paley panel 2013

Paley...Top 10 Moments

1. David: “It’s clearly a superior script.” 

Gillian: “You sure you want to say that?” 

I just love how Gillian is looking out for him, trying to cover David’s ass so he doesn’t get flack from other writers later. They are so conditioned to watching each other’s back. 

2. “You don’t like the rain, do you?” And Gillian’s knowing giggle. 

3. “You’re on your own.” I love this because it shows how David instinctively interjects and tries to help Gillian through interviews. And though he says this, she is far from on her own. He helps explain the whole Jim Rose Puppetry of the Penis, down to naming the specific tricks. 

4. Mod:  “He’s going to die of auto-erotic asphyxiation.”

GA: “Well, we know that.”

(Mod: “Mulder is!”)

DD: “Those writers were hating on me.”

5. David mouthing “Canadian” to Gillian after his joke about the apologising cockroaches. He wouldn’t stop his little comedy routine till he got some response from her. She finally had to say, “I get it! It was funny!” so he knew he had her approval.

6. “You’re proud of yourself.” The absolute affection in which he says this. David, put shades on those fucking heart eyes.

7. Mod: “Let’s move on to the next clip, which is also a Gillian clip…”

DD: “I hope I’m in this one!” (reaches over and tickles(?) Gillian’s arm, while she looks away, smirking.)

Mod: “You are, you are!”

“Oh, that’s sweet.” Then David reaches over and touches Gillian’s arm. Again.

8. David calling Gillian adorable - twice. Saying, “for me.” Twice. David, ffs, pull yourself together. 

9. When Gillian calls David “Mulder.” “That was not on purpose.” Gillian, when, in RL, is it on purpose? And David’s response, “Wow.”

10. When they were talking about Mulder’s one-night stand in “3″: 

Gillian: “Wasn’t there someone before her? Or was that just real life?”