palette pony


MODie: Anon, I just picked a random character for #240 :) It’s Sky! :D

I hope you guys like it! I apologize if the drawing is a little shaky looking XD I was super hungry and I wanted to finish this first thing in the morning because it’s been like three days. I had lots of fun with the colors though! Thank you guys who participated! ^\^ And look! I didn’t forget anything this time! Yay me! :D


I haven’t posted anything in like forever so here it goes a human Applejack

Guys, I wanna apologize for stop posting here, I’ll try to make my blog more active and post my work again, I also gotta say I stopped drawing Phineas and Ferb stuff, so all I draw now is My Little Pony, Steven Universe and Miraculous Ladybug pictures. Hope you can keep enjoying my art, if you don’t like any of the cartoons I said, please, feel free to unfollow my blog, since I know most of you followed me because of my PnF stuff.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your attention. Have a nice day!


Here is Nightcrawler Violet recoloured in Remi’s 5 mm colours and a mixture of kiinuu’s Kosmic pastels, Huning’s Pony Palette and Pooklet colours. Enabled for m&f as usual.

To get rid of the original textures on the mesh here is a tutorial I made. This hair does not look right in laptop mode.

DOWNLOAD <- The mesh is required for the hair to show up!

Credits: S4S, Nightcrawler, Remi, Kiinuu, Pooklet.


The first of my Friendship is Magic color swaps are complete! I started with three of the studious unicorns. With my limited editing skills, I’m unable to change their eye colors as of yet, and some of the gradient on Moondancer’s glasses was lost.

Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, and Moondancer have had their color palettes swapped for this. Moondancer’s sweaters were based on the colors that Twilight and Sunset Shimmer wear in Equestria Girls. I will hopefully be posting more of these in the future!