Prince Harry waves from an NH70 helicopter as he leaves Military Base during a visit in Palmerston North Picture: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Okay so I would just like to apologize for not being on for that long last night. There was a major flood here in Palmerston North and Wanganui so basically the power went off through out the whole town and I have to help my mum clean everything up outside the house lmao but yeah I think a little bit of Wellington got hit as well even… Since half the people of my city have lost their homes due to the flooding, this has given a “good” reason to burgle everyone. So yeah, sorry again :(

It’s A Timing Issue

This weekend I’ll be in Wellington cos…birthday weekend!!  MY birthday weekend.

Last time I was in Palmerston North I went to Lush and among other things I bought a hair mask.  I just remembered about it tonight and am now working out when the best time to use it is.  This is a bigger deal than you can imagine.

I mean - I will want to straighten my hair (when it’s long my hair is generally quite straight but since I cut it short it’s not as cooperative) for the weekend but that looks best when it’s done four-ish days after I’ve washed it.  Except I need to take in to account the fact that I will be working out and sweating which means I need to cut that down to two-ish days (with maybe a dry shampoo in between cos ew, gross, sweaty head).  The mask goes on dry and then you shampoo and condition as usual…

This seriously took up much more time than I would have liked but it’s my birthday weekend and I’m allowed to take up as much time as I like!

anonymous asked:

Anyway you could post some of that marble peanut chocolate stuff down to palmerston north?

We could always try! The worst that would happen is that it would melt, but you could always refreeze it anyway? Let me know if you’re willing to experiment with postage and melty chocolate swirls and I’ll get on it ASAP!

PS I’m thinking of buying a chocolate mold and making my own chocolate bars to sell via post - let me know if you’re interested at all x

Just what’s been going on?

Considering I’m not starting afresh, I’ll give you the run-down on where my characters are at in both games.

Sunless Sea

Kenneth Branagh is my current, and most successful zeacaptain so far. He’s currently running trips back and forth between the Salt Lions and London, profiting comfortably. The current objective is to find Mt. Palmerston in order to help my Sigil-ridden Navigator as well as bring back seven Zzoup for one-thousand Echoes (I believe). From there, who knows.

Fallen London

Meanwhile in Veilgarden, I live above a bookstore and a struggle to write compelling short-stories. With three under my belt (we don’t talk about the first), I’m seemingly on the right track for more success, but anything could happen. He’s currently described as an “urbane and watchful gentleman” and has the ambition of playing the elusive game of Heart’s Desire, alongside this he is beginning to make his way with the Bohemians (just how well acquainted can we get).