palette art thingie

Akoya’s gemsona, Akoya Pearl! (I know, not really creative)

His color scheme is based on Pearl’s, of course. And his clothes are somewhat inspired by Utena’s because, well, why not.

His weapon is a hybrid between a sword and a spear, much like Pearl’s. With the difference that it can extend itself to become an actual spear, unlike Pearl’s.

Hakone Yumoto - Spinel

Arima Ibushi - Ruby Silver

Kusatsu Kinshirou - Tanzanite

Gero Akoya - Akoya Pearl (you’re here!)

Kinugawa Atsushi - Emerald

Hakone Goura - Onyx (coming soon!)

Gemsonas by Tabby:

Zaou Ryuu - Pink Halite

Yufuin En - Aquamarine

Naruko Io - Honey Calcite