5 February 1837 Bishop (Rabbi) Solomon Alexander leads Hebrew worship service #otdimj

5 February 1837 Bishop (Rabbi) Solomon Alexander leads Hebrew worship service #otdimj

5 February 1837 Hebrew Service Re-Established in Palestine Place, London

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Gidney records:

After the lapse of centuries Christian worship was again held in the sacred Hebrew tongue, by the establishment, on February 5th, 1837, of a regular Hebrew Service in Palestine Place on Sunday afternoon. The prayers were read on that day by [Alexander] McCaul, and the sermon preached by [Bishop Solomon]…

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Apologies for having disappeared recently… actually, not sorry at all. I’ve been getting involved with an amazing new project called Palestine Place.

It’s a reclaimed (used to be abandoned) office building in the centre of London, that’s being used for two weeks to host talks, workshops, films and cultural events around issues relevant to Palestine and Palestinians.

So far there’s been a mind-blowing selection of activity, including daily intro workshops to Israeli apartheid, two separate actions against G4S and in solidarity with Mahmoud Sarsak, a live Skype call with Khader Adnan, cross-Arab solidarity discussions with Ahdaf Soueif, and there’s even more coming up

If you’re in London, get involved. Seriously.

anonymous asked:

im just so tired im half palestinian from yafa, and like i grew up outside of pal and even if i speak the lahja and eat the food im not so knowledgable in the "broader" culture like across groups in palestine because even my mom wasnt born there (altho she always mentions her palestinianness) and its just so difficult because i see palestinians interacting with eachother in a way i cant and i feel like such an outsider and ughhhh... Just letting it out because its been nagging me for a whileee

You’re not the only one :p

I mean, I as a Palestinian from Gaza City, sometimes can’t relate to a couple of things with Palestinians from the West Bank. 

But you need to keep in mind that the Palestinian culture is really diverse and differs form place to place across Palestine. 

For example the cuisine, in Gaza City (not the strip) we have a couple weird dishes that other Palestinians (who even live inside the strip, like in Rafah) never heard of and never tried it. 

And though I’m from Gaza and my family has been in Gaza City as far as 900ish A.D. (That’s how far I can track down my ancestry in Gaza, before it gets too vague) there are traditions that are practiced around Gaza that I’ve never heard of and found out about them by coincidence.
Palestine As Never Seen Before ... فلسطين كما لم تراها من قبل ᴴᴰ
إهداء لكل الفلسطينين في العالم ... نغمات موطني بتوزيع موسيقي محدث مع كلمات للشاعر الفلسطيني الراحل محمود درويش وجزء من نشيد موطني بتوزيع جديد للفنان هاني الم...

This. Is. Amazing.

Next Wave Festival 2016 Spotlight: The Idol

TIFF Next Waver Maryan says:

Hey, it’s Maryan from the TIFF Next Wave committee, and I’m here to talk about one of the movies screening at this year’s TIFF Next Wave Festival, THE IDOL The Idol is a drama film centered on a young man from Palestine who goes through many trials and tribulations to get the chance to be on the show Arab Idol and showcase his singing talents.

Here are 5 reasons why YOU should go check out The Idol at our Next Wave Film Festival!
1. It takes place in Palestine- Canadian audiences don’t often get to hear about the state of Palestine outside of what’s featured on the news; this movie sheds a new light on the people living there. It showcases their culture and how despite the circumstances currently happening there, the citizens are still human.
2. The director of the film- Hany Abu-Assad was nominated for an Oscar TWICE for his previous films Paradise Now and Omar. The fact that the director of The Idol has received so much praise proves that he- and this film- are legit!
3. It is based on a true story- The film is based on the life of Palestinian singer Mohammed Assaf, and the struggles he went through before winning Arab Idol in 2013! While some things are dramatized for the sake of entertainment, the true nature of the story means that you can go and watch videos of the real Mohammed Assaf on Arab Idol online after watching the movie!
4. The music- The film features real songs and performances from Mohammed Assaf, which will make you want to get up out of your seat to dance and sing along!
5. It has universal themes of sadness, laughter, and hope- This movie will show you that no matter where we are in the world, we as humans have the same feelings, and have similar hopes and dreams.
Check out THE IDOL playing at the TIFF Next Wave Festival on February 14th!

بَيْتِ لَحْمٍ‎
בֵּיִת לֶחֶם
Checkpoint 300
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NPR Apologizes For Israel Map Gaffe

NPR Apologizes For Israel Map Gaffe

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Israel Is Forever: Special feature to the Calling Out Community, Posted January 28, 2016

Following National Public Radio’s (NPR) removal of an illustrative map that included “Palestine” in place of Israel, Elizabeth Jensen, NPR’s ombudsman has explained how the errors came to be, citing HonestReporting’s role:

The map portion of the illustration had a number of mistakes, the most notable being…

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