On the night of Friday, June 3, Israeli soldiers raided a shop close to Bab az-Zawiyah and took a 21 year old man with them. They accused him of throwing stones without any evidence, especially considering they took him from an area far away from any stone throwing incidents happened lately (mostly by settlers). A local Palestinian who speaks Hebrew intervened and stopped his arrest by explaining to a commander that the young man was working in his shop the whole time and that there’s cameras there and they can check. The young man was then released after 10 minutes of being taken inside the gate in Bab al-Baladiya.via  ‪‎Christian Peacemaker Teams - Palestine

The heartbreaking story of Muntasser Bakr, a child of Gaza

An 11-year-old Palestinian boy named Muntasser Bakr was just an average kid playing football and hide-and-seek on a Gaza beach with his cousins when the unthinkable happened. Two rockets were fired on the innocent children by Israel, killing four and injuring Muntasser. But his wounds were not only physical, the psychological damage is even worse. Despite seeking treatment for his PTSD, the boy is filled with depression and anger even a year later. His family says he becomes uncontrollable and he lashes out, he even attempted to kill himself. He cannot sleep – plagued by nightmares of that day, holding his friends and family as they lay motionless in the sand. He cannot attend school, not only because of his anger, but because Zakaria, his little brother, will not be there too. He has no desire to do anything, because he doesn’t believe there is a point. He no longer visits the beach and no longer plays football… he no longer plays at all, haunted by what happened. Muntasser is just one of 308,339 children living like this in Gaza according to UNICEF, and according to the AFP, there just aren’t enough services to help those kids. In their short lives, they have witnessed 3 wars including Israel’s 50-day bombing last year which killed 2,139 people, mostly innocent Palestinian citizens and not members of Hamas, 490 of which were children.

But despite the fear and constant concern of a fresh battle, life goes on for these children and the rest of Gaza. Their story is heartbreaking, but I hope one day they can live freely, without worrying about bombs and bullets. To Muntasser, I know it is no consolation, and I know your struggle will be long and full of sorrow, but I hope with all my heart that you find peace, and that your heart does not grow hard because of this. You are so young and full of life, don’t let them take this from you. Don’t let them destroy you and make you fill with hatred. And I know you believe you are alone, but you are not. I send you, and all the children of Gaza, my love and best wishes. Things will get better.



Palestinian girl wounded in hit-and-run by Israeli police

The Palestinian child, Aseel Da’if (8-Year-Old), sustained wounds and bruises on Sunday evening after she was hit by an Israeli police car in Occupied Jerusalem.
Eyewitnesses said an Israeli police car driving at high speed ran over a child as she was crossing the Sultan Suleiman Street in Occupied Jerusalem with her mother.
The girl was rushed to a hospital for urgent treatment, afterwards.

July 5, 2015