palestine photos

A Palestinian street in the Old City of Hebron/Al-Khaleel.

Walking through here was surreal, as this once thriving district full of people, noise, and numerous shops of all sorts is now practically a ghost town.

This lower walkway is the Palestinian section, and the top of the picture are the Israeli settlements of Beit Hadassa and Avraham Avinu, illegal under international law.d

Palestinians are only allowed to our small and confined areas, one of them being the street here in this picture, while Israelis have free roam to go wherever they want and are always accompanied by a squad of IDF soldiers.

Israelis regularly taunt and jeer at Palestinians passing by underneath, frequently throwing their garbage and waste down at people just trying to get on with their lives, hence the chain-link fence you see in between the two areas. The sole purpose of this fence is to catch Israeli garbage and waste. As a result, they’ve turned to throwing waste-water, eggs, and alcohol [meant to be a further insult since alcohol is forbidden in Islam] at those who pass by underneath, so some areas are now also covered with a plastic tarp of sorts, that turns the lower walkway into an oven.

Palestinian shopkeepers have been forced to shut down due to increasing impediments to Palestinian movement, harassment by Israelis, and waning tourism due to the increasingly difficult process of entering this area.

As the shops close down, Israelis sweep in and take them over, despite them still belonging to Palestinians.These Israelis receive protection by the Israeli government and IDF, and the process of Israeli settlement expansion and land theft continues, with the Israelis then beginning the process of erasing Palestinians from another district or neighborhood.

This is life under Israeli occupation.


1. the reputed site for abraham’s offering of isaac, mount gerizim.

2. mount tabor surrounded by fields of flowers.

3. the cedars of lebanon.

4. view of nazareth from the hill of moreh.

5. the garden of gethsemane and the mount of olives.

6. view of jerusalem from the mount of olives.

7. children’s school in ramah.

8. the mosque of hebron.

9. view of mount carmel and the bay of haifa.

10. mount lebanon.

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