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Rey Camelot!AU please. I just want her wielding Excalibur

This is another one of those AUs that I could spend entirely too much time playing with, because for all its x-wing battles and robots, Star Wars has a heart of high fantasy, and all high fantasy always wends its way back to Camelot at some point:

  • Sir Pavus (called “Poe” by his fellow knights) questing to the remote monastery of St. John, where it is rumored one of the brothers managed to secret a map to the Isle of Avalon
    • The great wizard Skywalker is said to have retreated to Avalon after one of his apprentices rose up and destroyed the castle and killed all within it.
  • Of course, Sir Pavus’ quest is cut short by the knights of the First Order, with the fearsome Black Knight at their head. 
  • It’s said the Black Knight has certain powers, given to him by the devil, and compel even good Christian men to speak ugly truths. He too is after the map to Avalon, so he can kill the last of the great sorcerers that might challenge him.
  • But Poe is clever, and before he can be taken captive he gives the map to his squire, a young man named Babatio, tells him to run.
    • (Babatio had his tongue cut out for blasphemy, and mostly communicates in whistles and hand gestures—Poe had mercy on him, when he was found begging outside Camelot, and so took him on as a squire. He is immensely devoted to Poe.)
  • Rey—a young novitiate abandoned as an infant by her family at the monastery of St. John, waiting for them to return—finds Babatio hiding in the garden, and sneaks him into the priory.
  • Meanwhile, Sir Pavus is being held by the First Order, tortured (on the rack, probably) by the Black Knight—except! 
    • FINN
    • ………..his name is probably not Finn in this scenario, because Finn is a super celtic name, but nevertheless HE IS FINN
    • (If you try and tell me that there weren’t any black knights running around, have Sir Morien and Sir Palomides, canonically there were black knights)
    • Anyway, he’s done with the First Order, he helps Poe escape and then gets stranded at St. John
      • The Jacket is a coat of mail, because that amuses me
  • Lady Organa was the sole ward of Bail Organa of Aderaan, and even though the Kingdom of Alderaan was largely destroyed; she is known to have a great deal of influence within the court of Camelot
    • (She’s also scandalous for making a….somewhat reformed thief the head of her knights, and then never marrying him despite a very obviously shamelessly carnal relationship)
    • Plus also imagine Sir Solo—though he still flinches when he he’s called that—and the tall hairy Celt who follows him everywhere. No one understands him. He’s a deadly shot with an arrow.
  • Maz Kanata is the owner of the sleeziest pub in England, she’s adorable and tiny and no one will ever mess with her—which is probably why Excalibur is entrusted to her
  • Why she entrusts it to Rey, though….