30 Day Character Design Challenge (7/30)

Design seven pairs of shoes. Bonus: for some of the pairs, make the left and right shoes different, but still recognizable as a pair.

I really hate drawing shoes but I had a lot of fun designing these.

  1. The Cute Creeps: pastel colored creepers
  2. The Rippers: plain white boots with red, spiked platform heels; drops of water activate a red color that looks like blood splatter (fabric returns to white when water evaporates)
  3. The Palm Readers: two different hand designs; a silver lining and silver tip on the toe
  4. The Starlight Sun: a sunset that begins on the toe of the shoe and extends to the night sky; small LED lights woven into the fabric of the top of the shoe give the appearance of stars (battery in heel of the shoe)
  5. The Weatherman (AKA The Squishy Squish): bottom of the shoe is a squishy, plush-like fabric that displays the local weather in real time
  6. The Glass House (AKA The Architect): sole-less high heels made out of semi-transparent glass with intricate designs inside
  7. The Twins (AKA Apollo & Artemis): standard high heel shoes; one gold shoe has the eyes of Apollo and orange LED lights on the bottom, one silver shoe with the eyes of Artemis and silver LED lights on the bottom (design based on my own painting). The Artemis heel has a thin compartment that holds a small arrow.

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