palm tree pattern


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 8.8.16

palm-print zipper pouch by theatlanticocean

this nautical, beachy palm-print zipper pouch (also available in crisp canvas) features a customizable stamped tag, rope tassel pull, and makeup-perfect shape and size.

A/N: I know this sounds stupid, but I promise you it get’s better. 

- Let’s be honest as a bat mom you really don’t have time to go out and pamper yourself every week.

- For one you have a lot of social obligations, Wayne enterprises is pretty well known for their philanthropic work, and you have to participate in it often.

- And then you have like ten freaking kids, just yesterday you had to bake an entire tray of muffins for Cass, because she was on her period and she wanted your muffins. And then you had to drive across town to give them to her.

- And then at least once a week you get a call from the school, saying your son skipped school to go play with some neighborhood dogs that are on the other side of the fence. 

- “I’m on my way, thanks for calling Judy.”

- And then Dick calls at least once a week with a really obvious question that most adults should know.

- “Okay so when I do the laundry, should I put the detergent in first or the fabric softener?”

- “Dick, it literally does not matter, as long as you’re putting both of them into the water, before you put your clothes in.”

- And god help you if you actually have a job, outside all of this. 

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