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PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES. Gaza Strip. Khan Yunis. July 23, 2014. Palestinians fleeing fighting in their neighbourhood arrive at a shelter.

General News, third prize stories at the 2015 World Press Photo Contest.

Photograph: Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times

شو في أحلى من كوخ مزين بالورد ؟ و الشجر😍
شو في أحلى من سماء زرقا و قرص اصفر دافي بنصها ؟ 😍
شو في أحلى من بحر ازرق و شط مليان صدف ؟ 😍
شو في أحلى من الطبيعة ؟ 😍

الطبيعة اللي حوالينا و حتى طبيعتنا كبشر بتصرفاتنا و طبيعة أشكالنا و طبيعة لون عيوننا 😍❤
أكيد ما في أحلى من الطبيعة ^_^


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At the very start of Hala Alyan’s novel Salt Houses, a woman buys a coffee set — a dozen cups, a coffee pot, a tray. It’s a simple act that unexpectedly becomes painful. The woman is Palestinian — part of a family displaced after the founding of Israel — and the tray reminds her of an old one she lost in one of the family’s many moves.

Alyan builds her story on little moments like that — a peek into the lives of several generations, forced to relocate and resettle. Her characters are lost and looking for a home

She spoke to NPR’s Steve Inskeep about the book – find their conversation here.

– Petra