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Good afternoon❤️

Just hanging out in a junkyard in East Jesus, trying to stay peaceful before the race tonight. I loved seeing the beautiful and quirky art at and around Salvation Mountain! This is a must-do if you are ever in the Palm Springs area.

Thinking this will be my mantra while I’m running: “I am a wheel within a wheel”

Happy Saturday!

A weekend in Palm Springs

I finished a bunch of hard work. I wanted to burn off some energy and very specifically sexual energy. Iam basically a punk skater new age hippy. Ive been vegan all my life, i been into punk, anarchic- subversive, skate rat, DIY, and most importantly music all my life… All that is what i do in many forms for $ here and there. Iam playing live a lot and doing a soundtrack I just finished with the music side of me… Was lookin to cut loose, : a sex weekend…. I live very close to Palm Springs, with myself being in basically the Lake Arrowhead area.
Palm Springs is a super specialized gay community in my mind, a lot of sleazy leather bars, sex clubs, baths, hotels and other shit. I stayed at an AIR BNB, I got settled in, my intention was to go to this one leather bar and find a really aggressive top to nut my hole. I was real hungry to be a fuckin faggot for a really hung dude.
A vegan at a leather bar ? Yea! Leather Bars are the catch alls for all random whatever is left after all the categories, and especially since Im perv as fuck. Fuck, im mad in heat dude, I wanna be a hung dudes faggot on my knees.
I went to The Barracks just as myself; shirtless (not even carrying a shirt) walked to The Barracks that way with all the sissy la la faggots eye'n me down: tattooed, pierced nipples, Mohawk, saggin Levis wearin plain ol straight boy patterned boxers ; Conerse high tops.
Fuckin always throws fuckin faggots for a loop in this world of jock straps and all that faggot underwear when I march in saggin boxers shirtless with all my tattd, pierced nipples and skate rat trash punk look.
Even though none of them hardly dress how Iam, they always love it, and im usually going home bein a “no limits faggot” for a hung black dude, a Mexican dude, or quite possibly some horny Marine since 29 Pams Marine base is near… Im only there 15 minutes dude, and a couple of dudes sniffing me out already, I just fuckin chill around, this ain’t my scene at all, I dont drink, etc etc etc… Im here for one reason: TO HOOK UP A NASTY HUNG TOP.
A couple faggots hit me up cause of course Im hung as fuck, 6'7, etc, look straight whatever that fuckin means… I tell the dudes im a total faggot, only lookin to be a dudes bitch—
Fuck dude:
Word goes round, then this Total Top stud tells me he’s heard I admit im a total faggot.
Yea man, the short story is him and his boyfriend love skaters.
Iam at their house,
I love how my just being this upfront sagger makes other dudes wanna sag boxers: they both go and probably change into boxers I think.. their both just in boxers and they call me to their the bedroom- their both wearin really baggy boxers and the one that I think is the bottom between the two of them is standing there with like a fuck load of beef stickin out the fly : like proabably 9.5 inches, the other one puts me on my knees, he is wearing leather chaps with white boxers on. The boy is wearin only boxers, the dude that is the master obviously in white boxers and leather chaps says: “pull your nuts out to boy, and show the faggot how huge and full your nuts are” he pulls huge bull nuts out of his boxers and I see he is wearing a cock ring also…. FUCKIN YUM, my favorite!!! Seriously any dude that wears boxers, is hung, fucks with his boxers on and wears a cock ring on underneath (message me if you wanna fuck).
“USE that fuckin faggot” the master says to his boy- and Im already on my kneess with my tongue hangin out like a total dick pig faggot should…
The master says: “Look boy, we got us a total fuckin faggot”
Then the master gets all stern speaking towards his boy:
“BOY, you better show me you know how to use a fuckin faggot…”
And that boy comes forward and rams his huge dick down my throat and starts skull fuckin and makin me choke right away, and he just rams his dick down my throat and says “Take that shit homo”
He pulls his huge dick outta my throat , showing it off,
“You a fuckin cock pig homo” he says to me
I say “Yes SIR
And then he bitch slaps me and throws me down on the floor
“Get those pants and boxers off so I can fuck, I ain’t cum in 4 months and I wanna wreck some pussy….”
My pants and boxers are only barely below my hips , and he says “That shits good, now fuckin slobber on my dick so i can tear up your hole”
I barely slobber on that dick and he slams me down face first on the floor, mounts my hole and rams it all the way dry except SOME spit i got on there… I cry out and he fucks me hard…
Fuckin prison sex bro…
He pins me hard to the floor, fucks me hard as fuck , just fucks hard hard hard straight into a crazed animal orgasm—- he fucks his seed straight in my hole.


Kota disappeared yesterday (Dec 16), and all our efforts so far have failed. He has three tags on his mostly blue and yellow collar and is microchipped, so if you give him to a shelter, they’ll be able to contact us.

I have absolutely no hope of finding him on my own and can only pray a shelter finds him, so any help at all would be appreciated more than you can know.

Travel Diary: The Parker Palm Springs Day 3

By Thoughtful Misfit

Our number one favorite thing to do in Palm Springs (when we would actually leave The Parker) is to take in all the incredible architecture and designs. There were several times that, while on the way to eat or to somewhere else, we found ourselves driving aimlessly, admiring the gorgeous homes in the area. Palm Springs has a certain signature aesthetic to it that I absolutely love. I’d say my own personal design aesthetic comes pretty close - just throw in a little boheme and a splash of farmhouse, and that’s pretty much it.

This trip was perfect timing for us to soak up as much inspo as we could before taking on our biggest renovation yet. Cactus Mountain is definitely going to have a lot of inspo from what we saw. 

This is one of my favorite doors (thanks to my friend Stephanie for texting me the address and insisting that Nikko and I go while we were there.) The house and the door are designed by designer, Moises Esquenazi, and might arguably be one of the most famous homes in Palm Springs, at this point. While we’re not getting a pink door at Cactus Mountain, it definitely started giving us some exciting ideas. Stay tuned for some inspo to give you an idea of what we want to do sometime next week! 



The Pink Door in Palm Springs

Pony Hair Backpack in and Eyelet Skirt

A girl in front of the pink door designed by Moises Esquenazi in Palm Springs

Palm Trees on a sunny day

A girl wearing pearl earrings and a floral crop top in Palm Springs

Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli 

Shop the Look 

Love Sandals

Style Stalker Blue Jasmine Crop Top

CELINE ‘Audrey’ sunglasses

I lost my voice the morning before I left for Coachella, which was both a blessing and a curse. I got assume the role of silent, mysterious type at events, and it was an easy out to ignore the bros who drunkenly wanted to make small talk in lines. On the flip side, I could never get bartenders to hear my order correctly.

I should preface: I went to fauxcehlla. I’m cheap, and as a recent transplant from New York Coachella has always been this West Coast mecca that I eye rolled from across the country. What I do love, however, is a party full of free branded experiences and the chance to people watch, which Palm Springs and its adjacent areas have in spades during Weekend 1. So I fired responded to every RSVP I got, overpacked my attempts at being fashion forward, and decided to see what Coachella looks like beyond the LOL-worthy roundups of ridiculous outfits and cultural appropriation we gawk at as outsiders. Spoiler alert: it’s exactly what you think it is.

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