48 hours for FIFA to ban Israel

In 48 hours the FIFA Congress could vote to suspend Israel’s membership for its racism towards Palestinian athletes. But 75% of the Congress members need to vote yes for this decision to pass. Let’s urgently call on them to suspend Israel’s membership until it stops the discrimination.

FIFA’s own rules forbid racism and make it illegal to forcefully use another nation’s soil for matches, yet Israel’s violence and racism towards Palestinian football goes without punishment. Israel is lobbying hard to convince FIFA to refuse the Palestinian request to suspend Israel. But we only need a few more votes and insiders say what’s missing is a massive push for them to make a strong stand for equality.

Sign the urgent petition to call on FIFA Congress to suspend Israel until it respects fair play and ends discrimination and tell everyone, fast – we’ve literally only got hours. As soon as our petition roars with momentum, we’ll deliver it to the FIFA Congress

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The Forgotten Jewish Refugees of the Arab World.

Between the 1940s and 1970s, over 850,000 Jews were ethnically cleansed from Arab countries, including 10,000 from the Jordanian-occupied Judea & Samaria.

Stripped of all their property, and witness to the destruction of their ancient Jewish cultures, the majority of these Jewish refugees fled to Israel where they were accepted and resettled.


This elderly Palestinian woman collapsed to her death from the heat waiting to get back in to Gaza through the Rafah Crossing that has been illegally blocked for over 7 months. May she rest in peace

I hope the Egyptians can look themselves in the face, what is the point of this deliberate malicious persecution of the Palestinian people?


Yesterday we had a nightmare called Israeli-bombing-is-back-again. 10 aggressive Israeli airstrikes hit several areas of besieged Gaza strip just during dawn, for a minute we thought that’s it, we’re back to war again as we still remember how did the previous war start. I hope there will be no wars soon, we had enough already.
However, we’re in a ceasefire now aren’t we?! Who’s breaking it now?!
Let’s wait for the Israelis bullshit and see how they’ll justify their crimes.
Btw, did the Western media mention this recent assault? I’m sure they did not. They are Israel allies, they can’t say anything against it.
Turning a blind eye to Gaza is not surprising by such a media.

Players, coaches and referees are blocked from moving between the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and frequently are barred from tournaments. Israel has also violated FIFA rules by allowing teams from Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank to play in Israel’s leagues. In addition, the Israeli fans of the Beitar Jerusalem club are notorious for chanting “Death to the Arabs” at matches — racist abuse that the Israel Football Association’s token disciplinary measures have failed to deter.

Has the Israeli right wing government official ever stop to think as to why Palestinian youths (and kids) would be throwing stones at Israeli soldiers?? Apparently not.

Tougher laws won’t stop stone throwers when the next generation of Palestinians see no hope under the Israeli occupation. If the Israeli right wing government doesn’t stone throwers then the answers are very obvious for them is a lot better than passing tougher sentences for stone throwing.

Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Thursday that Israeli Minister Ayelet Shaked is promoting legislation aimed at giving harsher punishment to stone-throwers, without having to provide proof the accused intended to harm anyone.

Shaked’s first piece of legislation since entering the Justice Ministry will be brought to vote on Sunday at the Ministerial Committee for Legislation.

About a thousand indictments are served every year against stone-throwers, but the difficulty in proving the rioter’s intent to cause damage is in many cases a factor in the minor penalties given, if at all.

Shaked plans to add a new kind of offense to the law, which would prohibit the throwing of a stone or an object not only with the intention to cause harm, but also in order to interfere with or impede a police officer from performing his duties.

A new threshold will be set that does not require proving intent to cause harm, and the punishment for such an offense will be up to 10 years in prison.