palm coast


Flagler Beach

I spent the afternoon yesterday mountain biking at the bike trails in Graham Swamp which was nice and technical and had a lot of climbs and drops. I was exhausted after that so I decided to relax and take pictures at Flagler Beach afterwards which was just a short drive away.

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

Summer Evening

Harlan P, FPC

Summer Evening

Delicate marigolds kissed my nose
Among the fields of wildflowers
Next to me lied the golden sunflowers
Of this summer evening

I strolled towards the ancient oak tree
And painted its leaves green in watercolor
I then rested beside its roots,
Gazing at the mellow skies above me

I saw grey clouds in various shapes,
Drifting closer as I slowly closed my eyes
I sketched the landscape in front of me
And dreamt as the robins chirped incessantly

A clementine glow covered my sight
I then woke up near a dormant pond
With fragrant water lilies
A stroke of thunder broke the peace.

Followed by bullets of water
That pounded into a crescendo,
Stirring the silence of summer evening -
Then they dropped the pace

As sounds of a butterfly’s wing beat
Cardinals chirped in unison,
Carrying tunes to my closed ears
And carried me home towards my dream

I colored inside the outlines
Of an unknown shape:
I exposed those eyes
And discovered a beautiful rainbow