palm of hands

She felt everything so intensely you’d think her skin would’ve torn right open. 
Life radiated in and out of her pores and trickled its way down to everyone in near proximity to her. 
She held passion within the palms of her hand, recklessly, 
She held it without grace or care, but with little thought and solely on instinct
 And that’s what made it all the more beautiful
—  wonderlandpages 
Peter Parker - Confessions

i thought this was super cute and i hope you guys enjoy it!! 

warnings: kissing and  swearing

word count: 2002

requests are open:))!!

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sitting in science last period i was trying to keep myself from falling asleep. i could feel my eyes slowly begin to shut as my head was resting on the palm of my hand. peter nudged me as my eyes began to shut completely. i jumped slightly then kicked him under the table, mouthing a few curse words his way. i could see his body vibrating with laughter as my angry face turned to look at the board.


the bell sounded and the whole classroom came to life, majority practicality running out of the class. i grabbed my things and followed peter and ned out of the class, we stopped at my locker first i began placing my things back in my locker and grabbed my back pack.

“movie night?” i asked peter a small smile forming on my face once i saw his reaction. his face lit up as a large smile was placed on his face, he nodded his head excitedly as we began making our way to his locker. along the way we lost ned in the crowd of people. peters smile was still on his face when we arrived at his locker.

i love his smile

peter looked at me for a second, his face turned a bright shade of pink and his lips began to twitch up at the ends. “what?” he questioned as he pulled his bag from his locker. “did i say something?” i played dumb with him, i was not going to admit to my best friend of 5 years that i was madly in love with him while he spent all of his time looking at liz completely oblivious to how i feel.

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I love your blog! Can you do dating head canons for Ojiro and Hagakure? I just find these two as a nice and funny couple, you can choose either sfw or nsfw

Thank you very much for your kind words lovely! And I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it =)

- Ojiro secretly likes to hold her hand and whenever they’re walking to a store together or sit side by side in one of their rooms. He quietly and subtly offers his hand, palms up. If he’s feeling happy and content, he slips his hand into hers and gives it a small, warm squeeze.

- They talk a lot about all kinds of things. Hagakure is lively and she loves to expand her horizon, or, if she thinks he missed out on something, to expand his. They have a lot of afternoons and evenings where they’re laughing or discussing things they like and feel passionate about, or sit on a bed quietly while watching a show or listening to music.

- Hagakure loves to be the big spoon and since it’s rather difficult for Ojiro to lie on his back due to his tail, he often finds his back pressed against her chest or wakes up with her arm and  leg draped over him, the blanket half kicked off or piled against his shoulders and hip.

- While Ojiro is more on the reluctant and private side when it comes to PDA, he’s welcoming to Hagakure’s touches as long as they don’t get too intimate. He lets her pet his tail or wraps an arm gently around her when she leans against him.

- Hagakure loves to surprise Ojiro, be it by getting him his favorite drink or giving him compliments out of nowhere. Sometimes, when they’re sitting outside or go viewing the flowers, she puts a few small, pretty blooms into his hair. If he doesn’t notice it, she finds her gaze drawn to it time and time again. She smiles to herself and there is a happy pep in her voice when she talks.

- Hagakure really likes to cuddle and with Ojiro, she has someone who likes to do it as well. Whenever they’re in private and feel comfortable and watch a movie, they end up tangling their legs together or leaning against each other. Hagakure especially loves it when Ojiro wraps his tail around her as well.

More info on Yils, cause I’m probably gunna forget about it later.
Dragon dude.
This is power form, where he goes his every day life in with energy, but when he runs out of energy, he turns into his resting form, where it’s the lil smol guy on his shoulder on the left. (No, his other left- the other is me wanting to touch his fluffy ears)

Sure, Yils is a cold son of a bitch and probably needs a cold one with the bois- but his smol resting version is the complete opposite. Cuddly, wiggly, squeaky, and sleeps a fuck ton.

His power form will beat joe ass while the resting form will probably run around your hand for a bit, and fall asleep on the palm of your hand, cuddling up to your thumb. Cute lil shit I swear-

Yils is barista, and as much has he doesn’t like coffee, he tends to like his with extra milk. I mean- so much milk you can’t even taste the coffee. He likes anything milky or with a milky texture really- custards, flans, tiramisu, and his personal favorite: Crème Brûlée.
He usually just eats lightly seasoned fish, white rice, and a sweet (don’t ask why I chose fish and rice- that is literally my favorite combination since I can’t handle very flavorful/processed foods. Stomach aches are a bitch.)

His smol form can’t handle processed food well, so the only thing he can have is milk, warm rice pudding, and maybe the occasional lettuce.
Crownsguarded - Chapter 3 - roguehearted - Final Fantasy XV [Archive of Our Own]
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It was supposed to be a reconnaissance mission. However, when Cor came across a small child within the Niflheim facility all his careful training went out the window.

This is a Dad!Cor fic because that headcanon just makes me melt one hundred times over.

Chapter Three Now Available:

Cor Leonis had ridden into countless battles and engaged in reckless behavior that would have killed any other man with no fear. Still, the look on their faces made him swallow hard. They had him in the palms of their tiny hands, and they knew it. He wanted to slide his foot in and wedge them just a little further apart and severe whatever troublemaker link had started running through them.

Sighing he looked back up gazing around his apartment. It was equipped with the best amenities and had one of the best views of the city. The only thing it lacked was sufficient entertainment for children. Cor pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head. If only he could just drop them both off at the play place at the nearest Kenny Crows and be done with it.

Regis wouldn’t like that he reminded himself.

And ball pits are disgusting he mentally added.

“I got an idea,” He muttered picking them both up by the backs of their shirts and carrying them towards the living room and plopped them unceremoniously on the floor. “Don’t move.”

When the command was met by two increasingly devious grins, Cor snorted and rolled his eyes tapping them each in turn on the nose. “I mean it.” He said and turned his back on them starting to pull the cushions off the couch.

Palmistry 101

When reading palms, whether your own or someone else’s, these are the main things to consider:

  1. Which hand is dominant? For right-handed people, the left hand gives information about inherited characteristics and potential, while the right hand reveals the development, character, and life events. The opposite is true for left-handed folks!
  2. Quality of lines and their points of intersection. How strong or fine are the lines? Are they straight and long, broken and twisted, etc.? 
  3. The directions of lines, which mounts they occur on or near, and their influences.
  4. Shape of the hand, fingers, nails, and mounts.
  5. General demeanor of the person and the hand. 


Each line has its own meaning and depicts a certain course of action in a person’s life. Lines come in all shapes and sizes. Not everyone has all six of these lines, although the first three are always present (the fate line is usually present as well). 

  • Heart line: emotions, insecurities, marriages, dependence and independence, the nature of your relationships.
  • Head line: intellect, reasoning powers, prospective career paths, potentials for success.
  • Life line: pattern and quality of life, physical vitality, stability or imbalance, will power and logic, not necessarily the indicator for length of your life.
  • Fate/Saturn line: strengths of character, career, friendships, life’s daily problems, and general ability to succeed.
  • Mercury/Health line: health matters, business and adventure, the spirit of discovery.
  • Apollo/Sun line: utilization of creative energies and potentials for success through development of talents.


The mounts are fleshy cushions underneath each of the fingers. These mounts carry the same name as the finger they are under. Below are the different character and personality traits associated with each finger/mount.

  • Mercury: Pinky. buoyancy, shrewdness, wit, spirit.
  • Apollo/Sun: Ring finger. compassion, love of beauty, artistic abilities, potential for success.
  • Saturn/Fate: Middle finger. seriousness, cautiousness, gloom, superstition.
  • Jupiter: Index finger. leadership, honor, ambition, spirituality/religiousness.
  • Lower Mars: Below pinky. moral courage, self-control.
  • Upper Mars: Below thumb. resistance, coolness of spirit, calmness, courage.
  • Venus: Thumb. benevolence, affection, humility, passion.
  • Moon: sentimentaliity, imagination, self-centeredness 


These are just a few of the figurative markings that are commonly seen on the hand. They add meaning to the lines or mounts they are near.

  • Branches: emphasize strengths.
  • Breaks in lines: emphasize weaknesses.
  • Chains: signify obscure goals, inclinations to deviate.
  • Crosses: signify upheavals, violence, struggles, and blunders.
  • Islands: indicate delays, injuries, and problems.
  • Stars: emphasize luckiness.

*** I will be posting more about palmistry soon, including more detailed variations of the lines and mounts! In the meantime, feel free to ask me about your palms… sending me a picture would be AMAZING :~)

Personal headcanon for the Taaco twins in order to justify my over-blingification of their designs:

When you’re poor, one-meal-per-day-poor, at-least-we-have-a-roof-over-our-heads poor, everything that shines is gold to you. You want this uselessly complicated “exotic fruit, emerald flower, ivory soft” soap; you want the perfume in a shiny golden box that leaves glitter on your fingers; you want that too-rich food that swears it contains two dozen different types of carrot and has too much cream; and you absolutely don’t care if it’s tacky or unhealthy or actually cheap. You want what you imagine luxury is, and luxury is to have Everything.

The bigger the better. No time for subtlety. No time for refined shit. You want to swallow everything you can because you never have anything anyway – let me have this, let me have this.

Lup steals her first dress in a thrift shop: it’s covered in thirty different patterns, overly-saturated, obviously made in bad quality fabric, with too much ruffles and poorly painted wooden pearls and plastic sequins and loose golden threads. It’s the ugliest piece of shit, but it’s a lot, it looks like a lot. She wears it until she can’t anymore, and even then, she still keeps it because hey, who knows, maybe someday she’ll make a new dress out of it? You have to keep these things, they might get useful again someday. She says that of all the clothes she owns and never throws anything away. “You never know”, she says. You never know.

Taako loves these super cheap, way too bright to be true jewels you can buy dozens of at the local market: he pierces his ears himself, in dozens of places, just so he can wear more of these pseudo-gold plated hipster earrings with suns and stars and intricate patterns that leave green stuff on his skin and cause the holes to bleed and leak pus two times out of three. He still wears them, and still loves them. Who cares if it’s not an actual diamond? A shard of glass shines just as bright, with colourful tiny patches of light that dance on the palm of his hand whenever he holds it in front of a candle. Plus, it’s not like he could ever get an actual fucking diamond, so.


The trick is not not-to-be-poor, but to look like you’re not.

(The first time Barry buys Lup an actual good dress, something made of silk, maybe, or comfortable velvet, something colourful and shiny but something nice, she straight-up refuses to wear it. It’s too much, too real. How much money did he put in this? Why didn’t he save it in case something happens? She just can’t have that. They argue until Lup can’t even find words to put on the gut-wrenching feeling she has and bites her lips until she tastes blood, incredibly frustrated and angry and afraid, so afraid, of this fucking real nice dress.)

(Kravitz looks nice, pretty boneboy, handsome faced reaper man, and like, Taako knew this, Kravitz’s a man with style – so he eyes his jewellery at the Chug N Squeeze, and sure, he’s not wearing much: two small earrings, a couple of bracelets, a broche with his goddess’ insignia on it. It’s a small round crow with a bright orange eye. It catches the light in a way Taako’s jewels don’t, and suddenly, something nasty turns his blood to ice when he realises it’s because it’s an actual fucking gem – and the rest is too solid and heavy to be gold-plated.

Kravitz is wearing solid gold jewellery, and for the first time in forever, Taako, bright, loud, pseudo-fashionable Taako feels cheap.)

They never argue when people call them too-much, greedy, shallow. They don’t care. All they have are rhinestone bracelets, fake crystal stones, glittery nail polish, colours and cheap glamour: they’re the king and queen of fake it ‘til you make it, so they just. Don’t. Fucking. Care.


Lucifer + his Priestly gestures (x