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WHOA LOOK I did a thing

I made a post about a week ago that I started listenting to Welcome to Night Vale and I just had to draw fanart of it at least once. So here is Cecil daydreaming about Carlos and his silken locks. 

EDIT: Ah damn I knew I forgot something. So here, repost with the tattoos on his arms.

Her Arms

3x12 Drabble

It had been way too long since he had seen her last. Six weeks, three days and two hours if he was exact.

When he had finally stumbled into Starling City– not a soul recognizing him has billionaire heir Oliver Queen– he had hailed a taxi, fishing for money.

He had none.

The taxi had left him on the curb, standing there staring.He guessed he deserved that. Oliver deserved all the pain.

It had been two o’clock when he had arrived. Dusk falling by the time he walked to the Glades.

Hesitantly, he had pushed opened the heavy door, expecting the hum of computers and voices. Hwoever the lair creaked in the silence, steam his only companion.

The Foundry was dark, just like he feared.

His team had given up on him.

Reluctant, but desiring something to connect whim with the people he had left behind, he entered the domain, He denied the fact that he was just waiting to wake up from this psychedelic parallel and see Felicity at her computers. All he wanted to do was lay eyes on the girl he loved, touch her,make sure she was real.

A beep from the computers turned the monitors on, jolting Oliver from his reminiscing. Trackers appeared, labeled with names. The sight gave Oliver hope.

They carried on in his absences.

His team.

He grabbed the suit hanging on the mannequin, desperate to help them in any ways he could, mindful of the stitches in his stomach.

After appearing before his city and his siter he had one last stop–Home. 

Because Home was wherever she was, whether it was the foundry or Queen Con– Palmer Industries, wherever Felicity resided, Oliver considered himself home. 

Three steps into the foundry, a brief excuse on his lips and Felicity was hurtlinging towards him, speed unchecked. She barreled into him, all sunshine and smiles and blonde hair and high heels. 

The impacted jarred him and his wound but he tightened his lips, bracing the pain. 

He was in her arms. He was Home. And a bit of pain was worth it. 

Fucking Saratoga Guys!!

I think this is important!! Saratoga has been hinted to too many times now to be a coincidence. 

1) Saratoga is were Dr. Palmer (Marion Cavanaugh’s old doctor) resides in a medical facility.. it is never specified whether or not this is an old age home or a mental health facility.

2) Saratoga is ALSO the home of the shiny new mental health facility that Radley was considering sending Mona to.. until Hanna convinced them not to (very touchingly I might add) It could very well be that the facility they were going to send her to is the same facility that our friendly neighborhood Dr. Palmer resides in..

Which will bring us to………. wait for it…. 

3) Tonight we learn that Mrs. Vanderwaal has taken Mona out of town… where to you might ask? FUCKING SARATOGA! *mic drop*

In Vermont, a tree sit has been launched against a fracked gas pipeline. Rising Tide Vermont writes:

Vowing to stay aloft until construction is halted, climate justice advocates have launched an aerial blockade directly in the path of the fracked gas pipeline on Rotax Road. An activist with Rising Tide Vermont is currently suspended on a tree platform 30 feet above the ground, preventing the tree from being cut down, and blocking the right of way for pipeline construction.

“Monkton residents and Vermonters from across the state have used every available legal channel to speak out against this pipeline for the last three years,” said Monkton resident Jane Palmer. “Our voices have not been heard, the public good has not been respected, and at this point it is no surprise that people are putting their bodies on the line to halt this fracked gas nightmare,” Palmer said.

The aerial blockade was launched at 6:30 am this morning in advance of crews slated to clear this portion of the pipeline route later today. “As pipeline construction ramps up this spring, we will continue to take direct action,” said Will Bennington, a spokesperson for Rising Tide. “We won’t back down, and we’re asking anyone who agrees with us that fracked gas is a climate disaster to join us.”