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The Art of Rainbow Rowell: A fandom gift

I posted that other day that I had the chance to meet @rainbowrowell when she came to the UK with @lbardugo for their #WorldsCollideTour

I briefly mentioned that I gave Rainbow the above gift. It’s an art book featuring fanart inspired by Rainbow’s books. I had originally planned to take longer putting this together and sending it to her publishers next year but when I found out she’d be coming over to the UK I couldn’t resist the chance to give it to her in person.

I wanted to keep it a surprise which is why I didn’t post about it on my blog until now so all artists had to be contacted in secret for their permission. Obviously there are tons of artists not featured because either I couldn’t get in touch with them (I was very conscious to get written permission from all the artists featured) and there are just so many wonderful artists with only 100 pages available.

Now that Rainbow has gotten the gift (which by the way she loved) I‘d like to take the opportunity to thank all the artists and people who helped and donated towards printing.

Special thanks to @yasminwithane who designed the cover, @susannedraws, @laurenbaldoart, @eklixio, @damecatoe and @awaitsun who created new pieces of art for the book.

Thanks to: @magicath, @bethanyactually, @eleanorford, @eklixio, @mcbangle, @efferveseance, @theinsidiouspitch, Gine Kenison, @jessidee, Kat McKenna (@mykindabook), @soullesstomatoes, @murderers-feelings (from Chile), @the-forest-library, @snowbaz, @worldofmages, @readcommendations, @adixiebelle, for all your help and donations towards making this book.

And thanks to all the artists who contributed their work:
@yasminwithane, @yadykates, @nightowlin, Lily Williams (, @imnot12, @emma-tobias, @bethanyactually, @damecatoe, Risa Rodil (, @crossroadreams, @siminiblocker, @susannedraws, @taryndraws, @thegreatmart, @marinettoo, @andiree, @loquaciousliterature, @bellemrdch, @fixitwithgoldleaf, @emergencypizzaparty, @slureads, @figbar,
@bookishlettering, @nyxtastic, @awaitsun, @beastlyworlds, Lida Price (, Jenny McKeon (, @thegreatmart, @acatrisart, @strangerbedfellows, @emilyonthewall, @ingridevart, @zorkowa, @galaxyspeaking, @hashiizu, Karen Edina (Sparknotes), @mara-miranda, @paln-k, @eyaarceo, @medevi, @buttercookie-art, @pandanemar, @vagalumie, @redgoldsparks, @toerning, @katrinizer, @hanafufa, Sylvia Morris (, @jayceart, @duod, @crowloop, @ahikuboruchi, @littlestpersimmon, @mitsouparker, @greatmageclintbarton, @layaart, @ilovedean, @kalomi, @wivchesters, @ace-artemis-fanartist, @maagiicmee, @eklixio, @drawingbooks

And of course thank you Rainbow, for everything <3


Another year has gone by and it was made amazing by these wonderful people who are basically family. Love you all to pieces ♥♥

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