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Second: I’m currently searching for words for homosexuality in the dalish community. I thought about a word to describe them (since I don’t think they know words like “gay” or “lesbian”) and came up with “blunt blade”, since they are kind of “useless” for producing children -> just like a blunt blade is useless for hunting or killing. (I feel awful. It sounds so mean but I wanted that negativity in it.) Is there a translation for “blunt blade”? Or do you think they would use different phrases?

Alright, so this involved a bit of an explanation on how the Dalish would most likely view sexuality in addition to how the language views sexuality. 

Firstly, I highly doubt “blunt blade” would be used outside of the most intolerant clans. It would be an incredibly insulting thing to see given how important procreation would be for the Dalish. 

Secondly, the way the Dalish view sexuality, homosexuality specifically, would most likely vary from clan to clan. Some clans would be completely intolerant, where as others would be more welcoming. Most clans would probably fall somewhere in between the two. I imagine many clans would tolerate homosexuality, but you would still be expected to get married and produce children, “for the good of the clan.” There would be very few clans that completely welcome homosexuality to the point of allowing them to fully engage in it, to the exclusion of marriage and procreation. Procreation would just be of too paramount important for most clans to consider allowing it in such an extent. 

Therefore, any homosexual who didn’t agree to get married and have children would be considered a pariah in many clans. The clan would view it as putting your own personal desires ahead of the well-being of the clan as a whole. It would be unlikely that the clan would kick them out of the clan (as they need everybody they can get), but they would most likely shun the person in question, even if just subtly. 

With that said, however, very few clans would stoop to the point of calling a homosexual a “blunt blade,” because even as a pariah, they would still be of use to the clan. 

If you’re dead set on it, however, blunt blade is mis’rund

A few more likely terms for a homosexual, and similar terms, are:

Asa’bradh’avelan / Isa’bradh’avelan / Esa’bradh’avelan - Person who eats their own bread. 
Palasa / Palisa / Palesa - Of their own sex. Shortened form of Asa’pala’nerelan / Isa’pala’nerelan / Esa’pala’nerelan. 
Tanerelan - Liker of both. Essentially: bisexual. 
Paldearelan - One who needs emotion for sex. Essentially: Demisexual
Ganerelan - Liker of everything. Essentially: Pansexual