That handwriting though …


After my great grandfather passed away, my grandfather wanted to continue on the family’s footsteps and be, along with his brothers, the caretaker and guardian of the Elijah (Al-Khader الخضر) Waqef (including the Elijah Cave). The first two documents show two pieces of paper where he prepared his request and noted important information. You can see his doodles too. The last document shows the official demand submitted to the court’s judge. I know that the Waqef was the responsibility of the family until my grandfather had to leave Haifa in 1948.

We will return!


Goods for Gaza (2010) - Lebanese Artist ZENA AL KHALIL

After having created a large-scale mixed media painting to honor the MV Mavi Marmara, el Khalil decided to personally investigate the blockade on Gaza. What exactly was it that the Israeli army was so afraid of allowing into Gaza? To her surprise, she found that the list of banned goods included over 2,000 items. “That’s a lot of stuff to keep out of Gaza,” she thought to herself. This diabolic list included everything from spices such as sage and ginger, to chocolate, to goats, to desks, to donkeys and heaven forbid even size A4 paper. el Khalil began feeling rather upset with the Israeli army, thinking that they shouldn’t be allowed to run amuck and ban chocolate from the children of Gaza (can you imagine life without M&Ms, Snickers, Kinder eggs and Reese’s Pieces—even ET was allowed a pack of Reese’s Pieces). She then asked herself the following, “If the Israeli army dropped bombs on us, what could I drop in return?”

Her decision was to drop the very goods not allowed into Gaza; in particular, 47 desks for the new primary school in Gaza City, 87 donkeys, 623 goats, 73 pounds of dried fruit, 500,000 packets of potato chips, 153 tones of Reese’s Pieces, and toys. Lots and lots of toys. As el Khalil is currently unable to rent a plane and fly it south, she opted to produce delicately crafted artworks highlighting the banned items. She is also currently considering building a flotilla of her own. The boats would be bright pink, of course. - ZK

The [Israeli Election] results are indicative of the direction the country is headed: A significant proportion of Israelis has finally grown detached from reality. This is the result of years’ worth of brainwashing and incitement. These Israelis voted for the man who will lead the United States to adopt harsh measures against Israel, for the man whom the world long ago grew sick of. They voted for the man who admitted to having duped half the world during his Bar-Ilan speech; now he has torn off his mask and disavowed those words once and for all. Israel said “yes” to the man who said “no” to a Palestinian state. Dear Likud voters, what the hell do you say “yes” to? Another 50 years of occupation and ostracism? Do you really believe in that?

Israeli occupation releases new recordings of the aggression on Gaza last summer showing their suffering of the resistance strength and their valor in combat

It breaks my heart to know that the People of Palestine are dying and American citizens are paying for it.

When are we gonna learn, America? How many stories, sit-coms, and high school drama-fests is it gonna take for this beautiful country to realize that she deserves a better boyfriend than Israel?

It seems in every lifetime, every girl goes through that phase were they all pick the rude, ‘bad boy’, punk, with the greasy hair and unsafe motor vehicle. Israel is America’s version of the pathetic rebel boyfriend.

It’s time to realize that we as a country deserve the company of better, more honest people. It’s time for us to grow up and face the reality of the situation.

It’s time to stop acting like little teenage girls and maturely handle this situation for once and for all.


The Doha Debates: Fatah vs. Hamas (3/26/2010)

An Israeli missile is launched from the Iron Dome missile system in the city of Ashdod in response to a rocket launch from the nearby Palestinian Gaza Strip on March 11, 2012. The European Union and the United States urged both sides to restore calm but Palestinian militants vowed to avenge their dead and Israel threatened to hit back (AFP Photo/Jack Guez)

There also are videos of Iron Dome in action - intercepting incoming rockets.

Cashew Ramblings on Palestine and Israel

I spent a lot of my life avoiding learning about the Israel-Palestine conflict, knowing that my Jewish roots and radical roots might make understanding and drawing any conclusions about the situation incredibly difficult. 

My denial and avoidance tactics were thwarted by interacting with my family and becoming increasingly invested in my undergraduate major. 

While I can not and do not wish to enforce my beliefs upon anyone else, it feels really important for me to explain why even as a person with a strong personal connection to Judaism, I find the way the US government supports Israel to be unacceptable.  

My support of Palestine's existence and my criticism of unwavering US support of Israel have led a lot of people in my Jewish social communities to chalk my beliefs up to the idea that I am not “a real jew." 

After a gross injustice like the holocaust, a safe home seemed impossible unless that home was a Jewish space. My last name will forever remind me of the ways in which my ancestors where marginalized, persecuted, and murdered in mass. I am a real Jew. My political beliefs cannot undo that.

Both Palestine and Israel need to exist. Racism, religious intolerance, cultural ignorance, apartheid, militarization, and violent coercion do not need to exist.

The United States needs to understand that in refusing to recognize Palestine, it is a perpetrator in international systemic oppression and justifies the actions of one marginalized group oppressing another. 

I don’t know what the borders should be or what the rules should be. I just know that at the end of the day, an age old misunderstanding has morphed into an intractable conflict. Whenever intractable conflicts between historically marginalized groups last for decades, I can only help but think that it is in the interest of the hegemony to make them continue. 

I need the country I live in to stop being a party to the hegemony that supports the perpetuation of this particular conflict.