Britain’s Foreign Secretary insists his new cat Palmerston is not an EU spy

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond defended ‘chief mouser’ Palmerston against suggestions the pussy could be a sleeper agent

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond defended “chief mouser” Palmerston against suggestions by a Tory MP that the pussy could be an agent for an overseas power.

Conservative Keith Simpson, who sits on the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee, pressed Mr Hammond over whether the moggie had been sufficiently checked for bugs by GCHQ chiefs.

He demanded: “Has he been positively vetted by the Security Service and scanned for bugs by GCHQ and can you assure the House and the more paranoid element in the Brexiters of Palmerston’s British provenance that he isn’t a long-term mole working for the EU Commission?”


Offering his “categorical” assurance that Palmerston was “performing” his duties well, Mr Hammond added: “He’s definitely not a mole.

British newspaper
~The times

Policeman foils No 10 coup d'ecat.
Boris Johnson may seem content with being secretary rather then prime minister, but some of his staff have rather grander ambitious. (Patrick Kidd writes). Palmerston, chief mouser to the foreign & common wealth office, has been running a turf war with Larry, the No 10 cat, and yesterday he briefly got his paws across the threshold of power.
Palmerston was spotted sneaking through the front door of No 10 but was quickly evicted by a police officer. He then sat outside looking furious, a witness said. A tweet was later posted on Palmerston’s Twitter page, @DiploMog, saying: “I just wanted to see what was behind the door.”
//Palmerston, the foreign& commonwealth office cat, took advantage of Larry’s inattention as the resident Downing Street mouser dealt with a squirrel, inset//

Yes this is really what is in my newspaper today. Gotta love Uk tho.


Thanks to The Wireless for this sweet little doco about Great Job!

Last weekend for Frida Kahlo and me.

Kia Ora, Kiwis!

It’s the last weekend to visit the Frida Kahlo exhibition at Te Manawa Museum of Art, Science & History in Palmerston North, ending Sunday at 5:00. And while you’re there, check out the Adipositivity Project exhibition. (Gallery 5, second floor. Follow the sound of people clutching their pearls.) My work will remain on display through August, but if you wanna see both together, go quick hurry.

I’ve very much enjoyed being museum sisters with Frida, and I highly recommend both exhibits. But then, I’m partial to folks who buck the norm in pursuit of radical self-love.