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theconchnorris  asked:

Maybe draw Soldier biting into an onion in the same manner one would as in apple in Color Pallete #20? I think it'd look neat

this is easily the strangest request ive ever gotten. i adore it.

ive literally had long conversations with multiple friends over this ask. we were trying to figure out how each merc would eat a raw onion if dared. so guess what you started this madness so here we are: 

Soldier: probably doesn’t even realize it isn’t an apple till halfway through. Continues to power through the rest because he ain’t a quitter

Scout: Cries. tries to eat the rest of it so he can prove himself but ends up throwing up.

Pyro: the onion is devoured in the half second no one is looking and or is horrifically mashed through their mask

Engie: Would refuse at first over pride, calling the whole thing stupid, but could be pressured into it with some well timed short jokes that set off his temper. Takes one bite and regrets everything.

Heavy: Absolutely would not. But he would stay to watch others try.

Demo: He’d have to be more drunk than usual. Soldier can rile him up to try it, but more likely he figures a way to weaponize it via explosives. 

Sniper: You think this man gives a fuck???? He’s been out in the desert for weeks on end, he’s eaten much worse. Everyone thinks he wont do it, but BAM he just starts chomping away. The team is in awe when he finishes so casually and gains 10+ respect points from everyone.

Medic: Is torn between the competition being below him and stupid, and the opportunity to freak out the team more than he already does.  Ultimately, if he did do it i think the smell and taste would be too much for him. Understandable, considering its a raw onion.

Spy: It’s Spy. Of course he isn’t doing some idiotic dare. He’s an asshole about it so the rest of the team puts onions in everything he owns till he at least tries. In his locker, in his room, in his shoes- after the 15th found onion he caves and spits out the very first bite, but it satisfies the masses.


“You see dear, you have to let them breathe !”

@theimaginatorifunny thanks for the request ! Sahana dress up Shatti for a party or something.
I sure had a lot of Shatti and Sahana asks, you guys really like lekkus xD Not that I mind of course.