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Wanting to book tickets for Rebecca (Stuttgart) but when I go to create an account, it says that my postcode is invalid. This seems to be because my postcode has letters in it, as well as numbers, because I live in the UK. When I go to proceed, it still lets me. Anyone happen to know if it’ll just keep that postcode I’ve given and use that when it comes to dispatching the tickets, or will they not send them?

Right all you German speaking Rebecca loving people… tomorrow is tattoo day and I’m planning on getting something Rebecca related, as is my girlfriend…

I wanted something along the lines of ‘Dein Geist ist noch in Manderley’ but I want it to say “her ghost” not “your ghost”… can anyone tell me what that sentence would be in German?

My girlfriend is wanting “jetzt seh ich Manderley nur noch in Traum”. Should it be written “seh’ ich…” to make it grammatically correct, or can it be left as it is?

Thanks guys :) x

Rebecca Das Musical Help!!

Okay, so…I’ve had a little look on Stage Entertainment and have found that the top price tickets for Rebecca that they do are 105.39 Euros…making it about £89 per person in English money (which, when you consider Les Mis in London has best seats for £85, it’s not to be sniffed at!) So…considerably cheaper than I thought.

This makes the trip far more do-able.

However, I need help with a few things:

1) Is the site trustworthy? Would you buy tickets from them?

2) Are the best price tickets you buy through them going to be good seats?

3) I don’t speak/read German. At all. So, the website to me is terrifying. If someone would be kind enough to translate all the information on the website, that would be amazing, but that would take a million years! I can work out what the ticket options are - such as Normalpreis - but that’s it. Do they have an option where they can ship tickets abroad?

4) If not, is there an option on there that lets you enter you email address and receive them that way, so that I could print them off and take them with me?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Thank you :)