palm leaf pattern


Had a magical afternoon in the studio today - and kind of fell in love with printmaking. Tested out my hand-carved palm leaf stamp and freshly mixed ink out on my sketchbook, some butchers paper and then finally imprinted the palms onto the project I’m working on at the moment (more on that later). I’m very excited!

Versace Men's RTW Spring 2015

Friends, Romans, countrymen: Donatella Versace was in the mood to celebrate the classical athletic physique in this collection packed with toga draping and wrapping, gold fastenings, and enough shiny Versace merchandise to fill the Colosseum.

Models strode down the catwalk in white bikini bottoms wrapped like loincloths and adorned with gold fastenings. They were accessorized with gilt-edged, branded beach towels draped, Caesarlike, over one shoulder. Some — proud as discus throwers — even carried Versace plates. Others wore togalike pastel tops that fell loosely under the arm and were pinned at the shoulder with shining fastenings, while leather biker jackets were covered in black silhouettes of athletes, midaction.
The Versace empire stretches far beyond ancient Rome, though: In her show notes, the designer cited the hot streets of Havana as another inspiration. Versace tapped into the tropical trend being seen on Milan’s runways so far this season with roomy suits in sun-kissed colors such as dusty pink and cornflower blue, while an abstract palm leaf pattern blossomed across silk shirts. Jeans were tailored to hot climes — and toned quads — and came riddled with embroidered cutouts. Tropical or toned, the collection was firmly aimed at the Versace man.