palm beach atlantic

@ny2fla you didn’t enable an ‘ask’ box on your account so i’ll answer in a post.

west palm beach is awesome. iLove the city. but this school has way too many rules. it is not college at all. you can’t let the opposite sex in your room, there are certain visitation hours, everything revolves around religion whether it’s an event on or off campus, there are no sports teams worth following, freshman have a curfew, there is not a soul on campus at night, it’s always dead at night, even the weekends. it’s just dull. it’s almost impossible to get a hold of a party. you can go to the bars but obviously only if you’re 21, and even then, if you have a bac of .05, you get suspended. there are campus police everywhere, even downtown looking for pba students drinking.. the students’ center closes at ridiculously early times. my teachers are great. but that’s not wholly what school is. it’s way too hard to find something to do. peoples’ ideas of plans here are oooo come over to my dorm and watch a movie! the atmosphere is childish. if you want a very reserved and easygoing college experience, then iRecommed pba. iPersonally would like some more excitement. the real college experience. i’m not getting that here in the least bit.