paloma romero


Last time I took a girl out, we was at this little shebeen in Hammersmith, I thought we’d get a halfer, and the fellow took the money and ran!  I went after him, we chased him ‘round half London, and then the police showed up and we had to hide.  Half the night they kept on looking, best time I’ve had since me and Paul did over that hotel in Brighton.  Never heard back from the bird, though.

Come to think, I’m not sure a date with me is exactly what you’re looking for.


Everyone’s different about relationships.  There ain’t one right way to do ‘em, so it’s hard to tell anyone what to feel.

You got to ask yourself why you’re feelin’ that way.  Maybe you aren’t exactly sure about sharin’ a lot of your life with another person, or maybe it’s something about the way she’s actin’, or the way you’re actin’ because you think you ought to.  Maybe it’s just 'cause you’re worried about the way things’ll go.

If you can sort out why you’re uncomfortable, you can decide what to do about it.  Sometimes, your instincts are worth listenin’ to, but other times, you got to work past 'em if you want to go after something good.  People spend a lot of time thinkin’ they shouldn’t do things or not tryin’ for 'em because they’re nervous or they’re not sure.  Everything’s worth goin’ for at least once, especially if you really care about your lady.

I’d say, figure out why you’re feelin’ the way you are, and then decide if it’s something you ought to be worried about or if it’s just something you got to work through 'cause it’s a new part of your life.