"Not yours,Andruil </3"
Few weeks ago I fond the  post on  tumblr ,where Solas do that sign (see this picture here  )and it’s crashed my poor heart. I felt strong need to draw young Solas doing this licking sign.And today my friend showed me the story Felassan told Briala…
So here is Solas in pallete number 26 for anon :3 

It’s fairly self-explanatory, I think?

I was bored and wanted to write teeny things, so that’s the idea behind this. Obviously, some things are going to work better together than others (Pirate blind date! High school wedding! Mermaid coffee shop!), but some things could conceivably be pretty cool (Steampunk rom-com! Parallel universe roadtrip! Superhero roommates!).

Feel free to steal and adapt this for your own writerly needs. If you guys like this you can toss some ideas for a version 2.0 my way! :)

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I’ll be taking commissions soon, but I decided to make a little present to my followers! (; v ;) I’ve made my own version of the palette challenge based on different fruits. Feel free to request any other fruit if you want smth else hehe! Thanks for watching my blog and have a good day! ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )