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“Why do you insist on-?”

 “Because we’re both the same.” She said, “We’ve both been alone.” At that she smiled small, “Isn’t it natural for two lonely beings to be drawn to each other?”

Awww, thank you X’D You’re so nice~ Sorry it took so long. I went through so many failed pictures I was really losing hope. But today, with the helpful words of Shia Labeouf, I decided not to over think it and JUST DO IT! Hope you don’t mind it’s a weird speed painting (and by speed painting I mean a 4 hour ‘speed’ paint lol). I like how it turned out though. (Download if you want a closer look.)

So I finally watched the cutscenes of CoM a couple of weeks ago and realized Namine was alone (or held captive) for a long time without any sort of friends or acquaintances. Vanitas dealt with the same (but for much longer and most likely worse treatment) so the lonely feelings they both share is one of the reasons why they grow close.

I honestly think that Namine is one of those people (lol) that always says the right thing at the right time and Vanitas relies on that (though he’d hate to admit it). She’s good at giving advice and always saying something wise. Sometimes Vanitas hates it (when it hits home), but he can’t hate it too much cause he always comes around to see her XD   

Okay, you win. I ship these two now lol. 

sarcastic-nonfictionalist perguntou:

Stanley in 13 or 15? :3 (To be honest, I laughed at the name for 15 when I chose Stanley.)

Stan just wants a happy ending dang it!!

I hope you don’t mind that I did both. I was inspired. (and if you can’t tell the bottom image is the photo Stan is crying over in that first image.) 


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AHHHHH It’s finally finished! Wow, I’ve never drawn Pokemon before so this was the single strangest and greatest experience ever! I bet all their sizes are wrong… *sigh*

So this was roughly an idea of wanting to draw the Escorts with Eeveelutions mixed together with Admin Saeki’s Pokemon AU. What ended up happening was I ended making my own little UCI Pokemon AU story which I’ll be writing in the undercut. (I told myself if I didn’t finish drawing this by the chapter 4 manga release I would take one of Saeki’s muskets and shoot myself in the foot. So excuse me while I go bandage my foot.)

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Soumako requested by my friend, Rin.

“Cinta Kolam Renang” means ‘Swimming Pool Love’ in Malay, it’s a parody of Malaysian romance films/novels that like to use the word “cinta” on their titles. Not sure why but I guess it’s to attract people to watch the films because people here love romantic movies.

based on this color palette challenge