One of the great misfortunes facing Hannibal‘s creative team is the fact that they currently don’t have the rights to use characters that first appeared in The Silence of the Lambs—namely, Clarice Starling. Fuller has been very public about his efforts to obtain said rights, and it seems like progress is being made. During the panel, Fuller said they ask every year, and while the first two requests were met with firm rejection, “this time they were like, ‘ask again next year,‘” said Fuller.

Hannibal PaleyFest panel: ten delicious tidbits.


Before Pinkett-Smith met Cannon to discuss joining the cast as the terrifying crime boss Fish Mooney, she decided: “Instead of talking about who Fish Mooney is, let me just show him.” To that end, she arrived leading a shirtless young man on a leash. Joked Logue, “I did so well at that they made me Harvey Bullock!”

Gotham at PaleyFest: Want a role on the show? Bring a shirtless man on a leash and other revelations.