What a beautiful day to celebrate the #firstdayofspring and #palmsunday!

Today the temps are about 80 degrees, but on Christmas it was 88! I’m not sure how that happens, but we will take all the cool days we can before summer sets in!

I am still in love with this @houseofbelonging sign. Sometimes I just can’t help by stare!! Tutorial for case is in the blog, just search “gold scalloped vase” Happy Sunday!

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SPAIN, LA LAGUNA : Girls hold palm leaves blessed during the morning Mass at the Cathedral of San Cristobal de La Laguna during a procession commemorating the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem, on the Spanish Canary island of Tenerife on March 29, 2015.  Palm Sunday held annually on the Sunday before easter and commemorates the entry into Jerusalem of Jesus Christ. AFP PHOTO / DESIREE MARTIN                        

Assyrians celebrate Palm Sunday in Midyat, a former Christian enclave in the Middle East.

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This is a portrait of a young man who is a shepherd and salesman. I was meditating on the significance of Palm Sunday, when I saw this photo. About 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ was sold for the 30 pieces of silver by somebody he considered a friend.
He died as the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

Too many destinies are ruined by people we call friends.

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What a beautiful day it is on this Palm Sunday that The Lord has so graciously given to as.
Smile to all the people you come across every day, even the grumpy ones, because you don’t know what they are going through. Laugh at yourself, there is joy in your mistakes and imperfections. Love one another, even when loving someone is the hardest thing to do.
Be grateful and joyful always for everything, because you never know when you may breathe your last words, hug for the last time, smile your last smile. You don’t know whether tomorrow will come, or if the sun will shine, but we are blessed with today and today is as great as any day, so thank The Lord for this world, this life, and this day.
God bless,


Palm Sunday: March for Refugees in Adelaide.

This Sunday in Adelaide, over a thousand people protested against the Australian Government’s inhumane and unjust policy towards asylum seekers. Those represented spread from many church groups, through to the Greens, and socialist alliances - but many taking part were independent protesters.

The protest concluded with a minutes silence in prayer/respect of Reza Barati, the asylum seeker recently murdered at the offshore detention centre on Manus Island in PNG.

Similar protests occurred in other capital cities; as usual MSM is almost silent on reporting the protests (the Sydney protest was reported on ABC Radio National)