palette pony

Random gift art to @scisetdaily / @adgerelli because I love your blog and I can’t believe purplebacon is married and is having kids! You always give me my daily dose of Sunset and Twilight keepin me ALIVE

A+ blog would recommend (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*


ponies,ponies and ponies

i made more sketches about palette,goth and others.these were supposed to be sketches only but my mind will never be set on just one style

the first one i always wanted to draw anger with her two sons X3 .the last one was the pony town designs of anger and star,sorry star,i dont know if you have a ponysona design or not so i just decided to go with your pony town design hehe

pony pallete,pony fell!palette,sdrow land and pony goth design = @angexci

goth = @nekophy

pony town star = @starlumen

now off i go to play more sims on my pc haha,i always get distracted from drawing when their is a new game in my pc