pallas cat


Guess what happened at our zoo? A litter of pallas cat kittens were born! Pallas cats are endangered, but hard to breed in captivity because they are born with very poor immune systems (Their native range is so cold and arid that disease spread is less of a problem) This zoo has had success, because as luck would have it, our area is similar in climate to much of the cat’s native range.

I am told there is only one female kitten, and she is ruthlessly vicious to her three brothers.


Here’s an Otocolobus manulnature’s Grumpy Cat – discovering a camera trap outside it’s den. Camera traps are used by biologists to lean about rare animals’ behavior, abundance, and health – just by setting up a solar-powered camera with a motion trigger. No physical trapping necessary.

O. manul (also known as Pallas’s cat) is about the size of a house cat, but you’ll notice has round pupils instead of slits. It lives in western China and the steppes of Central Asia.

You’d think that Pallas’s cat would rule the internet by now - but there aren’t too many photos of them because they are both rare and shy. The IUCN lists them as near-threatened. Just another reason to support species conservation!

You can see the whole video – posted Scarce Worldwidehere.


Set of postcards I made for Shanghai Comic Con, less than two weeks away!

8 species of cats in Starfleet uniforms from various periods in Startrek history. Because of the international nature of Starfleet, I picked cats from each continent/region of the Earth (sans Australia, since it doesn’t have native cats)

Pallas Cat - Central Asia

Tiger - Indian Subcontinent

Asian Golden Cat - East Asia

Serval - Subsaharan Africa

Caracal - North Africa and Middle East

Jaguarundi - South America

Bobcat - North America

European Wild Cat - Europe

Come see me at Shanghai Comic Con on November 5-6! I will be Artist Alley table 38!


Manul kitten by Mats Ellting
Via Flickr: