The Ugly Duckling

So a few weeks ago, I tried painting something with a palette knife and oil paints. It’s meant to be looking down on a cityscape after sunset.

I had painted a bunch of it the first go and I wasn’t happy with how it looked (but didn’t want to waste paint by throwing it out), so I hid it up high to dry where no one could see it and when my little brother asked why, I said it was too ugly to show to anyone. I banned my family from seeing it and that somehow led to me jokingly calling it “The Ugly Duckling”.

Well, after that first paint had finally dried, I grabbed my paints again. I added to the clouds with more whites and yellow, and I painted in the lower pinks, purples, and the “lights” of the city. In the end, I decided it wasn’t so awful anymore and, ironically, that actually worked for the ending of the Ugly Duckling story. So, because the name stuck in my brain I decided to keep it. It also reminds me that maybe if I walk away and get back to something instead of giving up on it, in the end I will be happy with it. It’s not perfect or gallery worthy by any means, but I like it anyways.

As a side note, my mom somehow got the impression that I literally painted a duck to begin with and then painted over it with this full painting. She even joked about some future historians finding it and using an x-ray or something and discovering this elusive duck painting. Thankfully my little brother was nice enough to clue her in!