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Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion Review

Hey guys, Kris here, I totally forgot that the first Digimon Tri. movie was coming out today, so as soon as I found out I immediately had to watch it. The original Digimon series has a special place in my heart so when I heard of a new series that would bring the focus back to the main cast I was beyond excited. So let’s get to the review, also I will be referring the characters by their English names.



Timeline wise

Now this is a very minor negative considering since this issue will probably will be fixed as the series goes on, I barely even consider it a negative at all. My main issue with it is where exactly does this new series takes place. When I first heard about it I initially thought it would ignore Digimon Adventure 02 entirely, but that theory flew right out the window in the first 5 minutes when we see the gang from 02 (except TK and Kari) apparently gets F*$KING killed or at least beat pretty badly by Alphamon. We really only see their silhouettes and their digivice but it’s definitely them(and that TK and Kari have the digivice they had in 02). I might not hold that much love for the 02 cast but damn I didn’t see that shit coming. Like I said, we’ll probably see what happens to them as the series goes on but for right now as I watch this new series I will go in with the notion that everything in 01 and 02 did happen EXCEPT the epilogue, until I see otherwise. I’ve heard some theories that this series takes place in an alternate timeline I.E Back to the Future Part 2 style but like I said they’re all just theories at the moment.

Digimon, What?

Okay, I call bullshit to the the fact the general populace still don’t know the existence of digimon, I though this shit was common knowledge by now, they’ve had around two major digimon invasions between Adventures 01 and 02. Yet people are still unsure of what these creatures are, BULLSHIT! Not only that but wasn’t the gateway between the human and digital world left open by the end of 02, things like this makes me question if this is an alternate timeline/universe or it’s just continuity errors.


Animation/Fight Sequences

Now for the good stuff, BY GOD THE ANIMATION IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!! Now I won’t lie, it took a while getting used the to new character designs for the digidestined, I’m just so used the style the previous shows always have, even the movies are much different compared to Tri. But once I did get used to it, I grew to adore it, everything runs just so smooth and unlike the shows that was limited in their budget which caused them to reuse the same attack animation over and over again, this show doesn’t suffer from any of those issues at all. When the fighting starts it’s faced paced,viloent, and kinda gritty too. There’s no blood or anything like that, but how everything is animated like when a digimon throws and attack you can feel the the weight behind it, also the sound design helps a lot as well. That moment when Omnimon finally shows up, GOOD GOD I squealed internally when I saw that, I felt the same as when I first saw Omnimon in the Digimon Movie for the first time, it was just epic as fuck. The only issue I have is when they use cigi animation during the digivolve sequences.



I feel like I should group these together since Digimon has always been a very character(s) driven story. In Tri. we of course see the return of the original Digidestined and boy have I missed them. I know I sound biased as fuck but I can’t help it, out of all the digistined the original gang have always been my favorite. I’m especially surprised on where they took some of these characters.

The first 20 mins mostly just shows the digistined going through living an ordinary life, and Tai especially is starting to kinda miss the old days where he would just spend time with his friends and save the world, but as you get older life catches up with you, hell everyone is so busy doing their own they no one can’t even make it to his soccer game, practically everyone can relate to how Tai is feeling right now.

Another thing I have to mention is the some what love triangle between Matt, Sora, and Tai. Like most people I was kinda dissapointed by the end of the series when Sora chose Matt, and its not because I hate Matt, or because I’m a TaixSora shipper, but mostly it just felt out left field, especially with the first movie building it up, story-wise it just didn’t make sense to me. Hell even Jan, who doesn’t even ship anything at all calls bullshit to MattxSora. Here it’s handled well, sure there’s not much of it but that’s good because it didn’t hog up unnecessary amount of screen time. In regards to Tai, we can definitely see that he has feelings for Sora, but he doesn’t know how to make a move yet, Matt doesn’t seem to be romantically interested in Sora, sure he asked her to attend his concert but he did that with everyone so there that is. Sora seems to just want to be a good friend to both Matt and Tai, she gets put in a small situation where she gets invited to both Matt’s concert and Tai’s soccer game (which is on the same day) but she just want to make them happy and somehow find a way to attend both. I’m glad they’re handling it this way and if Sora does be with Matt by the end that’s fine as long as they build up to it(remember I’m watching this series while ignoring the 02 epilogue). I’m just glad that both Tai and Matt are still pretty close friends and not fighting over Sora or anything like that, sure Tai gets kinda awkward when both Matt and Sora is around but he seems pretty normal when he’s just hanging around Matt, at the end of the day these guys are bros. Also it looks like Izzy has feelings for Mimi, hmmmm, yeah I totally support this.

The major thing I gotta mention is something that I didn’t expect, and its Tai’s reluctance to fight. Before it was always simply, evil digimon attacks, digidestine arrives, they fight and save the day, YAY end of story. Now he actually is thinking about the consequences of his actions, now its evil digimon attacks, digidestine arrives, they fight and save the day, and they have to do all that while thinking about the amount of possible casualties and collateral damage that can happen when their digmon fight. After the first initially digimon battle Tai is plague but the all the destruction these battles can cause and it terrifies him. That’s the problem with growing up, you think about the consequence more often, and when giant monsters fight collateral damage is inevitable, at one point he confines to Agumon and says that he’s scared to death that he might accidentally kill someone in these battles. This is where he conflicts with Matt who’s (I’m not saying this as an insult) more simple minded in the fact of they have to do what ever it takes to take down any rogue digimon and he gets pissed when the public starts taking shit about his digimon and Tai( though he never says it outright) kinda agrees with them. I feel like this will be of of the big on-going conflict in the series since this is issue isn’t resolved by the end. Sure Tai finally allows Agumon to help fight Alphamon, but throughout the fight he has an almost disdain expression on his face, before whenever his digimon is about to kicks some ass he’s always cheering, fist pumping, just all around being completely excited, now when he does actually smile he immediately remembers the destruction of the previous digmon attack . The last scene of the movie is just Tai standing in the aftermath of Omnimon’s and Alphamon’s battle with a look of sadness in his face. Gone is the care-free boy we once knew before.


All in all I just loved this introduction to the new series, it felt  more mature and yet it still felt like I still watching Digimon. The animation is awesome and I just love the direction these characters are going. It’s just so good to have to old digidestined back and waiting for the next movie (WHICH IS GOING TO BE IN FUCKING APRIL, DAMMIT) is going to be torture, but as long as the quality is this good I will tolerate the wait. So until see you guys next time, PEACE :)

P.S. One more thing, I just want to give Joe a fist bump right now, the dude actually has a girlfriend, props dude major props.

If THIS dude can get a girlfriend then there’s hope for me yet.

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