palm of buddha

(26) It also emits a light called “Adornment of Fragrance”:
This light can awaken all beings,
Causing those who sense it to be pleased
And assured of a fulfilling enlightened virtues.
Spreading the ground with exquisite incense
To offer to the supreme Guides,
And also therewith making shrines and icons
Is how this light can be made.

(27) It also emanates a light called “Various Adornments”:
With jewel pennants and canopies beyond number,
Burning incense, scattering flowers, playing music,
Filling cities, inside and out.
Having originally presented the Buddhas with various adornments:
Wonderful dancing and music,
Perfumes, flowers, pennants, canopies, and such,
Is how this light was made.

(28) It also radiates a light called “Purification”
Which causes the ground to be flat as one’s palm.
Adorning the Buddhas’ shrines and their surroundings
Is how this life can be made.

Avatamsaka Sutra - 351, 352

Note on the image: Amitayus, Nepali tradition.