annienymous  asked:

Cute art! Just askin' how to draw beautifully, as my drawings are not so good.

Step 1: Draw circle(?)

Step 2: Draw a line

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Draw the body

Step 5: Draw the clothing

Step 6: Draw the line and erase the sketch

Step 7: Ink it/color it

Step 8: Add background

Step 9: Add the extras and effects if you please c:

Step 10:

Regret :D

Character used is Palette @angexci


*shrugs* I-I have no idea either… but I completely blame nekophy (senpai) for this…

Palette couldn’t solve the puzzle… but the answer was right in front of him..

Palette Roller belongs to @angexci

Paper Jam belongs to @7goodangel​ (I am so sorry ;;;w;;; forgive me…)

Ink - @comyet​, Reaper - @renrink​, Dream - @jokublog​, Geno - @loverofpiggies​, Goth - @nekophy​…