Palette Challenge for @hellbun

Merci beaucoup Shae /v\ ♥ !! J’espère que ça te plait ;v;/. N’empêche, avec cette palette; c’est soir on est ANGST, soit on voit des éléphants roses. Il n’y a pas de juste milieu XD. Mais leurs noms me font tellement rire !!
Lui et Saga sont accordés OvO+.

*Talk dirty to meh playing in the distance*


Myths of Sheogorath: 

Sheogorath heard their pleas and decided to visit King Lyandir. He appeared to the king in his dreams as a field of flowers, each with arms instead of petals and the face of the Madgod in the center. “I am Lord of the Creative and Lord of the Deranged. Since you have no use for my gifts of creativity, I have decided to bless you with an abundance of my other gift.”

Another picture for the palette challenge and I admit I cheated a bit with the colours, but ah well :] Thank You for Your suggestion :D Hope You like it :]