paleyfest '13

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Remember 3/13/2015, PaleyFest /KDS. Sam spills all; asks C "where's the ring?" She shows right hand. Everyone on panel smiles knowingly. 3/15/2015. Sam runs LA Marathon; stops midway for selfie with Cait. 3/19/2015 Sam tweets "Feeling so lucky. Blessed." Cait leaves LA and Sam to make MoneyMonster. She tweets "Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder." GG 2016. SC sootogether, then IFH. Sam reluctant at first, then half-heartedly joins. Big studio request? Sam'sBigFilmBreak coming?

thank you for this, anon. I can only hope maybe this debacle was carry over from last year but I just don’t know anymore. 


One Year Ago Today.

The Glee cast at Paleyfest 2015 - Glee Farewell

March 13, 2015

The first two scripts are so hilarious - those are the only ones that we’ve gotten so far. They’re so funny and also really scary. Me and some of the girls, Abigail [Breslin] and Emma [Roberts], have been texting each other and we’re so excited. It’s gonna be hilarious. My character is very different than anything you’ve ever seen me do before, so you won’t see me or Rachel Berry anywhere in there, I can assure you of that.
—  Lea Michele on Scream Queens [PaleyFest, 3/13/15]