this beautiful poster is one of three for a show i am putting on. the (stunning) drawing is by kaeroew.

i’m arranging my songs for a special band featuring lisa brook on drums, nicol parkinson on bass, joan patrick on violin, greg phillips on horn and simon holmes on euphonium. also playing are long-time mega-pal palomica and new-super-friend oh peas. what a time it will be!


ETUSC 2014

  • 14.01.15
  • Palomica vs The Mysterious Monopole

Last Wednesday, I play my first public noise-type music set. It was opening for Hans Joachim Imler of Faust. I love Faust, they had a huge impact on my music making / sound listening, and still do. I’m not usually nervous before making music in front of people, especially with the song form to fall back on. It’s much harder when you have to be actively thinking about structure (it seems, so far) and time, outside of the song format. And to be playing in front of people I admired made it extra nervy. But I think it went really well. It was as a duo. I mainly played as an underbelly to my pal’s amazing record mashing. 

Afterwards, Hans Joachim told me I have good sounds and ideas and to keep doing what I do, which is as helpful as anything could be.

Here’s a few minutes of it, if you wanta hear. More to come.

Coffee Machines
  • Coffee Machines
  • Palomica
  • Sometimes It's A Struggle

coffee machines - palomica

yesterday when we came out of the mother earth news fair, i was a little hungry so i got one of the bananas we had bought before leaving town. it was a perfect banana with just a very tiny bit of green at the stem and it was warm from being in the car all day. it was the best banana i’ve ever eaten (or so it seemed in the moment and that’s all that really matters). while devouring it, these words came to mind “we crammed fruit into our mouths from the drive like we were eating for our lives…" 

and so naturally, i woke up with this song in my head this morning.

La settimana che abbiamo bighellonato insieme tutti i giorni, quella del Down by the River, dei giganteschi castelli gonfiabili dove siamo andati a saltare, dei concerti nella camera vuota dei nostri ex coinquilini, c'era in città gente che vive in un altra città e che aveva suonato al Down by the River lo scorso anno, con un sacco di Danelectro, e che ha fatto un disco solista sotto un altro nome che vuol dire “piccione” in spagnolo.
 Sometimes It’s A Struggle by Palomica

Water Walks
  • Water Walks
  • Palomica
  • Little Lug

I just recorded a new Palomica song, for a tour mini-album called ’Little Lug’. This song will probably be on the next, fuller album in a different form. I think it’s called Water Walks, but it might not be.

It was a long time between the first part that was written and the last part. When I started, I thought it was about one thing, but it was actually about another. Anothers.

  • Ferris Wheel
  • Palomica
  • At The Spotted Dog

I played some shows last week, in Birmingham, London and Brighton. I enjoyed them a lot, and learned a lot about playing. I always need more of that. I played a couple of songs alone, in Birmingham. We played in a pub garden. There were children playing. I tried to stop their parents from shushing them. They were there first, I was the invading force.

This is a Frozy song, but I still play it as Palomica sometimes. I try hard to be this concise in my regular, human life.

After the set, a young boy stuck his head out of a playhouse and told me “well done”.


My face (along with three wonderful humans) is all up in this video for Gravestone by The Nervy Betters.

I am the drummer in this band, and didn’t really notice for a while, but I am, I think. Steve and Henry write the best songs (so does Roxy, as Two White Cranes). All three of them are as nice as they are smart.

Pretty Into It

Today at work, a child said hello to me. I smiled and said a friendly hello back to him.

His father (I assume), who seemed nice looked at my name badge, as if to help teach his son how to read and recognise names and told him, with certainty, and a knowing smile to me, “I’ll bet this fella isn’t really called Nicol”.

As if I’ve borrowed a colleague’s name badge, indiscriminate of gender.

“No, I am.”

“Oh… Really? That’s not… Oh.”

He was a little awkward, but not for making a mistaken assumption, just for pointing out that I have a name that he assumes is a misspelling of that of a female, and how embarrassed that must make me.

“Not heard that one before.”

“It’s my name. I’m pretty into it”

  • Iodine (Leonard Cohen)
  • Palomica
  • in Brighton, May 2014

A seven-piece Palomica played in Brighton a few nights ago. Pop songs with concurrent sounds. I’m still really happy about it. Drifting closer to a lot of things I’m slowly working towards. I haven’t been doing covers recently, but this one was so much fun.

This set features members of Slum of Legs, Oh Peas / Totem Terrors, Joanna Gruesome / Grubs, King of Cats and Playlounge.


Made a one shot music video today for a song recorded yesterday with Irina and Rhiannon.

“All go”.