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I’ll Be A Gun (And It’s You I’ll Come For) - Chapter 1

by Archetype_ElectraHeart // pepperpottsblogs

At first, Darcy thought she was hungover. The kind of epic, dry-mouth, gritty-eyed, pounding-headache type of hangover that she could usually blame on Clint or Tony.

But then she registered the tang of copper in her mouth and the cold, pocked surface of concrete under her shoulder and an odd, metallic weight on her ankle and reconsidered.

Darcy cracked open one eye and peeked around. Concrete cell, chain around her left ankle. No windows, single door.

All she could do was wait.


The next time Darcy woke up it was because someone had opened the door, which emitted a metallic screech.

Darcy was preparing a quip about greasing palms or oiling hinges when the man (in tac gear, fully armed, combat boots) produced a syringe and pressed it into her neck.

God. Damnit.


When Darcy came to again she was strapped into a medical chair (she tugged at the straps and bucked against them and had to conclude that they were, indeed, solid restraints) in a brightly lit and sterile-looking room. There was a tray of surgical instruments (sadly out of reach) to her right and an IV bag full of some weird blue substance labeled CPH4 (synth.) to her left.

She craned her neck around to get a better view of the room and spotted the skull-octopus nonsense that HYDRA had designed for a logo (and really could they not afford a better graphic artist?) on the back wall.

Darcy thought, for a moment, through the possibilities implied by her current situation and could come to only one conclusion.

I am royally fucked.

Hillary Clinton: You're With Her?

- Former Republican who has the audacity to question whether Bernie Sanders, who is more liberal than her, is actually a Democrat.
- Opposed marriage equality until 3 years ago and is now all of a sudden a civil rights “champion” in the eyes of her donors. In fact, her husband signed DOMA.
- Voted in favor of the Iraq War.
- Used the Sandy Hook Massacre as a political prop to disingenuously smear Bernie Sanders.
- Is “for the fight for 15” but only wants a $12 minimum wage.
- Was outspoken about how she opposed Obamacare in 2008 but now is all of a sudden all for it and LOOOVVVEEESSSS President Obama.
- Was FOR universal health care until her palms were greased by the health care industry. Now universal health care is “unrealistic”.
- Hillary Clinton once said “since when do democrats attack other democrats on Universal health care?” but constantly attacks Bernie Sanders on universal health care.
- Says we can’t afford free college and free health care but is okay with a trillion dollar unwinnable war.
- Won’t release her Goldman Sachs transcripts.
- Is gonna tell the big banks on Wall Street to “cut it out”.
- Received MILLIONS in speaking fees (bribes) for speeches given to big banks.
- Earned $27 million dollars in a single year yet is going to stick it to the 1%.
- Was cool with Obama’s immigration policy but now they’re “too harsh”.
- Is a self proclaimed progressive….and also also self proclaimed “moderate”.
- Blamed home buyers for the 2008 crash and NOT shady Wall Street practices. Then in 2015 blamed Wall Street.
- NAFTA? She was all for it. Fuck our jobs, right? Now states she was against it the whole time.

You’re With Her?

anonymous asked:

How useful are the cops to spies? If it's a big organization, I'm assuming they'd be more useful,because the spy organization has more resources and money to grease palms with,but what about compared to a lone spy,or even just a few spies?Let's say they have similar goals, but not much money-are the cops a help,or a hindrance?Is staying in one city a bad idea, or a good one? (I'd assume a bad idea, but let's say they're stuck or they need to keep that city theirs.)How much does being a spy cost?

How useful? For the spy, it depends on what they’re doing and where they are. For the police? No.

For a spy, local police can be useful, because they’re gathering information as part of their natural activities. If the spy can gain access to that information, then that’s free legwork. They can also be useful as an environmental hazard, for dealing with other spies or criminals. Simply pumping a couple rounds into the street and calling in the gunshots can get the police crawling all over a place. Which is one way to make life very unpleasant for a hostile agent.

That said, a spy has nothing to offer the police. In the US, anything a spy turned up would be inadmissible in a civilian court. Spies, by nature of their job, break the law on a regular basis. After all, this is their job.

Criminal investigations are highly scrutinized as part of the trial. You can’t just sneak in a, “and then a spy broke into his place, stole all this relevant evidence and gave it to us.” You need to establish a clear chain of evidence, from how the police learned of the evidence’s existence, to how they obtained it,and a physical record of everyone who handled it while in department custody.

A spy can break into his place, steal evidence, and then use it blackmail him. That’s different. But that doesn’t help the police at all.

Also, generally speaking, the cops aren’t going to be bribing people. While there is such a thing as a paid informant, these aren’t particularly valuable, and are prone to inventing information to get paid, rather than actually reporting what they see.

But, police, as part of an investigation? They’re not going to offer bribes. Threats and intimidation? Those are still on the table, and if they want to get someone talking they have a lot of coercive options. The courts frown on some of these, but ultimately, they have far cheaper means of getting people to open up than coughing up cash.

They might accept bribes to look the other way, depending on the officers, and where you’re talking about. But, that’s an entirely different situation.

A spy on the other hand, might have to resort to bribery to get the access they need. This is highly contextual, based on exactly who they’re interacting with, and what they’re trying to get. This can even include police. A spy might know a cop, who for $200 will plant drugs on a hostile agent, or give them a copy of the police report for the shooting last night. It really depends on what they need, and who can get them that.

As for mobility? That depends on the spy’s cover and what they’re doing. A spy who spends their days working as a foreign corespondent for a major media network, or as a consultant for a financial NGO could spend a lot of time on the road. One that runs a restaurant downtown, across the street from a foreign embassy might never leave town.

A spy who’s cover is working for the state department as a “security adviser” with diplomatic immunity could be anywhere in the world on any given day. 

How much it will cost is also going to be highly dependent on what your spy is doing. Really, there’s no way to generalize this. The monthly expenses of someone who is running a barber shop, with a surveillance suite upstairs is completely inconsistent with someone who has been in 15 different countries in the last 60 days for the WHO.


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Herbie Hancock & the Headhunters, 1974


Herbie Hancock - Palm Grease


As good as Headhunters?? I’ve no doubt in my mind!! Love ‘Thrust’ and it’s funky goodness. This is where it’s at, right now. 

||Brotherly Love||

Field trips were a rare thing to occur. Even though the academy they attended was a very prestigious one, it was still a night school and not many things were open late enough. This time, though, the administrators managed to pull the right strings and grease enough palms to get a museum to stay open a lot later than usual. Allowing the students to walk among the exhibits. Naturally they weren’t going there without a purpose, though. Each student had to pick an exhibit and write a report about it. Teams were allowed, but the students on teams had to write slightly longer reports.

The bus to the museum was alive with a buzz of chatter. Even though Reiji wanted them to go in the limo, the rest of the Sakamakis managed to convince him to let them to ride along like normal students. Once on board, Laito had taken a seat next to his youngest twin, Kanato. “Hey, Kanato-kun~. Want to do a team thing for this report? It’ll be dreadfully lonely to have to do it alone.” Plus he had no idea what kind of report to do in the first place.


wow long break since last post, this next post was meant to be my final animation, however since its a music video for an unreleased song, it has to wait a bit, till i release all my music at the same time out of the nest and into the wild..  but i was getting really sick of this dead real estate so heres a drawing i did today called ‘My Trip to Vegas’ ( not actually been there)