Confessions of a Kitchen Tools Hoarder

Like any other woman, yes I love fashion and tons of girly things to decorate myself (very obvious in this icon pic with my big jade loop earrings) from head to feet, but still my love of food, cooking, baking and eating instantly takes over and controls the direction of my feet every time I go to any retail store. And I always find myself heading towards the kitchenwares section.

For years I have accumulated 3 containers full of “essential” kitchen tools… my latest acquisition, a mini tortilla press… well because one can never be in her kitchen knowing she doesn’t have a tortilla press. Yes, I do realize that I might be suffering from a grave condition known as Kitchen Tools Hoarder Disease with a side dish of OCD (yes, I made this up). Well how else can I defend my occasional madness for all things I can use to whip, whisk, mix, beat, shave, cut, press, flatten, scrape, scoop the things I create in the kitchen? My condition has become weird enough that I am now in the process of drafting my will, who in my family gets my silicone spatulas, cake turner, etc? And who will inherit my beloved santoku knives??? My wire whisks (palis)… I already know the recipient. ;)

And when I have to do some catering or cooking out of town or just a few blocks away from my house, I had to bring at least… at least one container full of my tools or else I will instantly feel my hands numbing, cold and ok, a full anxiety attack. 

But then maybe I am just like a normal baker and cook out there, I mean I have seen the stuff contestants of Top Chef Just Desserts carry out when they get eliminated and well, they too look like a kitchen tools hoarder like me. Maybe I am just way too hard on myself… 

Oh well, look at the time, I got to go… Don’t wanna mess up my schedule.

10:45 am - Inspect baking tools kit

10:55 am - Do inventory/maintenance of silicone spatulas, cookie cutters, vegetable peelers and cake combs (yes, there is such a tool).

11: 15 am - Sharpen knives  

To those girls who get easily drunk...

Xanax is not your drug! I repeat, xanax is not for you, ok?! It duplicates every single thing your drink & will make you forget everything, so beware. You’ll get incredibly wasted with just a few drinks. I’m just warning you so you don’t have to find out for yourself, possibly in front of people. Dozing off, talking shit, puking all over yourself, or falling over in public is not sexy. Some people can handle downers, others (such as myself) can’t. Even taking half is very risky. Your friends may be able to handle it, but you may not. Try to judge things by how well you handle alcohol by itself.

Top14 - Le Castres OIympique assure son maintien !

Top 14 - Le Castres OIympique assure son maintien ! #COCAB #Rugby

Que ce fût dur ! Après une saison catastrophique, le Castres Olympique gagne son maintien dans l’élite du rugby Français en s’imposant avec la manière sur le score de 32 – 12 face à Brive !

Pour le Castres Olympique, la saison avait débuté de la plus mauvaise façon. Retour en août 2014, dernier match amical du Tournoi Vaquerin à Lacaune, le CO affronte le CAB pour un match amical, histoire de…

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i was working on palis when my hand slipped.


i’ve got a head cannon that because there is no light in the darkness, there is also no crops or animals like cows, so they eat a lot of things like bugs and lizards and there is probably a surplus of scaley animal skin. 


no this jacket wont be in the mural and yes, i will fix palis’ right hand. he has one finger too many.

(p.s sorry, not sorry)