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Dowsing establishes exactly where a crystal should go in a layout or space, or on a map. It also helps select the right  crystals. If you are looking for an energy line in a space, dowsing rods will twitch and cross as you find the line. You can also ‘body dowse’ with your palm chakras or the bottom of your feet- your body tingles as though a current is running up your arms or legs. Dowsing has many other uses but these are the basics of how it is done.


- Hold your pendulum with the chain wrapped loosely around your hand and about a hand’s breadth of chain hanging down

- To establish ‘yes’ and ‘no’ hold the pendulum over your knee and ask “Is (state your name) my name?” The pendulum swings in a circle (not direction of swing) or backward and forward. This is your yes, repeat using a false name and this is your no. For a maybe the pendulum may shimmy a little or move sluggishly.

- Once you have established yes and no, ask “Is this the right crystal?” or “is this the correct place?” or whatever question is suitable for your task


- Loop the thumb and first finger of one hand together

- Place the thumb and finger of the other hand through the closed loop

- Ask your question and pull firmly, if the loop holds your answer is yes, if it pulls apart the answer is no


- Hold the rods loosely, one in each hand pointing forward. Step forward slowly. The rods swing inwards and cross over or outward as you reach a vortex energy line. With practise, you can use your yes and no movements to establish whether you have reached an earth energy or a water line, and so on.

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  1. Keep your fingers loosely bent, put your finger tips together, palms facing, heels of your hands apart.
  2. State your intention to open the palm chakras. The ‘rock’ each hand so that first your heels touch (fingertips separate) the your finger tips come together (and your heels separate). Repeat the rocking motion five or six times
  3. Move your hands away from each other and focus your attention on your right palm and then your left. Picture the chakras opening like petals, and becoming hot and energised
  4. Bring your hands towards each other again. Stop when you feel the energy of two chakras meeting 


When you have finished your work, wash your hands or fold your finger inward to close the palm chakra

Everyday Earth healing (5minutes)

YOU WILL NEED: Selenite crystal


  1. Find somewhere quiet to sit where you will be undisturbed. Open your palm chakras, then close one hand around your piece of Selenite, holding the crystal lightly in your palm.
  2. Imagine you are holding Mother Earth and that the Selenite is filling the whole Earth with white light.
  3. Once the image of the Earth is filled with light, visualize the Earth matrix grid lighting up. In your minds eye, see a strong protective shield around the outer edges of the Earths bio-magnetic field. Hold this thought for up to five minuets and then put your crystal down, disconnect from the matrix grid and stand up, ensuring you are properly grounded.

The chakra in the palms of the hands are powerful sensors and channels for vibratory information and energy. Many adhere to the convention that the left palm receives or senses energy and the right palm sends it out. My experience is that both hands will send and sense energy. You can improve and focus these functions by using intention and by allowing the input and out flow.

The most common healing use for the receiving function is to scan the aura or area for hot spots and other information it can also be used to “taste” 
the atmosphere for information about the general environment or a speaker or book or situation.

The sending function is used for sending healing energy, clearing rooms, charging crystals and objects and as a channel for various energy functions and purposes such as for blessing ,protection and thankfulness. While it is possible to raise and use your own personal energy for healing this can be draining. 

While it is indeed important to learn how to build up and raise the vibration of your personal “chi” it is far more effective for healing work to learn how to bring in spiritual energy and allow it to flow through you. Some of the ways of doing this such as Reiki and Drisana and Love stream for example are acquired by having attunements done to your aura that allow you to connect with and use specific healing energies.

It is more common to call in and invite the energy by forms of intent such as effective prayer and via your high self and Companion Angel or Directly from God or other manifestation of High spiritual LIGHT and consciousness.

There are many different systems taught for using and directing healing energies . You are advised to simply make yourself a clear channel for the healing energy and allow it to flow through you with no direction on your part other that that the healing be for the highest good and seated in unconditional LOVE. 

It is emphasized that in most cases it is very important to remain neutral as to specific outcomes rather than attempting to impose your personal will to direct a specific outcome of the treatment though I do state internally what the situation is thought to be and if pain relief is sought.

It is also possible following your intuitive and higher guidance as to appropriateness to move and remove and direct energy with gentle intention pushing or pulling holding the energy still or allowing it to flow directing tight laser like beams of energy to remove stagnant energy in a body and to mend tears in the aura for example. On the vibrational level the difference between sensing and sending is kind of like the difference between sucking and blowing . 

Not everyone does consciously sense vibrational energy 

You can still use healing energy even if you do not feel or see it.


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