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Everything and More

Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: ~1100

Summary: Tony’s POV; in honor of Tony’s birthday, you two have partied the night away. However, the night’s not over just yet.

Warnings: Oral sex (female receiving), Unprotected Shower Sex, Tony Stark being adorable and sexy and stuff, Fluff


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“So,” her hands slide over shoulders and down my arms, “was it everything you wanted?”

I wrap my arms around her waist, “Everything and more, sweetheart. Thank you.”

She smiles, giggling softly as she raises her lips to mine. She pulls away after a moment, sighing in content. Then she steps away from me, kicking her heels off as she walks away. My eyes follow the gentle sway of her hips, that gentle back and forth that draws me to follow her as I unbutton my jacket.

I enter the bedroom a little after she does. She’s standing in front of her dresser, leaning into the mirror as she removes her jewelry, returning each piece to its rightful place. As she’s clasping the necklace in her hands, she calls to me.

“Tony, can you come unzip me?”

I toss my jacket to the bed as I cross the room to her. I move her hair to rest over her shoulder before taking the zipper of her dress between my fingers. She holds the dress up as the back of it opens. I lean in, kissing the side of her neck. She leans back against me, her eyes downcast as my hands slide down over her hips.

I wrap my arms around her waist, kissing her shoulder.

“How about a shower?”

She nods, an almost mischievous smile playing at her lips. She’s hardly a couple of inches from me as she lowers the dress, revealing the lacy black lingerie hidden beneath.

“You’ve been holding out on me.” I tease.

Her hair tosses slightly when she turns her head quickly to look at me over her shoulder.

“Actually, this is new.”

“Another birthday present?”

She turns to face me, still wearing that smile, “Something like that.”

I take her face between my hands. Her hands press against my chest. I lean down to her, pressing my lips to hers. When she pulls back, she giggles a bit as she scrunches up her nose.

I chuckle, caressing her cheeks with my thumbs, “What?”

She shakes her head, “Nothing.” Her fingers card through my hair, “Let’s go take that shower.”

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Under the hot water, steam rising up around us, there is no space between us. My hands grip her hips. Her hands hold tight to my shoulders. We share long, lingering kisses. She tastes of the chocolate and red wine she had at the party. I wonder if she can taste the whiskey I had.

I take her chin in my hand when I pull away. I tilt her head to the side, moving quickly to assault her neck with my kiss. I trail my lips down her neck, her chest, her stomach, as I lower myself to my knees. I hold her hips to the wall. I place a kiss just below her belly button.

I look up at her. She smiles, biting her bottom lip as she runs her fingers through the length of my hair. Still with my eyes locked on hers, I raise her right leg to rest over my shoulder. Her jaw drops slightly as she watches me bury my tongue in the warmest part of her.

She moans softly, though louder than before. She pulls at my hair. She rolls her hips into every pass my tongue makes over her sensitive flesh. She grips my shoulder for support as she rises her to toes. I look up at her. Her head has fallen back, pressed against the tile wall. She’s resisting the urge to fall apart though she treads the line.

I lower her leg slowly before rising to stand before her.

“Look at me, (Y/N).”

The rise and fall of her chest is quick. The color of her eyes is almost completely lost to her pupils. Her gaze stays affixed to mine as I press two fingers to her entrance. I curl them in a bit; her bottom lip begins to tremble. She takes in a sharp breath as I push them in deeper. Her hips meet my palm thrust for thrust.

Her moans start as soft whispers, but with every passing second, they grow louder until her cries reach up to the heavens. A few more minutes, some whispered words of praise and love, and euphoria is hers for the taking, the heat of her release pouring over my hand.

She sighs, catching my face in her hands and my lips with hers in a heated kiss. I pull my hand away only to wrap both around the back of her thighs. Pinning her to the wall, I lift her up. Her ankles lock together behind my back as I get into position.

In one swift motion, I’m inside of her. Our groans of pleasure are simultaneous.

I will always love this feeling. The way she fits around me is absolute perfection.

She is absolute perfection.

The little sounds that slip from her as I move are sweet, like music to my ears.

Her hands are clasped together behind my neck. She moans my name.

Her kiss is heavy, demanding.

I don’t how much longer I can hold on.

A few more steady thrusts is all I can give, and it’s all she take before we’re both crashing. She holds tight to me. I rest my forehead against her shoulder. We’re both struggling to catch our breath. After a few minutes, I pull back and slowly lower her to her feet.

The water falls over us. Steam rises around us. There is no space between us.

I kiss the top of her head.

“I love you, Tony.”

I smile, leaning away from her and cradling her head in my hands. She holds my wrists as she looks into my eyes. I can tell she’s searching for an explanation for my silence so I break it.

“Marry me.”

Her expression changes from one of concern to one of shock.

“What?” she gasps.

“Marry me, (Y/N).”

“Are… are you sure?”

“I have never been more sure of anything in my life. I love you. I was lost before you.”

Her gaze falters; she bites her lip, “You had Pepper.”

“I did,” I hook my finger beneath her chin to raise her eyes back to mine, “and as much as I cared for her, I know now that there’s a reason we didn’t work. You’re the one I want to give my life to. So will you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), marry me?”

She smiles, giggling as she nods, “Yes, Tony, I will.”

She bounces on her heels and wraps her arms around my neck as she once again presses her lips to mine.

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Unwinding (M)

→ Jongin Smut Drabble

Word count: 617

Lips were crashing against the hot skin of your neck as you quickly glanced down at your phone laying exposed underneath your bodies. The screen was on, showing the conversation that had led to this exact situation;



“This exam is really driving me crazy.. I’m so stressed”

“Then let me help you unwind baby girl”

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The Jyuuken is based around the Ba Gua Zhang, so look up Airbending from ATLA. The way Hinata uses it though, it came across as more of a HAMMER in action, while Neji used it more like a senbon. So think circular movements, redirection of force, and of course pressure points - which Hinata is canonly shit at, hence why she still uses the child’s palm thrusts while Neji is just jabbing shit with fingertips. Up to you how to play with it, but that’s how I planned to do it

You’re a LIFESAVER, thank you! I’d forgotten this completely. Much appreciated.  💕


An: sorry for the errors. Thank you and enjoy~


The last Uchiha’s nap was disturbed because of the sudden bang on his apartment. He blinked his brooding eyes, seeing everything was a blur. He didn’t care. He grudgingly walked to the door. As he open it, his eyes were crimson red, and saw darkness clearly.

And there, stood Naruto, infront of his apartment. His mouth was moving but Sasuke cannot hear and understand what he was saying. There was a continious screach of sound disturbingly ringing in his ears.

But after some time, he barely comprehended what was Naruto saying. He heard phrases about genjutsus and Konoha was in danger and even the shinobi world itself. He was unimpressed of Naruto’s bluffs. So he breathed deeply then closed his eyes. His eyes were no longer crimson red, but he heard clearly what Naruto said and definitely saw something else.

It was then when Sasuke realized, Konoha’s festivity and colors were gone. It was no ordinary genjutsu. It was the day when Konoha was in colors of black and white.


Days have passed and no one knew how to escape this kind of this situation. Experts in genjutsu tried to dispell it but it was worthless.

But one day, Naruto discovered that everytime he eats ramen, he saw colors again. Then, everybody was aware of how Naruto saw the color orange when he held his bowl of ramen. And from this, everybody tried to touch what they love and what was important to them.

Choiji tried to hold his bag of chips again and he saw the color of the chips; the color yellow was enveloping him everytime he did it. It was the same experience with Ino; she tried to touch Sasuke but there was none. Then she tried tending her flowers and from this, she saw the color violet.

Sakura tried her luck as well, in touching Sasuke and as same as Ino’s, there was nothing. She wandered all over Konoha, then she had a glimpse of the color pink above the sky. She was curious so she followed it. To her surprise, she was in the vicinity of Naruto’s house.

Hinata tried to touch Naruto but there was none; her world was still dull. She was confused. She thought he was the one. So she tried to pet akamaru, hug Hanabi, and do good things to every one yet there was none; no progress at all. She can only see black and white in those all seeing eyes of hers. She was desperate. She was mad at herself; even herself didnt knew what she really loved.

He has no family and he knew that no one or nothing was important to him. So he didn’t cared of what is happening around him. Then Sasuke observed that most of the infamous Konoha 12 were seeing colors important to them but there was this one person who intrigued him.


Weeks have passed and the colors of Konoha was barely bringing back to life. Everyone was devastated of the colors black and white. Experts have hypothesized that the host can see colors while others can see it, if and only if the host is very vocal to it. Shinobis tried their best to solve and escape the phenomenon but as of the date, there was only a gradual progress.

Sasuke’s brooding attitude was worsening. He truly liked the colors black and white but not to this extent. Then as he observed Konoha from above, he saw some flicking purple color emitting from below. He followed it, just for the sake of finding color in his dull life. To his surprise, the color purple was from the training grounds. And there stood the hyuuga heiress; training and covered in sweat in midst of the strange phenomenon.

Sasuke felt guilty. He kept on wasting his time on unnecessary stuffs since the phenomenon started. Unlike her, making these days worth it by training. And without any hesitations, he decided to join and par with the heiress.

Hinata was aware of his presence, veins around her face became visible. Sasuke appeared behind her back and tried to punch her but her reflexes were quicker. She had blocked his attack. And from this contact, Sasuke saw a splash of variety colors then it disappeared as they pull away from each other. He tried to attack diffently, and there was this splash of colors again. He attacked and attacked while she blocked and blocked. Colors were dominating the training ground, and he was impressed from what he was seeing.

After some time, he let her attack him. Her fingers were really targetting his chakra points. As she touched his skin, splashes of colors and hues of purple were dominating the training area. It was quite a show for Sasuke. She saw that his sharingan was activated, and noticed that his eyes were looking intently on her fingers and not to her movement. This was her opportunity to strike him off guard.

Hinata was facing Sasuke. She moved forward using her right leg while she stomped her left foot for support. She twisted her upper body, focused her chakra on both palms and thrusted, with full force, directly to his stomach.

Sasuke countered it with his infamous chidori. Both saw a bright light as their chakra forces clashed; every strand of chakra fighting over the other. During the presence of the blinding bright light, Hinata lost her balance which immediately resulted her to fall backwards.

Even with his brooding attitude, he grabbed her as soon as he noticed her falling. With the impact of their chakra forces, both fell on the grounds. Hinata was under Sasuke’s and as they crash unto each other, he saw the training grounds were filled with its designated colors: trees were green, flowers were pink, the water mirrored the color of the sky, it was a picture perfect moment. Basically, the world became meaningful again.

But as Sasuke pushed himself up from Hinata’s body, the surroundings became dull again. He scanned the training grounds vicinity then he felt a thrusting force on lower abdomen; he was thrown meters away from Hinata’s body.

She catched her breath, conserving all her chakra left after that air palm she thrusted. She slowly stood up and clumsily went to Sasuke’s unconscious body. Though she was not a medical ninja, her efficient chakra control as a Hyuuga was enough for her to offer some medical help.

Hinata smiled as Sasuke opened his exhausted eyes. There was this silence enveloping the two shinobis. She was drained and so was he but Sasuke broke the silence. And both of them found peace, they were at ease in making conversations and enjoyed each other’s company.

Sasuke decided not to talk about the splashes and hues of colors he saw earlier in their spar. He needed to observe more to prove his theory; he wanted more of her presence.


Days have passed after their spar, every one, especially the Konoha 10, noticed their frequent meet ups. Every one was eager to know what the two famous clan heirs were up to. So they decided to watch their friendly battle; their little secret. It was okay for the both of them and hence, the color wars begun.

Naruto whispered in Sakura’s ear. Sasuke was acting strange and suspicious. Sakura disagreed yet admired Hinata’s confidence, strength and capability to fight with the ever legendary, Uchiha Sasuke. Naruto agreed to her thoughts but kept on pushing his ideas.

As the friendly spar continued, Shikamaru blurted some obvious thing that surprised every one.

“He’s seeing something…” He observed.

“Something that we can not see?…” Sakura asked nonchalantly.

And everyone was silent. They new the answer. “He’s seeing colors with Hinata…” Naruto concluded.

“B-but others are supposed to see the colors he’s seeing? I mean, that was-” Sakura protested.

“I am seeing it too.” Shino murmurred. “Weird thing is, all the hues of colors are present every time they touched…”

Sasuke’s sharingan eyes flicked to their direction and heard every detail. He was right; his hypothesis was right. And this was enough for him to open up to her about the colors splashing unto them. He just need the right time and right place and the girl infront of him.

And the Konoha 10 just stared silently and contemplated about the color wars happening upon them.


Weeks have passed and the dull phenomenon was still in the atmosphere of Konoha. Sasuke and Hinata’s spar became habitual and both parties were satisfied and were in favor.

In midst of their spar, Sasuke cannot hold the thought of her bringing color into his dull world. He deflected her air palms and made this opportunity to hold her close which she did not complaint about. His eyes widened as the colors of the training ground became visible again. It was slowly spreading, it is like Konoha was going back to life and Sasuke cannot hide his amusement.

He got caught up in the moment and so he asked her, “Do you see it too?”

Hinata’s brows narrowed, “…What are you talking about?”

As he heard those words, he let go of her palms and breathed sharply. She was confused. Sasuke’s vision of colors faded into gray. It was a pain in his chest. All he ever did was closed his eyes, inhaled deeply, and after awhile, he opened his brooding sharingan eyes. And found himself, standing inside his apartment, holding the front door. He deactivated his sharingan and sighed.

He twisted the knob and to his surprise, Konoha was full in colors again. He began reminiscing those days with her and when she gave colors to his dull world. He disliked vibrant colors from now on then later realized that he would never be near her and she will be never near to him ever again.

Sasuke sighed, “Everything was better in black and white…”


For @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s May challenge. Theme was hunting:)

Prompt: Amazons

John x reader

Words: 1348

Warnings: language, anger, smutty smut, age difference, unprotected sex (this is a fantasy, wrap up)

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You had tried your hardest at holding on to the anger you’d felt as you marched over to his motel room, your ponytail swinging to the beat of your boots slamming onto the floor beneath you. You were going to give John Winchester a piece of your mind. You were going to let him know just how incredibly useless and angry it made you feel when he treated you like a fucking child. Fair enough, you were almost half his age, but you were a hunter too damn it! You were supposed to equals in this, at least that had been the intention when you first decided to partner up. But of course, the stubborn fool had pushed you away, again, when it was time to go in for the fucking kill. You’d had her! It wasn’t even that difficult of a hunt. Simple Amazon job, they died from pretty much anything and, as if that wasn’t enough, you had taken her by surprise. But no, John had shoved you aside at the last minute and shot her in the head. Typical. You had decided it was time to have it out with him, put all your anger out there and show him the lay of the land. You were a strong, confident woman, and you were very angry. “Oh, how miserably I’ve failed…” You thought to yourself in a fleeting moment as you sat in only your bra on the table in his room, desperately clutching the edge of it, as John Winchester’s expert tongue went to work on that little bundle of nerves between your legs.

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J for 2p Germany? I love it when he gets rough! Sorry, I am made out of sin.

J: Jealous
2p Germany

Deep groans emanated from the German below you, keeping a tight grip on your hips. He grinded your hips to his forcefully, rubbing your wet folds against his cock. You yearned for his cock inside you, pounding into you /just/ right. He could tell, feeling your pussy’s lips spread along his shaft.

“Learned your lesson, yet, Katze?” He still had that stupid smirk that seemed to turn you on even further. A needy moan slipped through your lips.

“Lutz, I’m sorry. Please just take me,” you begged. He leaned up and suckled on your breast, gripping it possessively. Your hands immediately went to his hair, gripping the light blonde, curly locks. His warm lips and tongue pleasures your erect nipple, making your heart race with each lick. “Du kannst bestrafe mich, Lutz.”

Whatever was holding the German back shattered as he gripped your hips, forcing you down on his cock. You could feel your pussy stretch and sting from the wide girth. It fucking hurt but god did it feel good. It was so snug inside. Heat flooded your midsection and pleasure courses throughout your entire body faster than you could keep up.

Letting out a long, drawn-out moan, you rocked your hips against his own. He groaned with each move as they overrode his senses. With a growl, he flipped you over on your back with him on top. His eyes bore into yours with a burning gaze of jealousy and lust.

Pulling out and back in, he continued his thrusting with great force, ripping moans and screams from your throat. Did you think that he wouldn’t notice how guys look at you wherever you went? Or how you lead them on with teasing gazes? Gripping your wrists, he forced your arms over your head. Your wrists hurt with every thrust, his palms digging into them.

“Schlechte Mädchen werden bestraft,” he groaned. This is what he liked to see. You under him, arms above your head and breasts bouncing with each thrust. Your face red while you panted, completely submitted to him.

Getting on his knees, he forced your hips up to his, holding onto your hips while he pounded into your pussy harder and harder. “Wirst du jetzt ein gutes Mädchen sein?”

“Mmm ja!!” His thrusting slowed, but were still really rough. It did give you a little time to recollect yourself, still panting from the vigorous pounding. Leaning down, he licked along your neck.

“Gute Fräulein.”

((Finally getting around to writing this sin kill meh :’) ))


This combo is pretty straight forward… however, the concepts of training are much more in depth than a simple 4 strike combination:

In this combo we work with retreating footwork and spear hands followed by a solid uppercut palm thrust. In concept, the retreating footwork accomplishes two tasks, making space as well as setting up hip position to allow better striking. The Spear hand strike can strike the throat or eyes with the fingers, but in a training context can help rotation and snap of a punch much like when you see boxers throw jabs with the fist rotated to thumbs pointing down in shadowboxing. The footwork of retreat-advance at the end of the combo helps train shift of weight distribution and momentum, if the positioning and weight distribution are correct, the direction can easily be changed. So even in such a simple combo, we can still find much training.

So practice, practice, practice, and as always HAVE FUN!!!


I do not know why they’re calling this punta riversa (that almost always means a palm up thrust on the outside done on a passata, or the ward with the hilt inside of the right knee in a sitting down posture). Perhaps “reversing the point” in modern Italian. But check out that imbroccata over the sword with a seizure of the hilts. This is one of the first things covered in Saviolo’s Long Ward.


MARVEL NETFLIX: DAREDEVIL & IRON FIST - MADAME GAO and the heroin she manufactured in Hell’s Kitchen was known on the street as the Steel Serpent. It’s a reference to 1 of the Immortal Warriors “Steel Serpent” an IRON FIST villain. The symbol on the drug packet is also a match to the symbol on the Steel Serpent’s chest minus the wings. After hearing Madame Gao’s cryptic hint that her home is “a considerable distance” farther than China. It’s likely MADAME GAO is really (CRANE MOTHER) the ruler of (Ku'n-Zi) one of the 7 Capital Cities of Heaven and adversary of IRON FIST who is from K'un-Lun hopefully they’ll mention the Crane Daughters & The Tournament of the 7 Cities which decides which city will be able to reveal itself to the world. It was made a bit more obvious when she knocked down Daredevil with the Buddhist Palm-Thrust.

True love


Once upon a weekend, you entered your kitchen nervously picking on your cuticles. At the table was sitting your husband, casually drinking his tea, while scanning morning issue of a newspaper. You took a deep breath, before speaking up.

“I’m late.”

“I told you to get yourself a watch.” Midorima comments, his eyes never leaving some article.

“I’m late.” you emphasize.

“Then why don’t you leave already?” the men asks sounding somehow impatient.

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Backstage Surprise

Anonymous said: Can I have a blackpink Jisoo scenario with fluff and smut at the end where you surprise her by showing up backstage after one of her performances? I would appreciate it if you could make it gender-friendly 💝

Jisoo (BlackPink): Fluff w/smut and other BlackPink Members

WARNINGS: Strong Language

Originally posted by epikcry

Screams echoed through the stadium, fan-chants burning themselves into Jisoo’s mind. Her eyes scanned the crowd as her group finished ‘Playing with Fire’, a smile etched into her face. Seeing her fans stand there, cheering for her success, made Jisoo grin harder. Jisoo felt a hand slide into hers, causing her to look to her side, laughing to herself as Rosé smiled to her, “That was a good stage, huh?” Jisoo nodded quickly, her smile not faltering, “Yeah, you did really well, Chaeyoung!” There was a presence beside Jisoo, the recognizable voice of Lalisa erupting into her ear, “Come on, guys! We have to say goodbye and get off the stage.”

Jennie stood beside Lalisa, linking their arms together as she grinned to Jisoo, “Say goodbye!” The girls smiled towards the crowd, bowing swiftly as the fans chanted in joy. Pulling their mics to their mouths, the girls shouted into the stadium, “We love you all! Thank you for coming!”

They ran off the stage, holding onto one another excitedly as they talked about the performance. Suddenly, Jisoo’s eyes caught another pair, her own widening in shock, her mouth opening as she whispered, “Y/N?” The other three girls looked to the direction that the visual was looking, grins covering their faces. Squealing in excitement, Lalisa and Rosé shook Jisoo’s arms in excitement before Rosé pushed her towards the direction.

“Y/N!” You laughed at your girlfriend’s screaming friends, Jisoo running towards you. Jumping into your arms, she kissed your face repeatedly as the others giggled, fangirling in the background. Rolling your eyes, you continued to balance your girlfriend’s weight on yourself. Placing her down to her feet, you interlocked your fingers with hers and dragged her from the group, a smile etched onto her face. 

“Where are we going?” Tilting her head to the side, she watched you smile over your shoulder to her.

“Somewhere private; we don’t want your personal fangirls following us, do we?” Jisoo giggled, rolling her own eyes as she followed you into her empty dressing room, closing the door behind her. You turned on your heel, smiling towards your girlfriend and pulling her close, kissing her sweetly. Jisoo ran her fingers over your neck, deepening the kiss. The grip on her hips tightened, causing her to gasp softly, giving you an opportunity to slip your tongue into her mouth. 

A small moan escaped her throat, your tongues wrestling for dominance. She pulled away, a pink tint to her face, “Y-Y/N…” Smiling gently to her, you kissed Jisoo’s head, “W-What if we’re he-heard?” Jisoo’s blush deepened, causing you to let out a small laugh, dodging Jisoo’s smack on your arm. 

“Don’t worry, sweetie. It doesn’t matter, you’re here with me.” 

Running your hands across her hips, she shivered slightly, a grin plastering itself onto your face. You kissed her neck softly, peppering kisses down the flesh as Jisoo squirmed under your touch, tiny moans escaping her lips. Her hands curled around your shoulders, her eyes closing once you bit her neck faintly. She swayed her hips, grinding against you, her skirt riding up daintily. You moaned quietly, grabbing her hands and pinning them above her head, your other hand tracing patterns into her bare thigh. 

Jisoo opened her eyes, her face flushed , grinding her hips for wanted contact. You slid from her, holding her against the wall as she whined, her hips moving in the air. A smirk graced your face, your free hand crawling into her skirt. You pushed your fingers against her clit, your girlfriend’s shaking whines making you press your fingertips harder. 

“Y/N… St-Stop teasing m-me!” Rolling your eyes, you pushed your index finger into her, a gasp escaping her throat, biting her lip. You rose your eyebrow, curling your finger, breathing into her ear, “Why are you trying to be quiet, love?” Jisoo shook her head, her face becoming deeper in color. You slid another finger into her. A shudder rose up her spine, her lips gaping in pleasure. 

“I want to hear you, love. Can’t let those beautiful noises go unheard.” 

Shoving another finger into Jisoo caused a loud moan to flutter out. She squeezed her thighs together, shaking as you curled your fingers repeatedly. Whines echoed through the empty dressing room, Jisoo grinding against your hand to create more friction. You chuckled, your thumb finding its way to your girlfriend’s clit, rubbing the bud as she threw her head back, moaning into your ear. 

Suddenly, a knock onto the door rang through the room, your eyes widening as you stared at Jisoo in shock. She opened her mouth to respond, but your hand covered her lips, her once held hands falling onto your shoulders. You looked to the door, your eyebrow rose in question. Another knock rang out, a sigh slipping from your lips. 


“Is Jisoo in there with you?” You recognized Jennie’s concerned voice, your eyes capturing Jisoo’s once again, “Yeah, but she’s laying down right now. She’s tired. What’s wrong?” 

Lalisa rolled through the door, “Oh, we just wanted to know. We’re going to get food, do you guys want anything?” 

“No, we’re okay. Be safe, guys, okay?” Waiting for a response, your gaze burned into Jisoo’s, her eyes small as she swayed her hips once again. You curled your fingers, Jisoo whining into your palm as Rosé shouted towards you, “We will! Tell Jisoo to rest well, okay? Bye, Y/N!” Footsteps slowly left the door, your head spinning to your girlfriend.

Before you could speak, Jisoo grinded back into your hand, whimpers smacking into your palm. Smirking, you thrusted your fingers into her continuously, biting onto Jisoo’s neck as she mewled. Your tongue licked up her jaw, your fingers thrusting faster. Jisoo squeezed her hands into your shoulders, moaning into your palm as she came, shaking in your arms. A smile stretched themselves onto your faces as you held your girlfriend in your arms, “Guess you should nap, huh?” You laughed as Jisoo tiredly slapped your arm.

I hope you all enjoyed this, I think I’m actually getting sick, so I did this after a small nap quickly. I’m sorry if it sucks, but I tried. I’ll finish my requests as soon as I can, have a great day lovelies!

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You Could’ve Fooled Me

Author: Batman 

Pairing: ReaderxGabriel 

Word Count: 2,128 

Request: Would you write a smut GabrielxReader please? Like they’re having sex and Cas heard the reader whimper or moan. He would be acting protective of her like a big brother, but he’s clueless about sex. He thinks Gabriel is hurting her and she has hickey. Then they end up having to explain it to Cas and it’s like awkward and funny? 

Warnings: Very smutty, smut. ;D 

Imagine: You were pushed back into the wall, chuckling quietly. 

 “Now, how about we take this down the hall?” the archangel whispered in your ear, then laying several kisses down the side of your neck. You put his face in your hands and bring his lips to yours, tongue sliding into his mouth, tasting only him. 

 “Now that sounds like one hell of a plan.” You smirk as you pull away. 

 Gabriel slipped his hand into yours and pulled you down the bunkers lit hallway. No sound except the echo of your footsteps. Suddenly he stops, turns around and lifts you up; your response is wrapping your legs around his waist. He then tangled his fists in your hair, mashing his mouth against yours once again. You hear a small *snap* then a loud creak as your bedroom door opens. Then you hear another snap.

 You’re no longer in Gabriel’s arms, and you whined, still tasting him on your lips. You came to your senses, noticing that you were blindfolded, both of your wrists were tied to posts with a rubbery material, and your clothes were no longer on your body. You felt a tingling sensation between your legs; you bit your lip to hold in your whimper. 

 “Gabe?” you call out.

 “I’m still here, sweetheart. I just have to get you ready.” 

 You hear a small pop, and something fall to the floor. Then Gabriel moves close to you, shaking what sounded like a can in his hands. Before you know it, you feel a chilly sensation sending goosebumps across your chest. He guided his hands around your breasts and all over your abdomen. Then throwing the can aside, he grabbed something off of a table. 

 “Now this should warm you up a little.” His voice was seductive and sweet. A warm trickle was being drizzled all over your body, sliding over your edges and down your sides. 

 He was walking closer to your head now, reaching over and removing the fabric from around your eyes. It took you a moment to adjust, but were then taken aback to the ‘masterpiece’ that Gabe had created. All of those weird movements and feelings was Gabriel putting whipped cream and chocolate syrup all over your body. And he ‘topped it off’ with two cherries on your nipples. You look up to see that your wrists were tied to the bedposts with red Twizzlers. 

 “You and your sweet-tooth.” 

 “These sweets are nothing compared to you.” He winked. 

 The archangel walked over to the end of the bed and you squirm with delight at his naked form. You can see his erection start to take form and the hunger in his honey coloured eyes. He gets on the bed, crawling toward you seductively. As he gets closer, he takes your legs and spreads them apart. With a quick wink at you, he dives his head in between your thighs and you gasp and moan with pleasure. Using his tongue to guide him, he laps around your entrance and then wraps his lips around your clitoris, sucking on and playing around with his teeth. Your fingers kneaded into your palms, your hips thrusting into his movements. 

 “Oh, ugh, my God!” you groan. 

                                   ****Castiel’s P.O.V.**** 

 Sam, Dean, and I were sitting in the library studying werewolf lore when we heard faint crashes come from downstairs.

 “What was that?” I ask, knitting my eyebrows together.

 “It’s probably Douchebag and (Y/N).” Dean sighed rolling his eyes. 

 “What could they be doing?” The two brothers exchanged a glance before glancing back at me. 

 “You’ll figure it out sooner or later.” Sam said before going back to his book. I shook my head and pulled some more papers toward me, when I heard (Y/N) call out. My head snapped up and my body tensed. 

  “Dude, what’s your problem?” Dean asked with his voice hinting irritation.

 “I heard (Y/N). She sounds like she’s in trouble.” 

 “She’s fine, please, let’s drop this subject.” 

 “Fine.” My tone was uneasy. 

                              ****Reader’s P.O.V.**** 

 You were getting close and Gabriel could tell, because he pulled away from you, earning him a drawn out whine.

 “Darling, we can’t have you finish before dessert.” While making complete eye contact, he ran his tongue all over your abdomen, licking up every drop of the whipped cream and chocolate syrup. You closed your eyes and felt every which way his tongue flicked the warm wetness it left on your skin. Gabriel was then leaning over you, licking the cream off of your breasts, making you more aroused. When he finished, he took one cherry and popped it into mouth. Next, he grabbed the other cherry by the stem with his teeth, bringing it to your mouth. You leaned in and pulled on it with your mouth until it popped off the stem. 

 “You ready, baby?” he leaned in and whispered in your ears.

 “Yes.” You choked out.

 He got of the bed and walked over to the posts and chewed your wrists free. You put them by your sides, feeling a little more comfortable. Suddenly, Gabriel appeared in front of you and you yelped in surprise. 

 “Jesus, warn someone!! And you were right by the bed, why not just crawl back in?” 

 “Because it’s more fun to see you surprised.”

 He placed his lips on yours; giving you a hard, sweet kiss. He trailed soft kisses down the side of your neck. With his teeth, he grabbed some skin and suckled on it, earning more groans of pleasure from you. Gabriel positioned himself so he was now on top of you, his erection just outside your entrance, and his mouth around your left breast while his hand was kneading the other. Then your worlds collided when you felt his length inside of you, making you feel wonderfully full. His thrusts were even and smooth, hitting all of the spots that you wanted him to hit. You wrapped your legs around him, and your arms around his shoulders, digging your nails into his skin. He moaned in approval and started to thrust a little harder, a sign that he was getting closer to finishing. Not too much longer, you felt the warmth pool in your belly and your breaths were becoming shorter. 

 “Gabe, I’m gonna…” you whisper while your eyes roll to the back of your head.

“Shhh, it’s okay, baby.” And before you knew it, you clenched around him while your orgasm washed over you. You made some pretty breathtaking sounds which pushed Gabe over his edge and he released inside of you, and you both rode out your orgasms together. 

 “You never fail to amaze me.” You say once you catch your breath, snuggled beside your boyfriend. 

 “Me? What about you? You can hit my taste buds in a way no candy bar can.” You laugh and rest your head on his chest while he put a strong arm around you.

 “You really are too good to me.” You say, stifling a yawn.

 “I do it because I love you.” He gripped out tighter and kissed the top of your head. 

 “I love you, too.” Your words came out in a whisper while your eyelids drooped, and you drifted off into a deep sleep. 

                                       ***The next morning*** 

 You and Gabriel had woken up together, sharing a sweet kiss to start the day. Eventually, you slipped on your robes and headed out into the kitchen where Sam and Dean had already claimed two cups of coffee. “Anything good for breakfast?” you walk behind Dean, looking over his shoulder and into the frying pan that sat on the stove-top. 

 “My special Supreme omelets sound good?” he says, still focused on his food.

“Like you even have to ask.” You scoff and head toward the cupboards, grabbing two mugs and setting them on the counter. Then Gabriel slides in beside you, winking before snapping his fingers and using his angelic powers to make your coffee.

 “You know, Gabe, I can make my own coffee. I’m not entirely inept.”

 “But the more time you spend on the coffee, the less time there is for me to kiss you.” He wraps his arms around you, pulling you in, his lips melting like chocolate. You chuckled against him, gently pushing him away and grabbing your mug.

 “Bacon, Sausage, or ham?” Dean asked

 “How about all three? They all come from the same place.” 

 “Good point.” You laugh and roll your eyes, walking over to the table and sliding in beside Sam who was reading the paper, and across from your boyfriend. You all made small, sleepy, early morning chatter when the strangest thing happened. 

 “What did you do to her?” It was Castiel’s voice that echoed powerfully in the large room. You turn and look at him; his usually light blue eyes were dark and glaring daggers at Gabriel. 

 “Castiel, what’s going on?” you ask. Then in the blink of an eye, he appeared over by the table, picking Gabriel up by his collar and pushing him against the wall, sending the chairs flying back.

 “What the hell did you do to her, brother?!” Cas barked. 

 “What are you talking about, doofus?” Gabriel didn’t even bat an eyelash.

 “I should have figured it out sooner, you and (Y/N) disappeared after we returned to the bunker, then there were loud crashes and I heard her cry and whimper in pain! Then I walk in her to see her with a monstrosity on the side of her neck?! Why the hell would you hurt her?”

 Your hand immediately rose to your neck, running your fingers along a decent sized patch of rough skin. Oh no, you thought. You looked over at the brothers who were at first alerted, but now they were trying to hold back their laughs and not show their grins. You sent them venomous looks before the chaos started again. 

 “What in Dad’s name are you talking about? I wouldn’t ever hurt her.”

 “Don’t lie to me, Gabriel!” he raised his fist to attempt to strike the archangel when you stepped in, pulling on Cas’ sleeve.

 “Cas! Wait, calm down. It’s not what you think.” Castiel looked down at you, his fist still hovering in the air, and the Winchester’s snorting in the background. “Sam, Dean, just get out of here if you’re going to laugh like twelve year olds.” They both waved and swiftly walked out of the room, breaking out in snickers as they got further away. “Castiel, let go or Gabriel. We need to talk.” Like a robot, he dropped Gabe who brushed himself off and straightened his collar. 

“So, you are not hurt?” 

 “No, I’m not. It’s not a bruise, just a hickey.” The angel’s features relaxed. 

“Then what in the world were you two doing?” You glanced nervously over at Gabriel who appeared rather amused. 

 “Cas, you know that Gabe and I are romantically involved, dating in simpler terms.”


 “So…after you’ve been dating someone for a good period of time, you start to have certain feelings…” 

 “(Y/N), are you seriously giving my brother ‘The Talk’?”

 “Well what else to you want me to do?” you snap, putting your hands on your hips.

 “Move aside and let me handle it.” Gabriel walked over to his brother, placing two of his fingers on his forehead, closing his eyes. After a few moments, Castiel’s eyes slowly opened, slowly moving between you and Gabe. His expression channeled out in inner awkwardness, no longer trying to make eye contact.

 “I need to go…Dean said he needs pie because Sam got him cake again….so….yeah.” Then Castiel disappeared and you fell into Gabriel, bubbling into uncontrollable laughter. 

 “Cas is just too cute sometimes.” You say, placing a hand on your stomach. 

“Ahem.” Gabe crosses his arms, in mock offense. 

 “But he could never be as cute as you.” You pull Gabriel’s face toward you and you both give a passionate kiss, exploring each other’s mouths with your tongues, when; 

 “You guys, it’s already gross enough that we can hear you, just don’t do that crap out here.” Dean says when he walked back into the kitchen.

 Gabe moved his down, cupping your butt cheek giving you that all too familiar stare. He then takes your hand and pulls you down the hallway

Never Say Never pt. 4: Rumors

A/B/O Dynamics

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Cursing (Sorry, Cap), inappropriate language (Sorry again, Cap), badass-ery, mention of blood.

Word Count: 1.8k

Originally posted by disneystudios

Over the next few days, you and Bucky continued to butt heads. He insisted that it was impossible for you to keep ignoring nature. You took these arguments and turned them into educational lectures about heat control and the rising omeganist movements that called for the end of omega discrimination. Bucky usually left in the middle of your lectures and you counted those times as triumphs. It wasn’t until week three of your guys’ acquaintanceship that Bucky finally accepted that you were an independent omega, the exception to the rule. He also stopped vocally insisting that your sole purpose in life was to be with an alpha and bear their pups. Bucky mostly stopped bugging you because he started to look for an omega he could actually knot. This task proved to be more difficult that Bucky imagined.

“I’m going to end up rutting by myself.” Bucky softly slammed his forehead onto the breakfast table.

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This is what happens when I run out of ideas. Things get angsty. The Adaptoid isn’t something looked at in the MCU, so all you need to know is that it adapts to every attack it encounters, making it a pretty formidable foe. Hopefully it was the right choice to include it. This was requested by @doctoooorwhoooo​. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Pt 2 to curiosity killed the cat?

“Curiosity Killed the Cat” (Part 2)

Part 1

The Avengers were defeated.

Looking left and right, you could see the bodies of your teammates strewn haphazardly around you. Both Natasha and Clint were several feet away, sprawled next to each other, presumably trying to defend the other in their last moments. Bruce had been de-Hulked and also destroyed, looking feeble and small on your right. Thor was on his side and his limp hand – even in death – reached out for a hammer that no longer responded to him. Tony’s suit was stiff and horizontal, a red and gold jewel in the distance. There was still a chance that he was alive inside, and that was the only thing keeping you going.

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please like, comment/dm/reblog your opinions and feedback for this story! it would mean so much to me :))

»Chapter Six

Originally posted by chimcheroo

pairing: yoongixreader // jiminxreader
word count: 4.3k
warnings: smut;

I stirred in my sleep, feeling queasy at the thought of the enigmas Suga was keeping from me. He was a man of many personalities, undoubtedly, and I feared he was using this trait to subvert me. What if only half the things he said were true? The picture must have meant something. What if I fall for him? Would he love me back? Would it affect his vocation? Would his work affect us? My thoughts were all jumbled up and laced with sentiments. It was obvious at that moment I was far too tired to be thinking about such deep thoughts. I couldn’t help myself, his absence only magnetised my thoughts to train on him.

What games are you playing, Suga, dear?

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anonymous asked:

Gom+Hanamiya react to s/o pranking them saying 'ooh damn he fine~~' and stuff like that while scrolling through Instagram and they eventually found out that she was looking at their account.

ooh damn he fine  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Akashi: “Ooh damn!” they gasped dramatically, double tapping the screen. “I’d tap that ass.” Akashi didn’t comment and he continued writing as if he didn’t hear them. “And those eyes! He’s so fine I would do him anyday!” After a long ten minutes of continuous praise, they stared at the back of Akashi’s head. “Don’t you want to know who I’m looking at?” they asked, a bit annoyed at his lack of response. 

He smiled, standing up from his seat. “It’s me isn’t it?” he asked back, walking towards them. “No it’s not,” they denied, dropping their phone down their shirt so he wouldn’t take it. His hand lingered on their shirt, threatening to strip them. “Yes it is. Would you like me to prove it?” 

Aomine: “Hah? Who are you looking at?” he asked. “Like you can talk. You look at your gravure idols all day,” they snapped back. “But look at that muscle definition!” “Yeah, whatever,” Aomine replied lazily, going back to what he was doing earlier. 

“But I guess I can show you. Don’t tell anyone,” they said loudly, hoping he was still interested. “Why would anyone even care about some stupid guy.” Aomine’s concerned face quickly changed into a smirk. “Why don’t you keep on going with appreciating me. What was it? Muscle definition did you say? So sexy?”

Kise: “Who is it?” Kise asked as soon as he heard the first sentence. “Who? It’s just this guy I know. We’re close. He’s super good looking and everything. Sometimes I wonder why we’re friends when all the girls want to literally hang off him,” they teased, pretending to blush as they continued to scroll. 

“Let me see him!” Kise immediately replied, thrusting his palm outwards for the phone. “Hmm, I would show you but you’re going to fall for them right away and you’ll leave me for them…” they said sadly, slowly handing over the phone. “I love you so much why would someone’s outer appearance make me fall for them! Besides, my hea-” Kise stopped, and stared at the phone. “You’re so mean! You really tricked me!” he cried, throwing the phone back to his hysterically laughing partner. 

Kuroko: “I would like to see too,” he said suddenly, after bearing through five minutes of constant praise for this unknown man. They wanted to continue to tease him, but his face seemed a little sad, and they didn’t have the heart to keep on going. “I guess so, if you want to see him that bad,” they scoffed, handing over the phone. 

After ten seconds of staring at the screen, he looked up at his partner. “I’m a little hurt that you find Aomine-kun more attractive than me,” he added, completely monotone. His partner took one look at the phone and finally realized they had given him the phone at the picture of Kuroko and Aomine together, with Aomine taking up most of the picture. “This is your Instagram! I’m talking about you!” they stuttered, trying to heal his wounds. “You’re the fine one!”  Kuroko smiled at their reaction. “Thank you.” 

Midorima: “W-who?” he asked, not daring to face them. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?” his partner laughed “I’m not jealous!” he immediately replied, denying any feeling of such. “I was just curious. Not that I wanted to know or anything.” 

“Well, if you want to see that bad…” his partner grinned mischievously, turning around their phone to face him. “I told you I didn’t want to know,” he sighed, though he was already trying to make out who was in the picture. Red rose up to his face as he realized it was himself. “Don’t joke around,” he mumbled, nervously pushing his glasses up. No way was he going to admit his heart was going to beat out of his chest after hearing all those compliments meant just for him. 

Murasakibara: “Eh? Who’s handsome?” he asked, taking the lollipop out of his mouth. His partner quickly turned off their phone, smiling innocently at his scrunched up face. “Someone special,” they replied. 

“Show me,” he demanded, wanting to see the man who could possibly steal his special little cuddle buddy away. “I want to crush them.” After one look at the phone and a whole minute of processing, Murasakibara wrapped his arms around his beloved partner. “You liar,” he mumbled. 

Hanamiya: “Are you looking at another man?” he growled, reaching out to snatch the phone out of their hands. “Why are you looking at another man? You can only look at me. Give me the phone.” 

They surrendered to him, giving the phone without saying a word and waited for his reaction. “Heh,” he smirked, tossing back the phone. “Damn right it’s me. Can’t get enough of me that you need pictures?” 

The Blowing Wind

Sehun X Reader 

Exo Smut series 

words: 1.3k

Warnings: Mention of breath play 

A/N: So many people wanted Sehun next so… ~H

Originally posted by sehunijjang

You watched from the balcony upstairs as Sehun talked on the phone seeming to have a very stressed face. His eyebrows scrunched together as he paced back and forth in the garden below. You figured his distress had to do with the band as he had been stressed for the new comeback.

“I don’t want to deal with this right now.” His voice boomed through your ears as you looked down at him, as he now was coming inside as the door slammed shut.

You quietly walked down the stairs being careful not to make much noise as you saw Sehun frustratedly running his hands through his hair. His hands tugged at the ends as he let out a sigh. You stared at him as if questioning whether you should comfort him or not. Deciding you wanted to help him you, neared the counter where he sat and laid your arms across his shoulders.

“Are you okay?” You asked him, in which case you already knew the answer to.

“I’m fine.” He said as he removed his hands from his hair reaching to grab yours that hung over his chest.

You placed your head in between Sehun’s neck as he squeezed one of your hands. You opened your mouth against his skin leaving open kisses across his neck. Sehun let out a breath of avail, is your kisses continued. Your kisses turned into slight sucking leaving little marks across his skin.

Sehun removed your arms from his shoulders as he turned towards you. His hands inched towards your waist as he gripped onto your hips. His eyes met yours as he placed his lips on yours making you let out a noise of approval. You pressed your lips further into his as he lifted you slightly onto his lap. The position wasn’t the most comfortable but in the moment you couldn’t care.

“y/n” He moaned against your lips as he broke the kiss for air. As you both tried to catch your breath, you started to unbutton the buttons that were covering his bare chest from you. Sehun caught your hand as he removed your hand from his buttons.

“Sehun.” You whined annoyed that he was stopping you from pleasuring him.

He placed his lips back on yours as you roughly gripped his hair as you ran your fingers through it. Sehun let out a small grunt from the tugging of your fingers on his hair. You felt disappointment seep through you as his lips left yours, only soon to feel satisfaction once again as his lips moved too your neck.

His breath hit against your skin making you weak as you wanted to feel his lips attack your neck. You let out a desperate noise hoping he’d understand as to what you wanted in this moment. Oh Sehun was never one for giving, he liked to hear you plead, and beg him for what you wanted until you couldn’t stand it anymore.

“What was that princess?” He asked as he moved his lips up to the lobe of your ear making you shiver as his breath could be felt.

“Sehun please.” You begged his looking at him with soft eyes.

“Please what? Use your words.” He said smirking as he made you vulnerable.

“Please kiss me.” Sehun then obeyed your request as his lips left harsh kissed all over you neck near your ear, slowly trailing down your neck.

You desperately wanted to have him continue his attack on your neck, but you pushed him away standing up. He was the one stressed and you needed to help him calm his nerves. You quickly lowered yourself on your knees, Sehun let out a shaky breath as he felt your hands roam the buttons on his jeans. Not wasting time you undid the buttons as Sehun lifted himself up a bit so you would be able to slide his pants off him easier.

You felt his member that was already hard through his boxers. You placed your hand over it, making Sehun look at you eager telling you not to tease him. Deciding you’d listen to him today you pulled his boxers off making his member sprang up at you. You placed your hand on it giving it a few strokes as he eagerly pushed your head down, making you stick out your tongue kitten licking him. Sehun let out a hiss as he was enjoying the moment.   

Surprising him you took him in your mouth fully as you bobbed your head up and down. Sehun grabbed your hair pulling at it in a makeshift ponytail, making you work harder. Sehun’s moans only encouraged you to go faster as his pleasure could be heard throughout the house. Suddenly Sehun lifted your head up making you let go of him with a pop.

“Let’s make things a bit interesting.” Sehun said to you as you confusedly nodded your head.

Suddenly you were pushed back into the wall across from Sehun by a gust of wind. Of course you knew of Sehun’s power it was just rare that he’d show you it. When he did decide to show you it or never the less use it on you, you enjoyed every second.

Sehun was soon in front of you as he placed his hands on the robe you had been wearing, as you were about to head into the shower before you overheard an aggravated Sehun. Sehun wasted no time taking it off as the rapid wind he made appear held you against the wall. As he threw the robe on the floor he let his eyes run over every inch of your body.

“Did you plan this?” He asked knowing you wouldn’t be able to answer his and your breath was slowing being taken away from you.

Sehun smirked as he discarded of any clothing he still had on. Walking closer to you the wind stopped with every inch he got closer. You sucked in a deep breath of air as you knew Sehun would soon put his power back to use. He grabbed onto your waist as he whispered for you to jump. Sehun not caring for foreplay, quickly entered himself into your wet core as you let out a moan. Sehun lifted a hand up as he started to move back and forth. His had was controlling the oxygen that filled the house.

He slowly closed his hand, and each time it closed slightly more the air was being packed into his palm. His thrusts increased each time his hand closed making you hold any breath you had left in your mouth. Suddenly Sehun found your g-spot making you let out a gasp from the pleasure you had filling you. At your stupid decision you lost any air you had left making it hard to breathe.

“Hold on baby, you can too it.” Sehun spoke as he sped up his thrusts, reaching his high in a matter of seconds.

As Sehun let out a moan he opened his hand letting the air back into the room as you reached your peak, sucking in a deep breath. Sehun placed you on the couch as he sat next to you leaning his head on your shoulder. He looked at you and laughed as you were still trying to

catch your breath.

“What was I too tiring for you?” He said as he looked up at you.

“You take your breath play kink a bit too seriously.” You said as he laughed and kissed you shoulder.

valadationworld  asked:

;) I'm a slut for 2p Canada. Hmmm got any nsfw and sfw with Daddy! Matt. (Not the daddy dom but family man Matt! )

*Cracks knuckles* My time has come


- Surprisingly, He would make a pretty good dad. Well, by 2p! standards anyways. When the little infant starts fussing in the middle of the night, he would always be the one to volunteer to go check up on the baby and grunt at you to go back to sleep before rolling out of bed and shuffling off towards the nursery. Despite the bags under his eyes and the french cusses under his breath, it would all melt away once he reaches the nursery and see his tiny fragile child curled up in their crib; a small smile slipping across his scowling lips as he bend down to pick them up gently and whisper sweet nothings into their tiny ear. If you ever got up to check on those two, there’s a chance you would walk in to see Matt slowly dancing around the nursery while bouncing the slumbering infant in his callused arms; cooing to them in a old french lullaby that he once heard when he was just a child himself.

- Just like how he was with you, he was as protective over his children as well. He wouldn’t hover or fret over them all the time, that was your job. But he made sure to always keep a sharp eye on them;Not risking them getting hurt or lost under his care. His polar bear companion were kept in a cage for a few weeks when you bought the baby home from the hospital before he felt comfortable enough for them to be in the same room. If the kids are going out to play on their bikes or skateboards, he would chase after them and force a helmet and kneepads and elbow pads on them despite their whining and pouting. Even if wouldn’t admit it out loud, he was scared shitless of anything happening to those he loved dearly.

- He would spend almost every morning cooking with the kids whenever you slept in, thinking you deserve a little break every now and then. Besides, he loves cooking with them; wearing a pink apron over his flannel pajamas with a cigarette dangling from his lips as he flipped the pancakes in the skillet. The babes giggling in the background over how dorky their daddy looked while patting flour onto each other chubby cheeks, ever so often sprinkling the flour into each others hair and squealing about how they looked like ghosts; causing Matt to give a small snort of laughter and ruffle their hair fondly. More than likely, they would bring you breakfast in bed and cuddle up next to you while you enjoy your pancakes and the time with your family.

NSFW: - He gets sexually aroused so easily, although more then often his stoic countenance would make it seem doubtful. Just the little things you do would spur him on. You could simply be washing dishes, your hair pulled back in a loose bun to keep the strands out of your eyes as you scrub away at the stains while bubbles decorate your arm from the elbow down. Next thing you know, You will be bent over the sink slightly with his callused fingers slipping into your trousers easily; prodding at your already wet sex while his lips attached to yours in a clashing prurient filled affair.

- He’s a affectionate lover…when you catch him at the right moment of course. There are times when you two could be having lazy sex where both of you took your time to explore each other bodies and worship each curve and creases. Other times, it would be spontaneous and ardor driven; Where often you would be propped up on any flat object and he would be kneeling in front of you ravishing you with his tongue and teeth. Whatever mood he was in, there will be no doubt you would soon be brought to a heaven shaking orgasm.

- He could be considered a Switch, meaning he changes from being submissive to dominant. Unlike his brother, he doesn’t strive to be in control all the time. He was more then happy to lay back and let you ride his cock with skillful thrusts, his palms pressed tightly against your hips as you bucked and moaned on top of him; squealing whenever you felt his even teeth biting at your breasts lightly or rolling your nipples between his fingers. Other times you would be on your knees on the bed, your fingers gripping onto the headboard for dear life as he penetrated you from behind; his broad chest pressing into your back as his hips slapped against yours in a jagged yet sensual rhythm. He would take you with such sharp movements that will leave you breathless and whimpering for more.