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Season 2 and Intimacy: One River’s Musings

Warning: Dangerous ground trod ahead. Read at your own risk. The writer assumes no responsibility for eyes injured while rolling.

@heartthesouth Warning: Dangerously long drivel here. Proceed with caution. And maybe a strong cup of caffeinated or alcoholic beverage-of-your-choice. I have included several images to break up the monotony, and inserted one of those after-the-break thingys. I’m thoughtful that way.

Stop me if you’ve heard Wee Wednesday @uselesstat say this before…

I loved Season 2.

Admittedly, the first 2/3 of the first episode had me whucking, “Too Much Of Frank,” but I recovered quickly when Claire deplaned* and took Jamie’s hand on the dock at Le Havre. Whew! (*North American word for getting off an airplane. You’re welcome.)

I mentioned during lemonade time Friday, I was binge-watching Episodes 201 through 212 in preparation for the season finale. Before binging, I was generally happy with Season 2, but by binging, I really enjoyed the episodes I wasn’t too keen on the first couple of times I watched them. It seems binge-watching “the show’s” version of Book 2, Dragonfly In Amber, works well for me. Somehow the pieces fit together better than they did before. I didn’t feel so anxious about getting out of Dodge Paris and back home to Scotland.

I know a lot of people celebrated the arrival of the season finale because it meant Season 2 was over and done with, hallelujah. If you’re one of these people, I understand your angst – after reading your posts and your readers’ comments – probably stems from your observation that Claire & Jamie sex scenes and/or intimacy were sorely lacking. You dinna like that.

I think it’s possible to have sex without intimacy, and to have intimacy without sex. And I think Season 2 was rife with intimacy.

She’s a witch! Burn ‘er! Burn ‘er!

“Intimacy is not purely physical. It’s the act of connecting with someone so deeply, you feel like you can see into their soul.” – source? I dinna ken. Ask the internet.

Let’s embarrass boyneriver for a moment. 20-something years ago I was talking with a friend, who is a licensed psychologist, about my then-current relationship. I wasn’t a happy camper. She said, “It sounds like you and Murtagh** don’t share much intimacy.” (**I just chose that name out of a hat.)

Had I known the wonderful word “whuck” – thank you, Tina Fey - at the time, I would have used it when I said, “Are you listening? I told you we “are physical***” all the time.” (***I chose the euphemism because I never know when my of me ol’ Sunday School teachers might be reading my blog.)

She said, “Do you ever do dishes together, or read the newspaper, or hang out sort of personally without touching each other?” (Okay, she didn’t use Sam’s “hanging out personally” phrase, but it works for me.) “That’s intimacy,” she said, “Spending time with each other and enjoying one another’s presence without necessarily having to touch, or make touch a priority.”

Sometimes smart people really bug me.

I learned intimacy means emotional or spiritual connection. It makes you and your partner a team. It renders vulnerability to be safe and okay in each other’s presence.

Because I had taken note of your angst, while binge-watching 201-212, I purposely paid extreme attention to Claire & Jamie’s interaction. Their lingering kisses - many of them unscripted, we’ve learned - smoldering looks, intense eye contact, support of each other’s ideas, and apparent need to always touch each other, screamed intimacy to me.

This is where anyone who is not one of my three readers needs to know I think Cait and Sam are in a committed relationship I like to call marriage. You may argue with yourself or among others.

This is also where I might unnecessarily mention this is my blog, my ideas, my opinions, my opportunity to rile Knife Wumman 🔪 @just-a-wretched-woman.

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