palm bay florida


@shotinthekidney  I hope that three pictures are all right, it was impossible to choose just one.

This is Turkey Creek Sanctuary in Palm Bay, Florida. I suppose that when I break it down, it’s not exactly a standout park. People aren’t going to come from miles around to flock to it. Even among the locals, you’ll find people that haven’t heard of it or if they have, they haven’t been. The walk, while nice isn’t exceptionally long but I wanted to show you this, because this is what Florida truly is.

If you get away from the cities and the traffic, away from the theme parks and masses of people, away from all the hideous buildings that seem to be everywhere, this is what you’ll see. This is what Florida was meant to be.

When I go to this park, it’s so easy to forget that you’re only a few miles away from civilization. It feels like it’s its own world where it’s almost completely untouched. On any given trip, you’ll see alligators and manatees in the water and snakes are almost always a given. It’s also one of my favorite places to visit because I can spend hours out there undisturbed under one of the massive oak trees. It’s the perfect place to read, to think, or even just spend time with one of my dogs.

As to which package, I’d love package three if I were to win. I’ve been trying to find a tracking trainer locally and there just aren’t any. And I’ve got three dogs here that need to learn if we’re ever going to compete.

Thank you for hosting such an awesome give away. Good luck to everyone who is entering.