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Richonne Head Canon Bingo

14. What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?

They never really touched each other.

There wasn’t an explicit reason why, or if there was one, neither of them were aware of it.  It just wasn’t something they did.  There were nods, there were looks, there were smiles.  And they were always enough.  They knew they had each other’s backs.  They knew they would always be there for each other.  They knew that they cared, that they would always care.

Touch wasn’t often necessary.  For others maybe, but not between them.  There were once-in-a-blue-moon exceptions, of course. She remembers how her mind reeled on the day they found the ruins of Noah’s old hometown, and how the gentle pressure of his fingertips against her arm had anchored her.  He remembers the warmth of her hand over his as they pulled up to the gates of Alexandria for the first time, and how it gave him enough strength to open his car door.  They remember sleepless nights after they’d arrived, the weight of his hand on her shoulder reminding them both that they weren’t alone.  That they cared, and they would always care.

Touch was rare, and it was soft and fleeting, and there was something scary about it, although neither of them would ever admit to that.  Afterwards they always wordlessly agreed to tuck it back away, to save it only for when it mattered most.

After that first night, after the couch and the mints and their lips pressing together, after they’d surrendered themselves to each other willingly, eagerly, and completely, their silent rule flew out the window.

Once they started touching each other, they couldn’t stop touching each other, and maybe that’s why they had avoided it for all those months.  Maybe somewhere in the pits of their stomachs they knew that when they allowed themselves to touch, to grasp and hold and caress and cling and claw, there wouldn’t be any way to turn back.

It didn’t matter anymore.  They were hooked, addicted, obsessed. It was a habit they would never break, a drug they would never kick.  Skin against skin, hands clasped together, his palm pressed against her lower back and skimming her ass, her fingers weaving in and tugging his curls - all of it was heaven, a salve to old and new wounds.

They were all over each other: above, inside, over, under, between, beside, below.  They breathed together.  Their hearts beat in sync.

They never really touched each other, before.  But they did now.

(written by @michonnejennings - fic sideblog: @reciprocityfic)

Part Of Your World [a Barry Allen AU]

a/n: hi hello yes this fandom needed a little mermaid au, yw… just not into any of the requests im getting….maybe part 2?……. But you can role play with me!!

On a pair of new, shaky legs, you brace yourself on a rock, body dripping with water, glistening slightly. A grin appears on your face as you steady yourself, damp hair matted to your forehead, covering your eyes. You wrap yourself up in a stray piece of light brown fabric, posing as you spin around, admiring your crafty work. Not too shabby.

Suddenly, there’s a sound of an animal, making you jump, scurrying away from the furry dog chasing you. In a hurry, you climb up on a rock, eyes full of fear as he barks again and again. “Cisco! Cisco, where are you, Cisco?!” a male voice echoes, coming closer and closer to the spot you’re at. The dog runs to the voice, which makes you sigh, dropping your makeshift dress to your thigh.

Pushing your hair to one side, you smile nervously, seeing the familiar prince stare back at you. “Oh.” the brunette breathes, scratching behind the shaggy dog’s floppy ears. He cracks a grin, stepping in front of the dog; white pirate-like shirt flowing around his chest. “Um, Miss, are you al…right?” His bushy eyebrows crinkle together. “Do I know you?” he muses, cocking his head to the side; sandy brown locks swishing.

A tiny gasp escapes you and you nod, brushing your hair from your eyes. Barry grins from ear to ear, grabbing your hands. “It’s you! You’re the one! The one that saved me!” he exclaims, black knee high boots clumping the sand together. Again, you nod rapidly, squeezing his hands. “What’s your name?!” he asks in a giddy tone, hazel eyes blown wide.

Opening your mouth, you go to speak…nothing comes out. Both of you frown. “Oh.” Barry mutters, dropping your hands. “Then I guess it can’t be you…” he deflates, looking down, rubbing his neck. Puffing out a breath, your shoulders slump and you bite your lower lip, thinking of a way to explain to him…

Tapping the rock excitedly, you catch his attention, hitting your neck with the tips of your fingers gently, moving up to your mouth. Barry squints at you; hands hovering around your arms. “You-you’re sick?” he asks, tucking his chin to his chest. Shaking your head, you move your hands horizontally, trying it again, almost falling off the rock. “Careful!” the prince gulps, catching your upper body.

“I gotcha, I gotcha…” Barry coos, green eyes sparkling at you, darting around your face. You blush, clutching onto the silk white fabric of his shirt, legs wobbling underneath you. “I’ll take you to the palace, okay?” he smiles sweetly, palm pressed to your hip, holding you to his side; other hand clasped with yours on his chest.

Stumbling on your new feet, you rest your head on his shoulder, sighing quietly. Barry peers down at you, noticing your clothing. “You can wash up and get changed too.” he nods, letting go of your hand to move your hair. This is your chance to get him to fall in love with you. Three days, Eobard said. You can do three days…hopefully.

To Fell the Mighty (Part 3)

Continuing from part 2

Cullen bit back his groan when he slid off his horse.

“Commander!” Cassandra’s eyes widened as he drew nearer. The crutches seemed particularly out of place under her arms.

“Don’t worry,” he muttered. “Only some of the blood is mine.” He glanced back. Cole was already handing out vials of the venom to the various healers. He smiled a bit, wondering what on earth a spirit might want as a ‘thank you’ gift. “How is El—the Inquisitor doing?”

“She’s… alive.”

Cullen clenched his jaw against her ominous tone. “Meaning?”

Cassandra hobbled to one side, drawing back the tent flap for him.

Dorian sat at the head of Elysse’s cot, a soft green glow sparking between his fingers as he worked with the rest of the healers. The mage glanced up and his face paled. “You’re hurt.”

“I’ll be fine,” Cullen said. “How is she?” He took his spot at Elysse’s side. The black lines he’d seen on her shoulder had spread up her neck and across her chest. Sweat glistened off her skin and her muscles tensed and clenched in her sleep.

“Stable,” Dorian said. “For now. I take it by your battered appearance that you had a little trouble?”

“A little,” Cullen muttered. He pushed one of the healers away when she reached for him. “My injuries will heal. Hers might now.”


“There will be time later,” Cullen insisted. He took one of Elysse’s hands and squeezed her fingers. “Help the others cure the Inquisitor.”

The woman nodded before taking her leave.

“Commander,” Dorian started, “there’s… well, I’m not quite sure how to put this…”

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Back when I first joined tumblr (which seems like a long time ago but it wasn’t), I submitted a prompt to elsannaheadcanons, fully intending never to follow up on it.

And here I am about a month later with a whole drabble based on it. I don’t know that it’s quite to the standard of my first piece, but I’m still learning.

So here – a story involving stars, freckles, fluff, and a tiny bit of angst (you know, to give it that extra zing).


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