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Comments by Larries on Harry's blank IG posts: "He is drawing a line. This means a clean slate for them. I hope this is the beginning of something good. I feel so bad for them. No one should have to go through this." Yeah, no one -- Harry and Louis -- should have to go through the crap that you -- Larries --put them through on a daily basis. It's all on you guys. No one else.

You know what though? I would just LOVE to be psychics like them. Being able to decipher ALL THAT from absolutely nothing is a true gift! I wonder if they can talk to the dead too!! I’ve been to see a medium before, but who needs to pay for a session when we’ve got a fandom half full of people that just KNOW EVERYTHING? Who needs to go see a palm reader or a tarot card reader?

Now, in all honestly, Larries are just grasping at straws. Same old shit, just a different day. Although I’d really just love for them to just sit down and stop talking. They’re looking more than just a bit desperate these days.