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They said we could never get the Human Crane right. This week on The Chris Gethard Show, we showed them just how wrong they were. It took a few pathetic tries, but we conquered that great white whale on our one year anniversary. Also, Dolchnakov Brigade are amazing and J.D. Amato crushed it on their second song. Sincerest thanks to everyone who has watched, called, appeared on, and worked behind the scenes on the show this past year. So much love to you all and I’m so happy we’ve built such a positive thing together. - Geth


We went on a road trip to North Carolina with The Chris Gethard Show.

On our way back we made a pit stop at Denny’s. This is what happened…

Newly uncovered footage from the documentary ‘Still Palevishing After All These Years’ .

We have arrived at the desert #2