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Steven Universe #7 - “Car Trouble”

Here’s my third guest comic for the Steven Universe comic from boomstudios!  I’m really happy with how this one turned out, it’s the first one to deviate from the setting of Steven’s room and the stormy pallet was fun to work with.  Also I’m happy that among my guest comics I’ve managed to give focus to just about everyone in the main cast.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about my watercolor process, so I took more WIP photos in an attempt to show how I layer my colors.  It varies from project to project, but for this comic I started with highlights since the light source was important in this comic.  Then I laid down the base shadows, then the base colors, then darker shadows, and then final touches.  In summary, it’s a series of washes applied in a specific order.  But this is just my system and is by no means a flawless or the only way to use watercolors!  It’s the method I’ve found works best for me in making watercolor comics.


Grantaire: She visits sometimes and she’s cool I guess, but when she’s there I can’t ever seem to find Joly and Bossuet which means that I just have to go annoy Enjolras some more, which isn’t good for anyone.


@kleptotello Here is Karai, Thank you for requesting ^^ It’s always great to draw her

@sassyredfox  Your Mikey, I really liked how this one came out for some reason.   He kinda looks like he took a bite out of a bad slice of pizza XD He looks so affended

and to the Anon who requested Raph, thanks to you as well! I can never draw Raph enough =)


been putting some of the pics on my reference tag thru the colorviewfinder app to generate pallets. Lotsa fun, highly recommend it, great for using later when you’re trying to pick colors for a piece. Generally, I just pull up all my saved swatches (of which I have a bazillion) and plop down any of them that may fit the theme or feeling I want for the painting. what usually ends up happening is I create an entirely new pallet from this kind of piecemeal of four or more other pallets. its good fun! enjoy the colors!