue,” and began to take out her phone with earbuds from her jacket, putting one in her ear.

“Wanna make a bet? Lance challenged grabbing the spare bud, wanting to get in on the music action.

“I’ve been reading books of old”

“The legends and the myths”

“The testaments they told”

“The moon and it’s eclipse”

“When superman unrolls”

“The suit before he lifts”

“But I’m not the kind of person that it fits”

“She said where you wanna go?”

“How much you wanna risk?”

“I’m not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts, some superhero, some fairy tale bliss”

“Just something I can turn to, somebody I can miss”

“I want something just like this”

“Oh I want something just like this,”


“NONONONONONO! FUCK MY LIFE!” Keith panicked as he changed his clothes threw on his backpack and ran down the stairs slammed open the fridge, grabbed a strawberry milk bottle and booked it out the door.


Keith didn’t bother answering he couldn’t afford to be late to school on his first day if he wanted to at least seem like a decent teenager and make a good impression. Why in hell did he have to pick a fight with an idiot and his blue car. Now his car Rouge was totaled. He complained to himself while running.

A pink car passed him then began to slow after a few moments, the window then slide down and a girl with white hair asked him “Your name’s Keith right? You go to Altea High don’t you?”.

“Yeah!” Gasp “what’s it to you?” Gasp “and how do you know?” Keith breathed as he kept running, a little taken aback by her accent and knowledge of him.

The girl then answered “My name’s Allura and I’m supposed to give you a tour and walk you to your classes!”

He kept running “Oh!” Gasp “I’m sorry!” Gasp “I might be a little late!”

She laughed, “Do you want a ride?” She offered.

“Uh, sure” Keith said.

Allura slowed her car more till Keith went in it.

They sat in an awkward silence

“Pretty cool song, ever heard it before” Keith broke the ice.

“Oh, Um I don’t know” she sheepishly answered

“Nice car,” Keith complemented trying to make things less awkward”

“Thanks I call him Pink Panther. Took me forever to find the right car for me, but I knew the moment I saw Pink” Allura genuinely smiled.

“I felt the same thing when I laid my eyes on Rouge” Keith told her staring off into the road.

Allura slightly leaned toward Keith and grinned looking back and forth at Keith and the road “Is this Rouge a love interest” she asked grinning playfully.

Keith chuckled “No I’m not that … exciting, Rouge is my car”

“Oh? You have a car?” Allura raised an eyebrow in slight confusion.

He sighed “Yeah but I can’t drive it at the moment,” Keith, a bit miffed pouted.

“Well Keith it’s nice to meet you, and I think it going to be quite eventful from here on,” Allura commented.

“Ummm, thank you?” Keith decided to say. And oddly enough they were in a comfortable silence, something that would continue to happen for many years to come.

“If I told you, we could bath in all the lies,”

“Would you rise up?”

“Come and meet me in the sky”

“Would ya trust me when you’re jumping from the heights”

“Would you fall in the name of love?”

“When there’s madness, when there’s poison in your head”

“When the sadness leaves you broken in your bed, I will hold you in the depths of your despair”

“And it’s all in the name of love”

Hehehe will these songs mean something later? Who knows. Till next time lovelies!