palette colors

@godsquiver yea the outfit looks nice on some people but nooot on lore lmao. i love the gloves & boots. the bottoms arent too bad either but its hard matching it with lores color palette since we cant dye it yet. :(

gayscientist  asked:

diu is SO much better looking than sdc i think? it doesnt emulate his style quite as perfectly but imo the diu style works very well at indicating the general tone and feel of araki's work without being an exact replica.

people made mockup screenshots of a potential diu anime before davidpro actually announced it, using the same style and muddy color palette as the sdc anime. those images will haunt me till my last days

araki’s style has always been characterized by super delicate linework and soft colors. saying “soft” might sound weird bc often they’re very bright and bold but he blends them in a very soft way.

and accurately reproducing the shapes and forms of araki’s art with fixed-width lines and cel shading–

doesn’t like…look good. at all. the stuff that made it look good is gone. it now looks like a dude with a polygon for a face who has some lines on his cheeks for some reason

this doesn’t look bad because everyone has terrifying porcelain doll faces. it looks bad because the elements that made araki’s…inherently terrifying porcelain doll faces look less terrifying, are now gone.

it’s no coincidence that the two best-looking seasons of the anime took a little artistic liberty in coming up with a visual style that was actually designed for animation!!! rather than just trying to reproduce the manga 1:1