Two “DAESH” terrorists have detonated a bomb in Kabul, Afghanistan killing at least 61 people and injuring 207+ people (at the time of writing this). While my heart is with the people of Germany at this terrible time, please do not forget the victims of terrorism in Muslim majority countries.

We are all human beings, the victims are someone’s son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother, friend, etc. We are all suffering, we are all hurting.

We must all stand together and stand defiant against these cowards. They are not Muslim, they are not human and on the day of judgment they will be punished accordingly.

Trust in Allah, and may he grant the highest level of Jannah to all victims of terrorism. May he ease the suffering throughout the world and give sabr to us all.

Also, if you are in Kabul, please give blood as it is desperately needed at this time! May Allah bless and protect you all 💙

—  jade yasmina.

My favourite thing about Zionists making the argument that there was no Palestine because it was never a proper nation-state with borders is that they also imply that countries under empirical rule also didn’t exist because they weren’t nation state and didn’t have borders, and this can also be extended to modern-day settler colonial states that weren’t essentially “countries” because they didn’t exist in the form of a modern nation-state. 

Then that brings me to their next argument that “Palestinians don’t exist.” Neither did Israelis before 1948. But here’s the thing. People all over the world embraced an ethnic/religious identity primarily before the emergence of a modern nation-state and national identity. In fact, the concept of national identity came along with colonies seeking independence under colonial rule in the 1500/1600s.

But even if Palestinians have always identified as Arabs or as whatever ethnicity they are, that doesn’t change the fact that Palestinian culture is deeply rooted in Palestine. It may be labelled as ‘Arab/Levantine culture’ because it shares similarities with Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria but it takes root in Palestine and is even dervied from the cultures of previous groups of people who lived on the land before the Arab conquest. for example, dabke apparently is said to be of Phoenician or Canaanite origin. The Palestinian dialect of Arabic shares similar vocabulary and linguistic elements with modern Hebrew because theyre both highly influenced by Aramaic. This isn’t even to mention the DNA that many Palestinians and Jews share. Just like Jewishness developed in diaspora but has its roots in Palestine, Palestinian culture, history, and existence also has its roots in Palestine. The only difference is it has an Arab label on it, but it was never imported.


The Survivor’s Guide to Gaza

Gaza will be unliveable by 2020 according to the UN, with daily life already a struggle to find food and shelter, but Dateline finds the people bringing innovation and inspiration to the fight for survival.


You know you’re in Palestine when there are books/magazines like this in waiting rooms while at the dentist.

The photos above were taken from a book that discussed women in the Palestinian struggle. The text above illustrates a few of the torture experiences endured by Palestinian female prisoners while being detained by Israeli forces.  


المقدسية ام حمزة الزين .. تسكن مقابل سور القدس .. كان من الممكن ان تكون صاحبة ملايين لتشتري القصور والأطيان .. ! لكنها رفضت لأن ما تمتلكه أثمن من كنوز الدنيا كلها .. جيرانها المستوطنون سمموا اشجارها وهدموا بيتها وجوعوها مع ابنائها الستة مع هذا لم تزل ترابط .. تجلس على ارضها بالقرب من قصور المستوطنين لتصد اعتداءاتهم وتحمي كنزها الثمين في القدس .. لا تعرف النوم ولا الراحة .. تقف على ثغر من ثغور الامة التي ضيعت قدسها .. استمع لقصتها


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One of my friends shared the story of Hamza Bendellajd on her facebook. I couldn’t find a whole lot of stuff anywhere about him. Probably because he stole FOUR HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS and donated it all to charities in Africa and Palestine. 

The Algerian computer science graduate was able to hack over  $400 million from 217 banks. When arrested, he refused to make a deal with the government explaining how he was able to do such a thing. He told the authorities  “Money and power are nothing if they are not used to build a better world”. For this, he was hanged in Thailand on March 4, 2016.

Hamza Bendellajd was the very definition of “chaotic good”.


Meet the Female Drift Racers of Palestine

Learn what drives the Speed Sisters to compete as the only female drift racing team of the West Bank.

As a woman, drift racing in a conservative society like the West Bank of Palestine isn’t easy. Many people judge the Speed Sisters for wanting to do something other than get married, have children, and take care of domestic responsibilities. Living in an occupied territory makes it even more difficult. But racing helps these women deal with their anger towards the many forces trying to keep them down. It might be difficult but they’re going to continue to racing no matter what.

Today, the Israeli Occupation Forces released Dima al-Wawi, 12yo, the youngest Palestinian in Israeli prison, after 2.5 months.
The look on her face tells a story. The sadness and horror is spelling over.
May God protect her and help her to overcome this ordeal.
Dina is not the only one. Palestinian childhood is being abused and robbed everyday by the occupier.

Edit: posted in May 2016